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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 330


Chapter 330

Chapter 330 ’’He's Very Active’’

’’It must be that Xue Hong Yu. The damn woman, I'm going to confront her this instant!’’ Lan Caier was clearly riled up. Pulling her sleeves up, the big girl was ready to go at it.

’’Don't bother, we will just be wasting our time. Even if you do confront her, the woman and her men will just claim they mistook the powder as snake repellant. We have no proof and the stuff can easily be removed by washing it away with water.’’ Like her sister, Ling Yue was also quite annoyed here.

As irritating as this was, they knew they are in no position to cause a scene. Their group had already traveled so far out into the wild, they can't exactly turn around now.

’’Then are we just going to let this slide?’’ The big girl didn't want to accept this defeat.

’’Of course not. You clean up the mess first while I go do something.’’ Giggling an evil laugh, Ling Yue snuck out of her tent for the main campsite.

This Xue Hong Yu is asking for it to use poison against me.

It didn't long for her to locate the hateful woman's tent. Using the same scheme, Ling Yue sprinkled a packet of her own snake powder around the location. Unlike the stuff one buys anywhere on the market, her concoction can't be that simple because it was created by Madam Lai herself. Whether it be big or small, everything from snake to serpents will be drawn to this location within a ten mile radius.

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With her feed done and plan slowly going into action, Ling Yue didn't want to leave right away;instead, she stuck around by hiding nearby to watch the good show.

The hour was late already with the moon hanging high in the sky. As the lights went out and the plan taking shape, things should've gone off without a hitch. Yet, something unexpected did occur. It was Xue Hong Yu, she came out of her tent.

Through the bright moonlight, Ling Yue can see the woman's contour quite well. Wearing a super thin dress that covered next to nothing on that enviable body, she was honestly a tad jealous of those looming mounds.

Just as confusion and doubt lingered in Ling Yue's mind, that's when Xue Hong Yu made her move. The woman was heading for Feng Shen's tent.

It can't be, is she trying to seduce Feng Shen?

Just the idea of this left her in a very pouchy mood.

Feng Shen wouldn't accept this woman right?

After a brief struggle in her heart, she eventually decides to tail the woman.

’’Sir Feng?’’ Sure enough, Xue Hong Yu's destination was as expected. With a few whispering words, the woman directly squirmed into Feng Shen's tent that was still partially lit.

’’Not good, the inside has been sprinkled with some aphrodisiac,’’ sniffing the air, Ling Yue can tell something was wrong.

Just when she's ready to go save her man, someone abruptly tugged at her back. Frightened, she shot her head around in a full swing, and to her surprise, it was Feng Shen standing standing there!

’’What, Feng Shen, how come?’’ Before she can finish asking with her muttering mess of a question, the boy had already pushed her down into a crouch.

’’How could it be you?!’’ Xue Hong Yu's astonished cry then came over.

Apparently the sneaky woman had also discovered the drugged person inside wasn't her target by now. So who else can it be inside the tent? Of course it would be Dao Nu. Just that, in the second when she wanted to escape, a powerful and rough pair of hands had knabbed her by the waist, forcing her to the bedsheet with minimal effort.

Meanwhile on Dao Nu's end, after being drugged with that aphrodisiac, all he could think about was to lust after the opposite se*. In fact, his mind didn't even register who was in the same tent as him, he only knew he needs release and thus he threw himself at her.

As the pair got rougher and rougher inside their enclosure, so did Xue Hong Yu's weeping cry for mercy become weaker. Eventually, only the muffled sound of pleasurable moaning could be heard in the nearby vicinity.

Against that rough panting and obvious smacking sound of flesh upon flesh, Ling Yue's cheek quickly bloomed into a peachy red. Unable to bear it anymore, she scurried away with the boy at her insistence only until they've reached the outskirt of the camp. Their hands were still sweaty from holding each other during the entire way.

’’What is this all about? Why is Dao Nu and Xue Hong Yu... and that aphrodisiac?’’ Ling Yue Ling Yue had prepared herself for the worst tonight, but even then, seeing it in person and imagining it in her mind were two different things.

’’They did a good job sprinkling the powder in my tent, but what they didn't know was that I'm a medicine jar. I can tell as soon as I took a whiff of the air inside.’’ When Feng Shen entered his tent earlier, he had already noticed something was wrong. This was especially true after Xue Hong Yu's father insisted on having Dao Nu take the night's watch.

’’Then why did you have Dao Nu...’’ Ling Yue couldn't bring herself to finish the ending of that sentence. How can she? An unmarried maiden talking about se* beside the boy that likely wanted to do the same with her, no girl would try to test her luck like that.

’’Dao Nu have served me for more than a decade. He's still unmarried so I felt it was time I rewarded him for his service.’’ Despite that harmless appearance, Feng Shen was rather blunt in his response as he shrugged it off as nothing.

To the boy, this was the perfect opportunity to teach that Xue Hong Yu to not try anything funny again while also letting his loyal bodyguard have a quick taste of the female se* after working so hard.

’’What about you then? Why did you suddenly appear beside my tent this late in the night?’’ He had arranged everything perfectly. Leading everyone nearby away, Feng Shen wanted no one to disturb the good show tonight. Then Ling Yue Then Ling Yue showed up out of the blue.

’’I... I was just passing by,’’ her guilty appearance clearly said otherwise. Not like Ling Yue can openly state she's here tonight to scheme against that mercenary woman.

Against that reaction, Feng Shen was very pleased inside. Normally his emotions would be kept in check under circumstances like these, but he did inhale a waft of that aphrodisiac earlier. Regardless of what his true personality wanted, a man was till a man. Those heated eyes cannot hide his yearning for the girl in front of him.

Hearing the heavy breathing beside her neck, Ling Yue became very nervous. Even at the distance they were standing in, she can somehow feel that excessive pressure shooting her way until her very heart became a pounding mess.

’’Feng Shen, you...’’ It was already too late now. While her feet staggered backwards due to fright, a powerful pair of hands had snatched her by the back and pushed her body forward again.

Together, their lips met. Soft to the touch and hot to the tongue, time had frozen over for them.

Although this was not the first time they had an intimate contact before, but those were all done under the assumption of treating the boy. Furthermore, Feng Shen was always unconscious when she made the move.

Out of reflex, Ling Yue wanted to push her assailant away. But the more she pushed, the more the boy pulled her in. Near the end, their bodies were clinging so close together that they might as well just take off their clothes anyways.


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