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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 326


Chapter 326

Chapter 326 ’’The Irresistible Decree’’

’’If this was a moment of chaos inside a stampede, you be dead already.’’ Nie Feng Hang shoots a displeased look at the disguised woman. Intuitions told him this subordinate of his was acting very strange today.

Ye Huang was someone sent over by Marquis Wu so he would naturally pay closer attention to the oddly good looking man. Thus far, the performance had been impeccable so today's mistake would be the first.

’’In a bit when the expeditionary force arrives, I want you to accompany me as my close aid to meet the general.’’ There's a good reason why the general picked her. Aside from Ye Huang, everyone else in his ranks are all big men who knew nothing of etiquette and manners.

Slightly shaking in her lips, Ye Huang's mind was immediately brought back to reality in full clarity.

His close aid?

That means I have to serve him in close contact.

Just thinking of the word ’’close’’ would make her forehead go numb

For a second there, Ye Huang Yu got the sensation that dark looming cloud was hovering over her head, ready to strike at any moment. Muttering inconsistently, she wanted to refuse.

’’You are not willing?’’

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’’No! I will unconditionally follow General's order.’’

How can she say the word ’’no?’’ Feeling their comrade's pain, the other captains all shot her a sympathetic look.

Keke, a close aid. Oh Ye Huang Yu better pray to the heavens that nothing will happen to her with all that tender flesh showing at night.

The military conference soon came to an end after this. While the other captains were able to leave without issue, it was Ye Huang Yu who got pulled back by the general.

’’Ye Huang, do you know the commanding general of the expeditionary force?’’ Nie Feng Hang's question sent a jolt of nervousness into the woman's body.

Did he figure out something?

Nie Feng Hang was no muscle head like Lan Ying Wu (General Lan), he's a child of noble birth with a very keen eyesight to his surroundings. Therefore, the part where Ye Huang Yu fell into an almost trance like state at Hong Fang's name didn't go unnoticed to him.

’’Anyone from the capital would've heard of that name. I'm only a small person so I haven't met him in person.’’ After weighing her options for a second, she decides to lie in the end because such an answer was within reason so no fault should be found here.

’’Do you know why I'm bringing you instead of anyone else?’’ Standing up, the general slowly strode over to her side. Due to his high stature like General Lan, it's pretty easy to see how much taller he was than the disguised woman while they are in close proximity.

While the nervous woman herself felt strangely uncomfortable against that intimidating aura created by their height difference, Nie Feng Hang on the other hand thought otherwise. He was more focused in on her complexion and fine skin texture. It's not coarse, only a bit tan like that of a young female's.

All of a sudden, the general's head seems to recall a certain incident incident when he was randomly passing through the campsite one day.

’’Hey, I wonder if Captain Ye have any unmarried sisters at home. Just look at him. If he does, his sister will surely be a great beauty.’’

If Ye Huang is a woman.... Flapping his lips up and down, the man suddenly found his own delirious thought very funny.

’’Subordinate here is dull so I don't know General's meaning.’’ Feeling the heated look she's receiving, Ye Huang Yu continues to hang her head low to keep that nervous face hidden.

’’Your military exploits have already accumulated to a certain extent, keep up the good job. Now, why I'm bringing you to Flag City is so you can widen your perspective. The next time you go there, you will become the youngest general in Da Xia's history. Do you understand what I mean?’’ Placing his hands onto the woman's shoulder, it was firm and heavy with a lot of weight.

Raising her head at the revelation, Ye Huang Yu forgot she was still in close proximity with the man. Their eyes met, causing her to stagger backwards.

’’I would like to thank General for your cultivation.’’ Quickly giving a bow, she retreats out of the tent using that posture the entire way.

By this hour the sun had mostly set. With the sky darkening and the moon rising up from the far off horizon, this was a memorable day for Ye Huang Yu.

Da Xia's youngest general eh... Hong Fang, I am one step closer again to exacting my revenge.

Also in the same kingdom, also watching the same round moon round moon in the sky, but unlike in the Northwest, the Lan House's mood today was somewhat low.

The reasoning, a royal decree was placed on top of a desk.

’’The king wants to send Ling Yue to act as the Chief Alchemist of Dan City?’’

’’How can this be? Hurry Father, you must go to the palace and plead to His Majesty so he can change his mind.’’ Lan Caier had become anxious in her tone.

Lan Ying Wu had also only learned of this matter after it was approved, otherwise he would've most certainly objected to the idea.

Even if Ye Ling Yue herself didn't know what sort of place Dan City was, this general definitely did. Especially in turbulent times like these, whether or not his goddaughter can even make it to that city was a questionable feat. Then even if she can safely reach the city, everything else afterwards was an unknown factor.

’’The decree is already in front of us, it's too late to change it now. I don't even need to guess its Hong Fang and his goons again who orchestrated this.’’ After Lady Yao fell to her death inside their home, General Lan had specifically increased the security around the estate to fend off any possible retaliation.

Despite his efforts, the general never expected Hong Fang to pull someone like sending the girl to Dan City.

Just as their talks came to an all time low, Master Longyu himself also arrives at the scene. Though the dwarf hardly ever lends himself to the turmoil's of political strife, he too had come out of come out of seclusion after learning this news.

’’My precious apprentice, I heard you must go to Dan City this time. Do be careful, that place is a stirring pot of every sorts.’’ With that said, the old dwarf then started to pour out a bunch of bottles and potions for the girl.

’’You should know Greenie here already. Inside his body is fifty Dan pills to act as his fuel. Use him wisely over there, he might just save your life in times of crisis.’’ Moved by the grand gift, Ling Yue herself never expected her mentor here, who she pretty much scammed into taking the title, would go to such lengths and gift her with that precious alchemic snake puppet.

It's undeniable that the girl had taken this dwarf as her mentor, but in truth, their relationship was more along the line of mutual friends than actual disciple and master. For Longyu to go to such lengths, it's abundantly clear he's taken a liking to the girl and wanted her to come back safely.

And as much as everyone who wanted Ling Yue to stay and not go to Dan City, the decree has been made. If she refuse then its treason. That's a death sentence!

’’Sect Leader, I want to accompany you to the Northwest.’’ Yanche was someone saved by the girl. To know full well the danger awaiting in the far off land, there's no way he will just stay quiet either.

’’Ling Yue, I'll go with you too. This way I can protect you along the road.’’ Lan Caier too also volunteered.


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