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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 332


Chapter 332

Chapter 332 ’’A Big Figure's Valet is Still a Big Figure’’

Have me be married to Dao Nu?

Pricking her brow, Xue Hong Yu starts comparing the big guy's appearance to Feng Shen's: not handsome, rough around the edges, and clunky in his words. This wasn't even a competition....

Her original intent was to marry Feng Shen, now it's replaced with a servant? How can she possibly tolerate this indignation!

’’Whether or not she's innocent or not, only she will know. Moreover, it's not even her first time last night. As if I would want such a dirty woman.’’ Snarling in repsonse, Dao Nu's initial guilt had dissipated all at once.

True he's honest, but not stupid.

After waking up this morning and not finding the virgin stain on the girl's lower half, he already knew Xue Hong Yu had done it before. Nevertheless, he was still willing to take responsibility, yet in the end all he got was insult after insult.

Not the first time?

Now that was quite the claim. Turning to the girl in question, the rest of the camp were all looking to her in contempt.

It's no secret that most female mercenaries are more open in regards to sharing a bed, hence the reason why Xue Hong Yu had done it before with some of her fellow peers.

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’’What nonsense are you saying? How dare you slander my good name! That's it, I'm going to die with you!’’ Drawing her blade, the woman makes a pounce for the big man.

’’Enough!’’ It was then Feng Shen decides to interfere, forcing everyone involved to quiet down.

None of these people had expected the boy to have such a mighty aura. Words cannot describe the sort of pressure they were facing.

’’Miss Xue, do pay attention to your words. Dao Nu is no ordinary person, he's a fifth rank royal guard of North Qing. And I like to add, his title was personally bestowed upon him by the king. Forget about a simple mercenary, he's more than qualified to take on any noble lady as his wife regardless of their background. Furthermore, let's not forget Dao Nu was clearly set up last night, that's why he betrayed his personal character. If we really investigate and find out someone is trying to harm him, the penalty is the death sentence for framing a fifth ranking official of North Qing.’’ Strong in his vocabulary, Feng Shen doesn't lose ground at all.


This stupid big man is a fifth rank official?

Forget about the supposed victim here, even Ling Yue and Lan Caier were both surprised with shock at the news.

Then again, it does make sense now that they thought about it. Dao Nu's been following Feng Shen since they were young, that makes him the personal attendant of a royal prince. A fifth ranking royal guard totally fits his position and image.

Now it was Chief Xue Yi's turn to regret. If he knew the big loaf was such a high ranking royal guard, he would rope up his daughter if he must to tie the pair together.

Now look at the outcome. Not only did his daughter end sleeping with the one she didn't like, her reputation had also become tarnished. In the process How will she marry in the future like this?

Unlike her father though who reacted reacted like how one should, Xue Hong Yu can only think about the opportunity that she missed. If Dao Nu can be with such a strong title, wouldn't Feng Shen be even higher? That's all she can think about.

’’Why are you still not getting dressed Hong Yu, are you not embarrassed enough yet?’’ Ashamed for himself and his daughter, Chief Xue Yi ignored his daughter's outburst and dragged the girl away.

’’Apologies to you Sir Feng, this is all a misunderstanding.’’ Boss Plenty didn't have the courage to provoke this group of people. For a mere personal attendant to hold such a high rank inside North Qing, it's a guarantee the boy was no pushover.

With the ruckus over and the people dispersing, Lan Caier was the first to snoop over to tease the big man. ’’Hohoho, Dao Nu, what a blessed man you are. That Xue Hong Yu may be a bit bad in her personality, but that body and face is definitely top notch I tell ya.’’

’’Miss Caier, please don't tease me anymore. I'm ruined now because of this.’’

Now Lan Caier really can't stop laughing anymore. She never expected the big guy to be a virgin still!

’’Sister, you should stop teasing Dao Nu now, he's had it rough last....’’ Uncomfortable to keep going at this part, Ling Yue somehow caught a glimpse of Feng Shen's cheek when she swung her head to the side in embarrassment. It was slightly bruised with a tint of purple.

Likely able to sense the girl's peeking stare, Feng Shen quickly looked over. Sadly, despite his hopeful expectation, all he got was a somewhat indifference face from the girl.

On this day, because day, because of the incident with Dao Nu and Xue Hong Yu, the entire atmosphere hovering around the caravan had become very awkward.

First off was Feng Shen, the boy wasn't talking at all, which also made Ling Yue leave the carriage for her Scarlet Horse instead.

’’What happened to you and Feng Shen?’’ Realizing something was off between the pair, Lan Caier asked with concern in her voice because she can clearly see they haven't spoken at all since this morning.

Reluctant to tell the truth, Ling Yue simply ignored the big girl's pestering and continued to ride in silent.

While one was moping outside, the other inside wasn't all that much better. Watching the girl further in front of his carriage, Feng Shen yearned to start a conversation. Unfortunately, whenever he would work up the courage to do so, the event from last night would come swarming back as well as the words from the ’’Him’’ inside his body.

No matter what, I won't let ’’him’’ near Ling Yue.

While the pair were busy keeping their distance from each other, another set of eyes didn't have the same idea. It was Xue Hong Yu, she was seething with jealousy from the back.

The woman had already done her homework and asked around. According to eye witness account, those two had snuck off in the midst of night and were even seen kissing at the edge of the campsite. For that reason, Xue Hong Yu had pinned all the blame onto Ling Yue.

’’Father, I cannot let that bitch go so easily,’’ she bitterly states this.

’’Stop this Hong Yu, you mustn't be rash. I've already asked the others, that Feng Shen is the Phoenix is the Phoenix Lord of North Qing. He's royalty! Not someone like us can provoke you understand?’’ Due to the fact that he only conceived this daughter late into his age, plus his work with the mercenary corps, Chief Xue Yi was unable to give the girl a proper education. That's why Xue Hong Yu developed such a lawless personality.

’’Then are you just going to let your own daughter suffer like this for nothing? If it weren't for that bitch Ling Yue and her meddling, I would've become royalty by now!’’ Shameless in her words, the woman clearly doesn't understand her own position.

’’What good is saying that now? The rice is cooked so just accept this loss and move on. The sooner we escort the caravan to the Northwestern Plains the better.’’ Though he says that, the gloom hovering over Chief Xue Yi's face cannot be hidden from his daughter.

’’No, I won't let others have things that I can't get for myself. We may not be able to offend a huge nation like North Qing, but that bitch is different. Once we enter the open grassland, I will have plenty of ways to finish her off.’’ No longer beautiful, Xue Hong Yu's expression was twisted and vicious.

’’What are you planning Hong Yu. No matter what, that girl is still a princess of Da Xia.’’ Startled by his daughter's threat, the father here was getting nervous and worried.

’’Oh Father, it's precisely because of that attitude that the Blood Knife Mercenary Corps is stuck in a limbo. Don't worry, we don't have to do it ourselves, we just need to redirect our route to the Black Valley.’’


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