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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 335


Chapter 335

Chapter 335 ’’He's Awake’’

’’Your Highness, this will not do,’’ gnashing his teeth, Dao Nu steels himself and blocked the path .

Despite his knowledge of how fond Feng Shen was of Ling Yue, he can't just sit back and watch while there's so much danger involved . If he can't make it into the Black Valley alive, what chances are there for his lord who's not even a martialist?

’’What happened?’’ Lan Caier also arrives at the scene now .

’’Miss Caier, your sister must have entered the Black Valley in order to escape the ambush and now my lord also wishes to enter too . ’’ He's very sympathetic of the situation, truly was, but he's not going to risk his lord's safety especially in a place that's known for danger and no return .

’’The blame is not on you, it's those mercenaries and that bitch Xue Hong Yu,’’ the big girl sounded anxious because she now understands that the rumors doesn't do the Black Valley justice .

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Those corpses with their limbs and heads ripped apart were proof enough on the ground .

’’Step aside,’’ Feng Shen stubbornly refuses to stand down .

’’Step aside for what, let you go die? Quit being rash, you can't do anything by yourself . I don't get you . All this time you had the chance to get close to my sister yet you don't . Now when she's not around, you go freaking out . ’’ Lan Caier was clearly disgruntled here by the boy's attitude . He had plenty of opportunities before, but chose not to . Now that he can't, he starts getting all worried and riled up?

’’What do you know!’’ A strange hue of red had floated out of the boy's cheek due to anger . Naturally, the anger wasn't directed at anyone here but himself for being weak and useless .

Over the years he had kept his emotions in check, afraid to cause harm to anyone getting too close to himself . But now he knew the idea was wrong . He not only hurt himself in the process, he also harmed the girl that he yearns for the most .

There's something Feng Shen didn't tell Ling Yue that night actually . Though the aphrodisiac did effect his mind somewhat at the beginning, but it was very brief and shouldn't have caused him to lose control . Meaning the part where he attempted to undress the girl and take her by the grasses was an act done by him, the honest him!

It can't be helped . In the moment when their lips conjoined and made contact, all the lust and se*ual desire he's suppressed since the night where he lost his parents and nearly lost his life too had come gushing out like a tidal wave . He's still a man, not a saint .

Now, whatever fear he had before about political will, his own sickness, or anything for that matter, it pales in comparison to losing Ling Yue forever . At the very least Feng Shen realized this much, though a tad late, late, still better than nothing .

It's been over several minutes since the group arrived at the scene . Red in his pupils, Feng Shen's aura was starting to grow and change . No longer gentle and frail, there's a spooky level of danger hanging in the atmosphere . Furthermore, Lan Caier somehow got the sensation that Feng Shen appeared to be very sad, so sad that she too became infected . In that instant, her heart had tensed up like something was gripping it to raise her pain .

’’I'm sorry Your Highness,’’ afraid the boy would do something rash, Dao Nu knocks him out by chopping down at the neck . Only like this can the big guy relax .

’’He, what's happening to him?’’ Lan Caier was no fool, she can see the changes weren't normal, especially that despairing sadness in the boy's eye .

’’Eight years ago... on a night not much different from this, His Highness lost his parents overnight . Miss Caier, please forgive my lord for his behavior, his life hasn't been kind to him . ’’ To bring up the story again, Dao Nu's eyes were getting wet due to his emotions .

He can only pray now, prey to the deities that the girl be safe . Otherwise, he can't even fathom what his lord would resort to doing next .

All of a sudden, the image of his other ’’lord’’ popped up out of the blue, sending him into a numbing shudder .

’’I don't have any intent of blaming him, I'm only saying it saying it because I'm nervous too . Heck, quibbling is normal . In fact my parents argue all the time at home but they are always good in the end . ’’ Due to her flustered self, Lan Caier only realized her messy splattering after talking so much nonsense .

’’Okay, let's hurry to the Northwestern Plains and located General Wolf Tiger first . Prior to leaving, my father specifically told me we can look for Nie Feng Hang if we are in any trouble . With his manpower, we should be able to venture into the Black Valley and effectively search for Ling Yue . ’’ In her confusion, the big girl suddenly remembered this important bit, giving her hope again .

It's only the two of them now - excluding Feng Shen - meaning they can't do anything in their current state . With a whole battalion though, it will be a different story in this huge forested valley .

’’Alright, we will return to the camp first and rush there on horseback . ’’ Unable to think of a better plan, Dao Nu can only go with the flow until he noticed Feng Shen twitching behind his back .

’’Big dummy, this time I really want to thank you . ’’

Just as the two were discussing on their next course of action, a bantering voice interrupts their conversation .


Before Dao Nu could finish his words, a powerful gust of wind swept through the pair and blinded their view, forcing their minds into an unconscious state .

Feng Shen who was still on the big on the big guy's back - it should be ’’Wu Chong’’ now - had bloomed into a flower of darkness .

’’Useless trash, this time it's you who gave control of our body to me . Don't worry, I won't let little Yue Yue be harmed in any way . ’’

’’Catch up to them, they are just in front . ’’ A trail of noisy footsteps, accompanied by a swarm of starry red dots, came running to this side . It was Chief Xue Yi and his men from the Blood Knife Mercenary Corps .

After being overwhelmed by Feng Shen's oppressive aura from earlier, Chief Xue Yi became ever more enraged afterwards due to shame and embarassement . No matter what, he was still considered a veteran mercenary in Da Xia . To be looked down upon by a mere boy, how can he swallow such indignation? Moreover, it will be the end of them if it becomes known they attempted to murder their employer along the road .

I've already committed one wrong, I might as well go all the way then .

With that sort of logic, he ordered his men to gather and rushed over with the torches . Unexpectedly, what came into view first was Dao Nu and Lan Caier collapsed on the ground, leaving only Feng Shen still standing there .

’’Hong Yu!’’ Near the trio are still the corpses of the mercenaries, including Xue Hong Yu's . Roaring out in utter rage, the man had lost it: ’’I'm going to kill you for taking my daughter's life!’’


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