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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 334


Chapter 334

Chapter 334 ’’Little Squeak's Unusual Behavior’’


Ling Yue had planned to catch up to the lizards so she can enjoy the good show, but Little Squeak apparently had other plans in mind when he stopped her.

Scurrying out of her dress, the troublemaker shuffles onto her shoulder and kept calling out towards the inside of the forest.

’’Huh? You are saying there's something fun to see inside the Black Valley?’’

Now she didn't want to turn back anymore. It's not often that the little guy would act so out of place, making it all the more interesting.

Regarding this Black Valley, it's widely recognized as one of the most dangerous territory in this region, but the details pertaining to what's in there were next to nothing.

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As the old saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. This would be the perfect analogy for Ling Yue's case here.

The effects of the invisibility pill is still working, and I can still retreat when something isn't right. That's right, there's no reason to be afraid....

With that thought in mind, Ling Yue's mind was now set on heading inside to do a little exploration.

Meanwhile back outside the Black Valley, Xue Hong Yu and the rest were still waiting for their target to bite the hook.

’’Hong Yu, it's been so long already, how can that Princess Yue still not be here? It can't be that she's seen through our schemes right?’’ One of mercenaries nervously shot a glance over to the valley behind himself.

Although it's said that the wild animals living inside the Black Valley won't randomly come out to attack people, but just the fact that they are standing so close to the place was enough to rattle these hardened men to their teeth. It didn't help either when there are constant howls coming in from the inside.

’’Impossible, those pampered ladies coming out of the city are too stupid to catch onto us. Just wait, she will be here soon, I'm sure of it.’’ Xue Hong Yu was also starting to get impatient so her reply was a bit harsh there.

Just as things were starting to look bleak, a wave of strange noises suddenly caught their attention from behind. That's when they saw the swarm of winged lizards running their way. This alone was enough to send their very souls flying out of their body.

’’Fast, run! It's the wild beasts from inside the valley!’’ These mercenaries are at best celestial martialists like Ling Yue. To encounter so many seventh level spirit lizards here was akin to a death sentence.

No longer caring for their comrades, or anything else for that matter, these people scrambled to flee for their lives. Sadly for them, running on two feet can never outpace a bunch of lizards who can take flight with a single jump.

The first to fall was the slowest of the bunch. In one chomp by the fastest lizard, this poor man was ripped in two right through his waist. Following that were the other mercenaries in quick succession. As for Xue Hong Yu, she ended being the last due to her superior cultivation. Nevertheless, Nevertheless, a hundred lizards versus one lady, the outcome was already set in stone...

As the carnage quickly unfolded outside the valley, the scent of human blood soon reached Ling Yue's nose. Revealing a triumphant smile on her face, That's what happens when you try to do evil.

Without stopping in her steps, her figure was already well into the belly of this forest.

While Ling Yue continued on with her adventure, the others back over at the base camp had also caught wind of the commotion.

’’Chief Xue Yi, you'd better explain this clearly. What is going on!’’ Grabbing the man by the collar, Lan Caier ruthlessly slammed the person down to the ground after reading the secret message left behind by her sister.

’’Miss Caier, I don't know what you're talking about,’’ the man refuses to admit it.

Based on his deduction, things never should've caused such a big commotion over at the Black Valley because his daughter only wanted to subdue a single girl. Yet, an ominous feeling only intensified with every passing second.

’’Dao Nu.’’ Maybe it's due to anger, or maybe its fear, but Feng Shen's powerful hands were clearly trembling after he read the letter.

Understanding what his lord wanted, the big man didn't wait and directly made a grab for one of the nearby mercenaries. Flexing his powers, the Yuan energy from his hands alone were enough to smush the poor mercenary into a puddle of blood and flesh.

This act from Dao Nu had completely placed the crowd into a stun lock, especially Chief Xue Yi who went ghostly white in his in his face.

’’I will count to ten. If you don't tell me where Ling Yue went then I will have my man here kill one of your people with every number. I like to see how many of your followers are willing to die for your mistake.’’ With that said, Feng Shen went ahead to begin the countdown.

’’Sir Feng, you... you dare. This is Da Xia. Even if you are North Qing's royalty, you still have to follow the law.’’ Shrinking his pupils in at the oppressiveness in the air, an inexplicable fear had gripped his body.

’’Law? What is that?’’ Feng Shen was unconcerned in his attitude, ’’I only know that if Ling Yue is hurt in any way I will have your entire Blood knife Mercenary Corps follow suit.’’

’’One......’’ Cold in his tone, Feng Shen blurts out the first number and sentenced another person to their end.

’’Chief, Chief, help me!’’ Only desperation and despair could be found in those eyes.

Aside from Chief Xue Yi who could put up a fight with Dao Nu, everyone else here are no match for a reincarnation master, meaning the big guy cannot be stopped if he's out to kill.

’’Stop, I will say it, they went to the Black Valley. It's useless even if you go now. By this point that woman is already dead.’’ Chief Xue Yi never expected Feng Shen to be so savage that he would kill for a mere girl. Or maybe, the boy had always been like that and was only hiding his true self all this time...

Not delaying at all, delaying at all, Dao Nu knew this was too urgent to wait. In one sweep of his hand, the big guy had picked up his lord and flew towards the Black Valley.

’’This, this, what should we do now....’’ Sighing at the outcome, Boss Plenty was also very upset here tonight.

’’Wait, I'm coming too!’’ it wasn't easy for Lan Caier to come back to her senses after being blown away by Feng Shen's near sadistic command. Rushing out too, she chases after them from behind.

It didn't take long for Dao Nu and Feng Shen to arrive at the entrance to the valley. To their surprise though, what they saw wasn't the dreaded scene of Ling Yue being shred apart, it was the mangled corpses of Xue Hong Yu and her accomplices.

’’Your Highness, I believe these tracks were created by a bunch of seventh grade creatures called the Blood Winged Lizard. Considering the number of prints on the ground, the number should be no less than a hundred. I fear.....’’ After giving the terrain a quick investigation, Dao Nu can confidently say he's right on this idea. Just that he didn't have the courage to finish his last sentence.

One hundred winged lizards, not even he would be able to escape unscathed, let alone a measly girl at the celestial realm. As such, Dao Nu speculates Ling Yue must have fled into the Black Valley out of desperation, that's why her body wasn't here.

’’She will not die.’’ Not saying anything else, Feng Shen was ready to jump into the depths of the forest too.


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