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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 329


Chapter 329

Chapter 329 ’’Drugged’’

For a man to carry a young lady in a princess style out of a carriage, it's only natural that they would garner the attention of their peers. This was especially true for Lan Caier and Dao Nu, the former outright cheering and the latter laughing dumbly on the side.

Giving Feng Shen an embarrassed punch on the chest to showcase her disapproval, Ling Yue nevertheless kept to the boy's arms until she was voluntarily released. Shy as she was, the girl still enjoyed being pampered like this.

As for Xue Hong Yu, the female mercenary nearly chipped her teeth from how hard she was gnashing them. Those eyes were no longer just unkind, it's simply vicious now, ’’Husband stealer.’’

Because there are no towns in this area, the Northwest Caravan group can only set up camp in the wild for tonight. As such, it didn't take long after for the tents to be raise.

No matter how much Feng Shen would love to spend the night with the girl of his life in this wonderful outback, some lines mustn't be crossed just yet. Ling Yue and Lan Caier will be sharing the tent together while Feng Shen and Dao Nu used the other.

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’’Sir Feng, I have here some sliced beef, would you like to try some?’’ Finding the chance now that everyone was partaking in their own dry rations, Xue Hong Yu actively stepped over to offer some fresh meat to act as lure.

’’Miss Xue, I am very sorry, but I am not accustomed to taking other people's things.’’ Before Feng Shen's voice could even come to an end, a black fluffy mass had already pounced at the meat in the woman's hand. Next second later, the beef was gone!

’’Little Squeak, you can't be so rude.’’ Rubbing his forehead, Feng Shen appeared to be strained at first glance over this blatant act of thievery. However, anyone can see the pampering attitude in that voice.

’’Sir Feng, is this your pet? Considering how cute and prestigious it looks, the thing must be very expensive.’’ Seeing how intimate the man and fox was acting together - Feng Shen stripping the beef to feed Little Squeak - Xue Hong Yu figured this was a good opening to work from.

Just as she's ready to reach out to pat the little thing's head, something unimaginable occurred. Still chewing on the beef fed to him, Little Squeak suddenly spat everything back out and aimed it directly on the woman's face, grossing everyone out in the process.

This wasn't the end of it though. Using his hind legs, the little troublemaker kicked the beef to the ground and ruined everything to top it off.

The person is ugly so the food must be ugly too. I'm not eating, humph!

’’Squeak (Stupid girl, don't touch my mistress's man.)’’

’’You little9*+...’’ Ready to flare out at the source of her misfortune, Xue Hong Yu had to abruptly stop once she took notice to the displeased look on Feng Shen's face. Wiping the scraps off herself, she attempts to downplay the problem.

’’Miss Xue, Little Squeak doesn't do well with strangers. Aside from me and Ling Yue, he doesn't allow others to pet him.’’ There's no way he would miss that glimpse glimpse of murderous intent.

Although Little Squeak was still a baby, but in terms of sensitivity, his intuitions are way higher than the average person or spirit beast. If he's determined Xue Hong Yu wasn't a good person then she must be bad.

’’Oh Little Squeak, what trouble are you making again?’’ Due to the task of retrieving some water, Ling Yue and Lan Caier had only just returned from the nearby water source.

As per the statement from earlier, Little Squeak was very quick in dashing over to his mistress's bosom as soon as she drew close enough. As a result of this, Ling Yue can only reluctantly hand over her own water sac first for the boy to partake.

Not minding it in the least, Feng Shen was rather happy to drink from the same container as the girl. In fact, he's almost ecstatic.

Seeing this from the side, Xue Hong Yu was literally blowing fire out of her nose. Stomping away, she ran back to helping with the tents.

’’Hong Yu, where did you run off to again?’’ The leader of the Blood Knife Mercenary Corps, Xue Yi, can already guess where his daughter had come from based on that unpleasant face she's making. ’’I've told you how many times already? That Sir Feng isn't someone that can be afforded by mercenaries like us. You must be aware of the difference in our standing.’’

Xue Yi have been in the mercenary trade for nearly two decades, what kind of character have he not seen yet?

Although Feng Feng's attitude was kind and harmonious on the outside, there are no temperature in those eyes. Furthermore, only when in when in front of that Princess Yue would it warm up by a few notches. Such a person cannot be moved easily, but if he does, it will be for a lifetime. That's the judgement this old seasoned veteran had coined for Feng Shen.

If his daughter continues on with this delusion, there's no doubt in the father's mind that it will be her that's hurt in the future.

’’Father, what do you mean by worthy or not worthy? The Blood Knife Mercenary Corps is a first-rate group in Da Xia, add in my outstanding appearance and strength, I'm confident I can be a match for any noble household. That Princess Yue only have a good background, nothing else.’’ The woman grumpily growled back at her own father, upset over the downcast.

Seeing his words are not getting through, the father here can only shake his head in disappointment.

’’You two, hold it. Is that tent Sir Feng's?’’ Xue Hong Yu cried out when she noticed two of her men constructing a tent nearby.

The tents brought along for the journey are not big by any means, only enough room for two individuals to sleep comfortably inside.

’’After the tent is set up, sprinkle this inside.’’ Seeing how confused her subordinates are, Xue Hong Yu didn't care and brought out a strange packet from her pocket.

’’Hong Yu, are you trying to kill yourself, where did you get such nasty stuff from?’’ The father's complexion instantly went white as soon as he saw the packet of powder.

’’Oh Father, what do you know? I really do like Sir Feng. Do you really wish to have your own daughter be a mercenary be a mercenary all her life? If I can snag such a man, I will then become a wealthy woman and live a good life.’’ Xue Hong Yu wasn't embarrassed in the least about her own intent.

Because she had followed her father all her life, the woman knows one very simple rule and that was the strong eats the weak.

If she fancies something, she must fight for it.

’’You....’’ Xue Yi can only shake his head after a moment of hesitation. In the end, this girl was his only daughter so he had to relent.

Doing as told after getting the go ahead from the leader himself, the two mercenaries quickly finished the work on the rigged tent.

Meanwhile on the other side, Ye Ling Yue and Lan Caier had also entered their own tent located far off at the edge of the campsite. It's pretty obvious they've been intentionally separated from Feng Shen and the others.

’’Oh I'm exhausted after being bumped around on the horse all day. Even my butt is starting to go sore.’’ As soon as the big girl flipped open the curtains, she immediately wanted to lie down to rest.

However, Ling Yue suddenly halted her actions by making an alarmed gesture. ’’Sister, wait a minute, we can't stay in the tent.’’

’’What's wrong?’’ Lan Caier looked around and found nothing of strange.

’’Someone sprinkled some snake powder here. If we get the stuff on our body, it will lure a swarm of serpents at us during the night. Even if we don't die as a result, we will still be severely injured.’’ Ling Yue makes a cold grunt, clearly enraged by the act.


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