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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 ’’Courageous Ling Yue’’

Less than a piece of garbage?

Is it not so? Song Han was bent on both knees down in the mud right now, looking no different than a dog bowing at his master.

’’You're asking for death!’’ Song Han now knows the girl in front of him was none other than the retarded girl Ye Ling Yue from the Ye family.

Turning sharp in his eyes with a livid face, Song Han suddenly flexes his leg muscles and pounces forward.

Seeing their young master being humiliated in front of everyone, the four guards that were brought along for the trip also jumped forward like hungry wolves.

Yet unexpectedly, Ling Yue had already prepared for this. With one smooth step, she bypasses one of the guards and wrangled the attacker to throw at Song Han in one full swing.

Unable to retract his punch in time, Song Han unintentionally smashes into the poor man's skull, cracking it in the process.

’’OOH, to think you would take your temper out at your own guards just because you are inferior to others.’’ Ling Yue continues to laugh while talking, her body swimming around like a snake between the crowd.

In one of her following dodges, she easily tricks two of the guards into slamming against each other, causing the two to utter a painful cry before falling to the ground in a dizzying spin.

By now Song Han have returned again with another punch, but this didn't go unnoticed. Releasing her fist into an open palm, Ling Yue brushes aside the attack and grabs onto Song Han's wrist. Next thing he knew, Song Han found himself being sucked forward like he encountered an irresistible force, tripping himself and losing his footing once again.

Coldly smiling, Ling Yue didn't let it end there. Using her positional advantage, she repeats her move again and pulls the already staggering Song Han back and forth like a ragged doll in a full circle.

Being thrown around so many times by now, Song Han had already lost all willingness to continue this fight and wanted nothing more than to flee. But like the collapsed guards on the ground, none of these clowns could do anything other than be the fools in this spar.

Meanwhile on the other side, Ye Qing and Ye Ning were left flabbergasted with their jaws dropping down.

When did Ling Yue become so powerful?

Wasn't she only a forth rank martialist back at the clan competition?

Her opponent is Song Han right? That guy is a sixth rank martialist, yet he's being thrown around like a scarecrow. How can this be!

In reality, both Ling Yue and Song Han are of the sixth rank in the constitutional domain. Due to Song Han being overly confident and underestimating the foe, he ended up being caught off guard and can only be clobbered down like a midget from the constant use of the all mighty ’’Jade Flower Hand’’ technique which utilizes both Yuan energy and the Spirit Force.

’’Stop!’’ A thundering roar shattered the moment, causing the members of the Ye family to peer over at the source.

Help has arrived.

Retracting her spirit force and Yuan energy, Ling Yue tosses the disheveled Song Han to the ground.

Silence all around, all eyes were on Ling Yue right now.

Finally free to get a better look, Song Han now realizes the one to play him so badly was unexpectedly a beautiful young girl that made his eyes pop into a double heart!!

Wide sleeved with a slender waist, her facial contour resembled a heart from first glance. Matched with a small upright nose, thin brow, and two strands of randomly braided hair brushed to the side, Ling Yue looked vastly different from the usual young ladies of an important house for she only brought along a silly yet cute looking dog for the mountain excursion.

’’You are the daughter of Ye Huang Yu? Did you hurt them all?’’ With tiger eyes and a dragon brow, the one doing the questioning was the eldest of the newly arrived group of men and women.

When the man saw Ling Yue just then, he didn't even dismount and only looked down at her in a condescending and disdainful way.

’’That's right.’’ Not going to pushed around, Ling Yue returns with a not so polite answer.

’’You are quite brave to dare humiliate my Song family!’’ The older man's eye revealed a hint of anger.

’’What's the point of participating in the mountain hunt if you aren't brave? Otherwise you might as well go home and be a crybaby.’’ Sneering, she didn't forget to make a strong tsk sound at the end.

’’Who do you think you are, even Ye Liu One wouldn't dare be so arrogant in front of me.’’ Ticked off by Ling Yue's trash talk, the older man immediately wanted to release a palm strike to finish off the impudent girl.

’’Song Guang Zhi, and who do you think you are to talk to a member of our Ye family like that?’’ Ye Saint and the rest of the family hurries over in support after noticing the commotion.

’’Ye Saint, you came at the right moment. How are you leading your group? Without provocation, this girl attacked and wounded members of my Song family here.’’ Song Guang Zhi was Song Han's elder brother and the eldest son of Song Mo Shi. With extremely high talent, this guy was undeniably the Song family's number one person.

In the past few years, this person has been spending his time learning martial art away from home so it's a real surprise to everyone he would return for the mountain hunt.

’’Ling Yue, what's the meaning of this?’’ Ye Saint frowned for the image he had of her wasn't that of a troublemaker like Song Guang Zhi makes her out to me.

’’Along the way here, Song Han splashed mud on my clothes by stampeding through the road without regard for others. All I did was return the favor by using their own medicine.’’ Ling Yue pulls up her skirt to show the mud stains.

It would've been better if she didn't mention it for the moment she did, Ye Saint and Song Guang Zhi both took notice to the few specs of mud covering the flower embroidered skirt.

Then returning their gaze back at Song Han, black face and bruised lip, he and the other guards on the ground were riddled with mud all over their faces and body. If Ye Saint and Song Guang Zhi had to make a comparison, these clobbered men were no different from monkeys playing in a puddle of mud, except they looked absolutely miserable with the broken arms and legs.

No matter how these two leaders of the family looked at it, they just can't picture this frail looking young girl matching up with this type of roguish methods.

She's worse than a thug robbing others in a black alley!

Painfully suppressing his urge to burst out into a hard laugh, Ye Saint secretly gave Ling Yue a big thumbs up with his hand behind his back in admiration.

Twitching unceasingly in the corner of his mouth, Song Guang Zhi was about to lose it and attack when a voice cut in.

’’Ye nephew, Song nephew, that's merely a little warm-up before the mountain hunt, why make such a big deal out of it.’’ A amiable looking old man walks over. When seeing this person, the erupting Song Guang Zhi promptly deflated, afraid to even fart in the face of the newcomer.

This elder was the old Liu mayor of Autumn Maple Town. Speaking of this elder, there's not a soul inside this place who doesn't know this old man for he's the only true master martialist in the upper celestial realm staying at Autumn Maple Town, far stronger than both house masters of the two family.

According to some rumor, there's a saying that the mayor had connections with the military of Da Xia due to his past experience as a commander in the army.

Who doesn't know, the biggest domestic buyer of Yuan iron was the military itself. Whether it be the Song family or Ye family, neither house dared to offend the old mayor for fear of retribution from the military.

Also, its precisely because of the existence of this ocean calming needle pin that the fighting between the two houses remained at a manageable level, allowing the ordinary residence of the town to live a peaceful life all these years.

(For anyone that doesn't know where the ocean calming needle pin came from, its the golden rod used by the monkey king in Journey to the West story, or dota's monkey king rod if you want that instead.)

This can be said to be Ling Yue's first encounter with the old mayor. White long hair without a bit of air of a martialist, that was true until Ling Yue saw the elder's eye. Sharp and deep, that's not the type of eye a regular person would make.

With the old mayor as the peacemaker, both houses can only temporarily call a ceasefire. After a while later, the other families of the town have also arrived for the hunt. By noon that day, old Liu mayor finally announces the start of the mountain hunting contest.


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