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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 333


Chapter 333

Chapter 333 ’’Dangerous Territory, Black Valley’’

Chief Xue Yi's expression instantly went white as soon as he heard the ’’Black Valley’’ name.

For those who often transverse between the Northwestern Plains, they would all know of this dreaded valley. Lying on the outskirt, this dangerous pathway was home to an abundance of dangerous animals. In fact, it's even rumored to house certain creatures that cannot be classified using regular norms like the level ranking system, making this the most dangerous landscape a man can go in this region.

For that reason, it's been many of hundreds, no... thousands of years since someone dared to venture into the depths of the Black Valley and making it back out alive.

’’Don't worry Father, your daughter I will be careful and not overstep myself. I only want that little bitch, not the entire caravan. As long as she's dead in the end then I will be content. Not like I can go back out to see anyone in my current state anyways...’’ When it came to the last part, Xue Hong Yu directly drew her dagger and points it at her own neck.

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Frightened for his daughter's life, Chief Xue Yi can only agree to this outrageous plan.

For the following days to come, the female mercenary appears to be behaving herself well, that wasn't to say the good news applied to Ling Yue and Feng Shen though. In fact, things were so bad that even Lan Caier and Dao Nu are starting to worry for the pair.

Just like that, another ten days had elapsed, sending the caravan into the northwestern region of Da Xia. There's hardly any towns here, only a rough environment unsuitable for normal human habitat.

’’Everyone, in a few more days we will be entering the Northwestern Plains. I like you all to be more vigilant of your surroundings. This is where it's most common to be attacked by the wild animals living in these parts, especially at night.’’ Stern in his words, Chief Xue Yi advises everyone.

As good as the precautions were, it only took that very same night for an ambush to occur. As a result of the raid from the wild life, several of the mercenaries were wounded in the attack, thus leaving the escort party in dire need of help.

’’Miss Caier and Miss Ling Yue, I heard the both of you are also martialists yourselves. Due to our party being short of hand, I am hoping the two of you can help stand on the night's watch during this period. If that is if neither of you mind lending us a hand that is.’’ Seeing the dilemma explained by Chief Xue Yi and Boss Plenty, both ladies naturally couldn't turn the proposal away.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the trading caravan, their traveling route had already diverted from the original planned path for the Black Valley.

On the very first night of this new arrangement, Ling Yue had only came out of her tent to change shifts with her sister when when one of the mercenaries approached her.

’’Miss Ling Yue, some of our brothers still haven't returned yet from patrol. Due to worry, the chief had me come find you so we can go search together.’’

Despite her discomfort, Ling Yue didn't have reason to refuse here. Plus the night appears to be normal, nothing out of the ordinary, so she did as told and went out into the darkness with this man.

It didn't take long for this journey, only half an hour before the entrance to the Black Valley could be seen up ahead. At the sight, the mercenary clearly showed an excited face.

’’Your people should be up ahead right? Let me guess, that's the entrance to the infamous Black Valley.’’ Without indication, the girl that's supposed to be behind the mercenary suddenly reappeared in front.

Completely taken off guard by the act, the mercenary knew his cover has been blown nowBut just as he wanted to make a run for it, a cold sharp object was already at his throat.

’’Miss.... Miss, I don't know what you are talking about,’’ the mercenary unconvincingly gulped.

’’Don't think just because I never came to this region that I won't know about the dangers lurking here. That should be the famous Black Valley of the Northwest, and if I'm not mistaken, your missing brothers should also be hiding in ambush right now over there.’’ Sneering at her captive's plea, Ling Yue was merciless in her move to slice the deceitful man's throat.

Just like that, another corpse now lay lifelessly lay lifelessly on the ground, never to walk again in this world.

There's no illusion in Ling Yue's mind that her journey to Dan City will be a perilous one. As such, she had already done her homework prior to setting out by tasking Yanche to gather every information that he can about the Northwest.

Regarding this Black Valley, she may not know exactly how the place looks, nor can she recognize it at first glance, but she does have a rough idea of where it's located. Back when Chief Xue Yi secretly changed course, she already knew things can't be good when they were getting so close to the Black Valley. But without proof and a clear understanding of that they wanted, she figured its best to wait and see.

Sure enough, everything panned out like she expected tonight with Xue Hong Yu and her men hiding over at the entrance.

’’Hong Yu, are you sure we can have some fun with that girl after we capture her?’’ The ones to speak here were those supposedly injured in the raid by the wild animals the other day.

’’Of course it's true. Didn't you guys keep complaining about not getting even a woman to look at during this journey? Remember, after you guys are done playing with her, make sure to scratch up her face and throw her into the Black Valley.’’ Eyeing the lush greenery behind herself, Xue Hong Yu starts chuckling maniacally.

That girl is but a celestial level martialist. With all these men here, plus me, she plus me, she won't get away this time.

Shuddering at that freaky laugh, not even these mercenaries were spared from that bone chilling sensation despite living by the knife's edge, My goodness, what sort of hatred does she have with that girl?

Regardless, they've already accepted the gold. As per the old saying goes, it's only proper to resolve the problem once you get paid. Just thinking about the pending enjoyment they will get in a minute was enough to rile these hardened men up to the point where their lower half did the talking.

As good as their plans were, none of them could ever expect that just behind their backs, Ling Yue had heard everything thanks to her invisibility pill she had ingested prior to coming over.

Want to plot against me?

Hoho~ Without so much as a sound, she silently moved into the Black Valley.

It didn't take long before she found some suitable targets. These creatures were called Blood Winged Lizard, a seventh rank spirit beast. Due to their inherit nature of living in swarms, it's extremely difficult for humans to escape once these things went on the offensive. Even for a reincarnation master, it's difficult to break free due to those wings on their backs.

Making a wicked smirk, Ling Yue didn't need to hold back tonight. Summoning her dagger, she shot it out and sent one of the poor sleeping lizard's hind-hind into a bleeding mess. Using the first as the leading bait, she intentionally diverted these creatures for the mercenaries still waiting at the entrance.


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