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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 331


Chapter 331

Chapter 331 ’’The 'He' Inside His Body’’

Against that invasive tongue vying to extract her very essence, Ling Yue was utterly helpless against it. Then as the girl loses her balance due to that powerful arm swooping her off her feet, a sense of alarm finally overtook her heart.

It was starting to hurt, in her mouth, and on her chest. It's no secret Ling Yue's once emaciated body have grown into a fine example of a female woman, making it utterly so painful on her poor breasts that's being rubbed extremely hard against the man's muscular chest.

Furthermore, Feng Shen was obviously getting better in that kiss. From the initial crude and inexperienced rough play of the tongue, things had developed into a soft tender foreplay of motioning back and forth. The more this went on, the more intoxicatingly dangerous this became for the recipient.

’’Feng Shen.... mmhmm.’’ Losing her voice against due to that ill-behaving tongue and lip, Ling Yue was at a loss on what to do. Not like she can use her Yuan energy to forcefully push the boy away. It might hurt him!

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Because of this, Feng Shen's action only got more outrageous with every passing second. No longer just holding onto the girl's waist, one of his hands had freed itself to move against those well-developed mounds on the chest. Forcefully pulling the collar apart, his powerful claws of lust wasted no time in tearing the thin sheet of undergarment aside so he can knead and squeeze that soft tender flesh.

Things didn't just end there either. Likely satiated in his thirst for the girl's delectable nectar, Feng Shen's kisses have moved onto the neck with signs of wanting to work his way downward to the lower half.

This was shameful and irritating to the point where Ling Yue wanted to explode. She knew this wasn't normal for the boy, it's all due to the aphrodisiac, but still, at this rate she might lose it too if her spirit smoke doesn't clear up the drug inside soon...

Around a few minutes later of this intense struggle, things finally calmed down a bit. She had succeeded in clearing up the drug, sure, but at a severe cost. There are countless bruises and kiss marks across her neck and chest area, mainly the result of Feng Shen's excessive fondling and suckling on that tender skin.

Realizing what he has done, no different from violating the poor girl's upper half in every way imaginable, Feng Shen's first reaction was to show an awfully apologetic face.

In this second, the air seems to have frozen over between them. Red and plump in her lips after being devoured so thoroughly, Ling Yue worked quickly to cover her important bits using those shaky arms of hers.

It was awkward, very awkward for both individuals. Nevertheless, it was Feng Shen who took the initiative to help the girl redress herself properly.

’’Ling Yue, I...’’

’’It's all that bad woman's fault, I-I'm going back first.’’ Running like she's fleeing for her life, Ling Yue gave no opportunity for the boy to finish the job tonight.

’’Damn it...’’ Thoroughly giving himself a slap across the face as punishment, the boy's usually divine cheek had swollen into a bruised lump.

’’If you like her then why don't you confess,’’ a provocative voice seeps out from within.

’’Shut up, Ling Yue isn't that sort of girl, she.... I can't touch her. Otherwise, the one to be hurt in the end can only be her.’’ her.’’ Bitter in his voice, Feng Shen revealed a pained expression.

’’If you won't have her then don't mind if I do. Such a woman is too delicious to pass up,’’ the voice carried with it a strong level of possessive desire.

The taste of the little girl was very good, so good that the voice cannot extricate himself from desiring for more.

’’If you dare touch even a single strand of hair on her then I will never let you go.’’ In that instant, Feng Shen's pupils had become scarlet red with a freakishly dangerous vibe to them.

In response to this outburst, the voice never returned again for the entire night, leaving only Feng Shen alone in the shrubbery.

While on Ling Yue's end, she was a complete mess by the time she returned to her tent. Seeing how strange her sister was acting, Lan Caier naturally had to inquire for the sweet details.

’’How did it go, did you teach that Xue Hong Yu a proper lesson?’’ There's no illusion in the big girl's mind that her little sister there had done a thorough job in getting payback.

’’Feng Shen already did that in our stead. Just wait, you will know once morning comes around.’’ Without another word, Ling Yue threw herself into the bed for cover.

’’Aigh, Ling Yue, why is your face so hot. Are you having a fever? And why are you saying Feng Shen did it in our stead? How did he get involved with this?’’ Burning with a raging desire to satiate her curiosity, Lan Caier bombards her sister there with question after question. For this reason, it took quite a long time before Ling Yue could fall asleep.

Sadly, not even in her dreams can she escape the reality of what of what happened tonight. Like a tape recorder, that possessive kiss and rampant fondling of her breasts kept replaying itself over and over again, sending her emotions tumbling into a spiralling abyss of both yearning and shame.

Just as things had hit a peak within her dreams, a face wearing a golden mask suddenly appeared out of nowhere. ’’Little Yue Yue, remember, your lip are solely reserved for me. Only I can savor that taste.’’

Drenched in cold sweat, Ling Yue abruptly shot her body up from the bedsheet. It was because of how frightening her dream was that she didn't even realize how awfully red her face looked. It's one thing to have a wet dream about Feng Shen, it's another thing entirely to overlap Wu Chong's face with Feng Shen's.

Meanwhile on the outside, a loud deafening scream had riled up the entire caravan.

’’AHHHH!!!!’’ Whether it be the merchants or mercenaries, everyone had converged on a single tent this early morning.

Following the script devised by his daughter from yesterday, Xue Yi was the first to arrive at the scene. But instead of getting the picture that he had imagined, it was his daughter Xue Hong Yu and Dao Nu sleeping nakedly together.

Naturally, everything afterwards can be predicted with ease: the screams, the commotion, and the blaming.

By the time Ling Yue arrived at the scene, Feng Shen and Boss Plenty was already standing in the crowd. The caravan master would of course be very unhappy here when something so outrageous occurred under his watch.

’’He drugged and then raped me.’’ Xue Hong Yu wanted to resist last night, but due to the aphrodisiac in the air, her body quickly gave in. Then when she awoke again, things were already too late. With no way out, no way out, she contends that it was Dao Nu who forced her.

’’I... I didn't. I was sleeping so well inside the tent last night. Miss Xue.... It was you who took on my clothes and squirmed into my bed,’’ Dao Nu felt like he was being wronged here.

All he did was follow his young lord's order of not going out for patrol last night. Never did he expect such a ’’blessing’’ like this to fall out of the sky.

’’What nonsense are you spouting?! Are you implying I fancied you and deliberately seduced you! Why don't you look at your own face first, always with that dumb look and all! I must be blind to even consider you.’’ Cocking her head high, Xue Hong Yu appears to have forgotten the fact that part of her body remains unclothed. For this mistake, part of her cleavage was showing again as she points and yell at Dao Nu.

’’Sir Feng, Boss Plenty, you must get justice for my daughter. She's a good girl, pure and clean. Unless Sir Feng give us a proper answer for this then our Blood Knife Mercenary won't just let this slide.’’ Chief Xue Yi (the father) also puts on an angered expression.

’’Chief Xue Yi, let's talk this through. From what I can see, this brother here still haven't married yet either. Why don't we turn a wrong into a right and have them both locked into a marriage arrangement under Sir Feng's witness. This way the lady here won't have to suffer and the man will gain a wonderful wife.’’ Boss Plenty was indeed quick witted.

’’Have me marry this lowly servant? I rather die then do that!’’ Hearing such a proposal nearly caused the woman to vomit blood.


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