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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 325


Chapter 325

Chapter 325 ’’General Tiger Wolf Nie Feng Hang’’

The Tiger Wolf Army's base camp was the only one of its kind in the open plains of Da Xia's harshest region. Established by General Tiger Wolf himself, it only took ten years before this place became the hardest line of defense for the kingdom against its enemies in the Northwest.

Regarding this general known as Nie Feng Hang, there are many rumors out and about in Da Xia. The most notable had to be his origin. For those close enough to him to know the truth, especially his subordinates, all will worship him like a deity. Therefore, as soon as Ye Huang returned to base and got word for a meeting, she immediately dropped everything and ran over.

Due to the hunt, she was the last person to enter the tent where the meeting was supposed to take place. Surprisingly, she wasn't the last, it was the general himself who was missing still.

’’Hey, Ye Huang, you really are horrible you know. Because you didn't leave a single wolf for us, my squad will have to go hungry tonight.’’ Pulling a joke, Chen Zhong heartily hangs his hand on the disguised woman's shoulder to show off their friendly rivalry.

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Regulations of the Tiger Wolf Army are to send two squads out into the wild for hunting every day. The prizes would naturally be shared among the soldiers across the board, but there's one major perk to it, the squad with the least numbers get to go hungry for the night and double the training the following day.

As a result of this, every other squad in the Tiger Wolf Army would cower against the Fourth Squad. The reasoning, its Ye Huang Yu and her bow skill. Never once did the other squads manage to outdo the woman, hence the reason why she got the nickname ’’Starver’’.

But before Chen Zhong could issue another word here, a set of sharp prowling eyes had shot over to his end like a knife. It was General Tiger Wolf who just arrived behind the man.

Scared out of his wits for not being in the proper position, Chen Zhong only managed to jerk around before it's too late: ’’Ge-General.’’

Like the poor man with his chipped buckteeth appearance, the rest of the captains present were also all hurrying to straighten their backs until it was straighter than a spear.

Nie Feng Hang's age wasn't big by any means. In fact, he's only thirty three this year, two years younger than Ye Huang Yu who already bore a daughter of her own.

Just that, due to the long years of military life, coupled with the harsh wind and sun of the region, Nie Feng Hang looked a lot older than his peers. While on Ye Huang Yu's end, due to Ling Yue's cosmetic pills and careful caring, the woman only looked no older than twenty.

Speaking of this general, he really did have quite the story. One can even call him a legendary figure by his own right like Marquis Wu. Born of noble background with a powerful heritage to his name, the man had set out on his own for reasons unknown for a career in the military.

Without the shelter of his family, he worked all the way up to a general's general's positon from a lowly small recruit. Aside from General Lan, this General Tiger Wolf can be considered the only other man of steel in Da Xia's army.

Before joining, Ye Huang Yu's image of the man was that of Lan Ying Wu's type: big, stoic, and very loud that's come to be expected of a typical military man. However, her perception was soon crushed after meeting Nie Feng Hang in person.

First of all, the man was younger than Lan Ying Wu. Though they are both of tall stature and roughly the same level in their cultivation, but Nie Feng Hang had one major characteristic that caused him to stand out among crowd, he's very manly in a handsome sort of way similar to Feng Shen and Xia Hou Qi's scholarly appearance.

Maybe it's due to just coming out of training, but the general was completely naked on the upper half. The other squad captains in the camp were all indifferent to this blatant showcasing of abs, after all, they are all big men that liked to spar on a regular basis or compete in masculinity. However, this didn't apply to the disguised woman in their fray.

Slightly red in her ears, even after four months of being here, Ye Huang Yu still had trouble coping with this sort of interaction. Especially when she's caught off guard like this where a free show was at hand.

Sure, she may had been a married woman before, but that's more than a decade ago. Even then she was only able to interact with one person.

Not noticing the embarrassed appearance of the woman, Nie Feng Hang directly went for his seat. ’’The reasoning I reasoning I called everyone here today is to tell you all that during this period the number of wild animals rampaging in the plains have increased exponentially. Except out camp, every other battalion in the Northwest have come under attack even in their base camp. I want everyone to be on high alert and be ready for anything unexpected.’’ As per his name, the general's style was like wind and fire, quick and to the point.

’’General, you can rest assured, we are not those weak-legged crabs out there.’’ Several of the captains started to laugh at the comment.

’’Close that yapping beak of yours. Whose squad was it that got stuck between a herd of wild beasts? If not for Ye Huang and his men rushing over to save you guys, your woman back home would be a widow by now. Starting tomorrow, the training for you and your men is doubled.’’ Stern in his face, the general had always been very strict with his subordinates.

However, he was also very protective of his men. His soldier can only be trained by him and him alone. If any other general or soldier dares to say something, he will make the other party crawl back to in which they came from.

’’There's another thing. The ambushed units have already reported the matter to the Court. In half a month, an expeditionary force will be arriving here in the Northwest.’’ He's not a man of superfluous words so it only took a few sentence for him to finish announcing everything.

Expeditionary force?

After the captains heard this, a series of discussions quickly erupted.

If the Court intends to send an expeditionary force to the Northwest, then the Northwest, then that would mean there's an expeditionary general.

’’General, who cares what they do. Our Tiger Wolf Army have always acted alone in the open plains here. They won't start managing us would they?’’ These men are all hard soldiers. In their viewpoint, the only commander and general was Nie Feng Hang. Any other person can keep walking.

’’This time is different. The commanding general is the former royal tutor Hong Fang, and under him is the fourth prince Xia Hou Hong.’’ If the other side was any other general, Lan Ying Wu included, he would never bother to care.

Others may not know exactly what's going on, but Nie Feng Hang did. He's already got clear confirmation from his sources about the incidents back at the capital. What he doesn't know was why Hong Fang lost his position and why the prince got abolished.

So, for the two to come at such a time, it's not hard for the general here to deduce this wasn't simply some subjection mission. The real reason was the king setting up a stage for the two to obtain even greater merit. If that's the case, it's a definite that the most powerful battalion in the Northwest would be mobilized - that would be their Tiger Wolf Army.

While everyone was busy discussing the topic with their own thoughts in mind, Ye Huang Yu was rather startled to hear of Hong Fang's name again.

’’Ye Huang, Ye Huang.’’ Nie Feng Hang's very impatient voice finally interrupted her thoughts, which also attracted the curious gaze from everyone around her.

’’Apologies General, I lapsed out for a second there.’’ Not trying to make excuses, the woman immediately admits it.


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