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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 336


Chapter 336

Chapter 336 ’’A Mass Murderer’’

Glaring daggers at the boy, Chief Xue Yi was set on believing his daughter wouldn't have met such a horrible end if not for Feng Shen's existence . He wanted to kill the boy in the cruelest way possible to satiate his thirst for revenge .

Useless, this time it's me who has to clean up after you again, Wu Chong derisively rubs his chin .

’’You people killed the merchants in the caravan?’’ He can smell the scent of blood from these mercenaries, meaning they had just killed not long ago .

Indeed, in order to cover up the evil deeds of their act tonight, Chief Xue Yi had slain the entire caravan as well as looting their goods .

To call them mercenaries were no longer correct . It's better to call them bandits, the type to rob and kill .

’’Hoho, nothing but some businessmen, no one will give a hoot afterwards . Instead of caring about others, I suggest you worry about yourself first . ’’ Tossing his torch over to the boy's side, Chief Xue Yi finally got a better look at Feng Shen's face, ’’You!’’

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Shrinking his pupils in, the man can clearly see a huge difference in the boy's appareance right now . First there were the tattoos, covering over half the face and body, it was very demonic in how those markings were able to move . Then there were the irises, they giving off an amber glow which made it all the more freaky .

Whatever, a dead person makes no difference once they are dead . With that thought in mind, the mercenary chief waves his men to charge forward . Like a flock of dogs, they surrounding Feng Shen to leave no room for escape .

Che~ Making only this cold and indifferent laugh, Wu Chong didn't even have the patience to look at these people when his body disappeared from their view .

Where did he go? Rattled by the maneuver, these people did eventually locate Feng Shen who was several feet behind themselves, What the f*k, how did this kid escape our encirclement?

Unable to believe his own eyes, Chief Xue Yi heavily gulped with an ominous feeling hanging in his throat .

I clearly remember this kid being a sick patient without an ounce of Yuan energy so how can his movement be so freakishly fast? It seems I've underestimated this boy . Understanding his mistake, the man determines he can no longer sit back .

Flexing his muscles, a violent level of energy came pouring out of the mercenary chief as he utilized the powers of the wind element, ’’Cycling Wind Punch!’’

The man was very cynical cynical when he attacked . In fact, a certain level of excitement was causing his blood to boil as the violent wind whisked towards Wu Chong's face . Sadly for him, the outcome wasn't as he expected .

Using only two fingers, two, that's all it took for Wu Chong to absolve the attack before it could make contact . There were no flashy moves, no excessive movement, merely a condescending attitude and minimal effort of someone clipping a fly with their fingers .

Their eyes met due to their close proximity .

Escape... I must escape . That's all the chief could think about right now . Not about his broken fingers, not about the pain, nothing, only an enormous fear driving him to run! However, his feet won't budge . It's like he's been thrown into a swamp and was currently being swallowed into the abyss .

By the time Wu Chong retaliated, Chief Xue Yi had already lost all the senses in his limbs . He could not feel anything because before he knew it, his view was already on the ground looking up at his decapitated body still standing there unmoved .

Following that were dozens of splurging fountains of headless corpses taking to the ground . There were no screams here tonight, nay, only the eerie silence of blood and blood and death .

To be clear, this all took place in a matter of seconds, so quick that none of these mercenaries could react in time . How could they? Their very minds couldn't even process what they were seeing let alone comprehend why their heads are rolling on the floor .

With the deed done and the pests squashed, Wu Chong turns his sight back over to the Black Valley .

’’Quit hiding, come out!’’ Making a clawing motion with his hands, he forcefully sucked over the little miscreant into his palm .

’’Che-Che (I'm innocent! All I did was take a little nap and everyone was gone! WAHHH!!!),’’ Little Crow appears to be frightened silly at being captured .

It's unsure if it's due to being infected by Little Squeak's ’’fear disease’’, or the fact that her parents were also bullied before her hatching, but she too also had a instinctive fear of Wu Chong, thus making this interaction all the more scary .

’’Do you still remember your mistress's scent?’’ Not gentle in the least, the man flings the bird around to get her attention .

’’Che-Che,’’ Little Crow hurriedly nods her poor spinning head, indicating she can lead the way .

There's no question in her mind that unless she said yes right now, the other outcome would be a death glare so horrible that her heart that her heart would pop due to the intensity of those eyes .

Unfortunately for the bird, Wu Chong actually meant something else when he asked if she can remember Ling Yue's scent . He didn't want her to lead, he merely wanted to use her as a guidance compass .

Just like that, Wu Chong flew into the Black Valley with a poor little captured phoenix screaming for her dear life .

It was already morning by the time Lan Caier arose from her unconscious state . Seeing how the big guy was still sleeping next to her, she quickly splashed him with cold water .

’’Oh lord, you sure didn't hold back... . . ’’ Rubbing the big lump on the back of his neck, Dao Nu was both depressed at his weak self and delighted that the ’’other’’ lord was awake . Now there's definitely hope of finding Ling Yue .

’’Where's Feng Shen?’’ After a brief glance around, Lan Caier soon took notice to the boy's absence, Did he go into the Black Valley?

’’His Highness...’’ Hesitant in his words, Dao Nu had trouble coming up with an explanation that wouldn't arouse the girl's suspicion .

’’Hold on, what happened to these people?’’ Stunned by the horrific scene nearby, Lan Caier almost couldn't keep her stomach from throwing up at the headless bodies .


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