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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 328


Chapter 328

Chapter 328 ’’The Little Affair Inside The Carriage’’

Feng Shen's expression had unconsciously softened up at the sight of the female figure coming his way: ’’These two are my good friends Ling Yue and Lan Caier. Boss Plenty here is the head of the caravan group hosting us. For this journey, he had specifically hired the Blood Knife Mercenary Corps to escort us to the Northwest.’’ One by one, Feng Shen began introducing everyone to get them acquainted.

Ye Ling Yue and Lan Caier didn't have any issues when greeting Boss Plenty. Just that when it came to the female mercenary known as Xue Hong Yu, the woman wasn't so friendly in her reception. In fact, there's a hint of aggressiveness in her eyes.

’’So this is the 'famous' Princess Yue, your name precedes you.’’

It's pretty much a given that those working in the mercenary line must have a good source of information coming in. That's how they know what job to take and what job not to take.

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Therefore, it's no surprise that this female mercenary would know about the rumors regarding Ling Yue's bad behavior. In particular was the part about her flirting with the princes and noblemen in the capital. Just that act alone was enough to make the whole female body of city jealous to the core.

Xue Hong Yu herself wasn't all that young either, exactly twenty this year. Unfortunately for the woman, due to her exceptionally high standard for her other half, she's been abstaining herself from being wed despite the many prospects. Then out of nowhere came Feng Shen. Although she still doesn't know the true background of this delectable boy, she's already dead set on winning him over based on those looks alone.

’’What Blood knife Mercenary Corps, how come I never heard of it? The Northwest Caravan group is still a well-known merchant party. Even if we must find an escort, we should at least find a decent one.’’ Anyone can tell the tone coming off of the mercenary woman wasn't kind, hence the reason why Lan Caier would start mocking them like so.

’’Where did this blind girl come from? Our Blood Knife Mercenary Corps is considered first-rate in Da Xia.’’ Not willing to back down after being insulted, Xue Hong Yu also fired back.

Now this was troubling indeed. They haven't even set off yet and the two are already bickering left and right.

’’Everyone, the hour is getting late so we should set off now. Due to the lack of seats in the carriages, we will have to bother both ladies to continue traveling on your charges.’’ Sniffling the gunpowder hanging in the air, Boss Plenty was quick to change the topic to hush everyone forward.

As a seasoned trader of fine goods, Boss Plenty was a man of very keen eyesight. By using the small clue about Ling Yue's identity, he was able quickly discern Lan Caier's identity as General Lan's daughter.

Ignoring the fact that her father had some serious power in the court, it's no secret Lan Caier had openly gave the former crown prince a thorough beating. He's but a lowly merchant, he had no intentions of invoking the ire of this fierce lady over something so petty.

’’I can continue on horseback, but my little sister here must ride inside the carriage. Let's do this, Dao Dao Nu, you change with Ling Yue so she can sit during the journey.’’ Shooting the big guy a wink, Lan Caier was up to her usual no good again.

It can't be helped, anyone can tell that female mercenary was up in arms to fight for Feng Shen's attention. As someone with the personality that was very thorough in deciding what's black and white, she's not going to let some nobody waltz along and do what they want.

Just like that, in a few short persuading words and a few bursts of tugs and pushes, Lan Caier had forcefully stuffed Ling Yue and Feng Shen into the same ride. Naturally, she didn't forget to distance themselves far-far away from that Xue Hong Yu in the back.

Towards this near naïve and childish demeanor, Ling Yue was very helpless against it. Anyone can tell what the big girl was trying to do, making it all the more embarrassing. As for Feng Shen, he didn't care one bit because he only had her in his eyes. Anyone other female wasn't even registering.

Though Lan Caier's arrangement only had the intent of hooking up the pair, she did indirectly solve another issue - Ling Yue wasn't used to riding on horseback for long periods of time.

Autumn Maple Town, the place of Ling Yue's childhood, was located in a mountainous region where traveling on horseback wasn't ideal due to the thick shrubbery. It's undeniable the Scarlet Horse was a fine steed in every way, but being bounced around on the hind all day didn't suit the girl one bit.

Like Ling Yue, Feng Shen's own body wasn't suitable for a long bumpy journey either, thus making this arrangement this arrangement the perfect setup.

During the initial start of their journey, the two inside the carriage was still somewhat embarrassed by the closeness. However, this awkwardness soon dissipated after they began chatting it up about the various things they saw on the road. The more they talked, the more interesting the trip became.

Then as they drew to the second half of their journey for the day, Ling Yue had unconsciously fell asleep due to the strain of riding inside for so long. This continued until the day had turned to dusk where she was woken up by the rustling sound of the grasshoppers hiding in the grasses.

In a glance, Ling Yue was surprised to find herself being covered up by a man's outer wear. It was Feng Shen's because she recognized the scent instantly. Then glancing to her right, she realized her whole head was still leaning against the boy's shoulder like it's a pillowcase.

The first reaction any girl should have in this situation would be to jerk their head up in embarrassment, but that's not exactly the case here. With the orange light of the setting sun seeping through the window, Feng Shen's focused demeanor had left her in a trance due to how memorizing it was.

Watching and looking, another minute had gone by without incident in this cozy position. Then finally, Feng Shen realized there's movement in the little damsel beside him.

’’So you like to sleep talk while resting.’’ Out of the blue, Feng Shen broke the peaceful silence with this comment.

’’What did I say? How come you didn't wake me up?’’ Ling Yue groaned in protest as she looked up to the boy, I hope I didn't say anything didn't say anything I shouldn't have...

’’Just something irrelevant, what money... and some wine stuff.’’ Feng Shen chuckled a laugh, ’’I never expected you to be such a drunkard like General Lan.’’

’’Humph, who are you calling a money hog and drunkard.’’ Frowning, Ling Yue didn't believe him one bit.

It's as the girl suspected, there were some stuff which Feng Shen didn't want to say aside from the money and wine, I won't let anyone hurt you again in the future....

Struggling to upright herself now that she's been caught peeking, Ling Yue was shocked to find her body not listening to her command. In a slip, she nearly fell forward for the floor due to the numbness in her legs.

Not missing this, Feng Shen was fast in reaction and grabbed her by the waist immediately. Then without delay, or a chance for refusal, he removed Ling Yue's shoes to help knead her tingling feet. Totally ignoring the fact that their actions right now were already way past what's expected of mere friends.

’’No, no need... I'll do it myself.’’ Frantic in her reaction, Ling Yue attempts to free her feet from those powerful hands after realizing how dangerous their positions were.

’’You don't need to force yourself. You slept for a long time so it's natural that your legs are numb from sitting so long.’’ Without getting permission, Feng Shen took the liberty of lifting the girl up in a princess style for the outside.

Only after disembarking did Ling Yue realize they were no longer moving. Now she finally understood what's going on. In order to not wake her, Feng Shen had stayed aboard the carriage just so she can continue sleeping in comfort.


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