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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 323


Chapter 323

Chapter 323 ’’The Northwest Army's Barracks’’

While Feng Shen made it sound like its nothing, it was Ling Yue who looked taken aback by the news.

’’You are going back to North Qing? But your body?’’ Due to her anxiousness, Ling Yue forgot to hold back the worry and concern in her voice.

Hearing this, Feng Shen's beautiful and handsome face revealed a flicker of happiness. ’’My body has gotten better after the spring season rolled around. This time I will only be away for three months. After I finish my business relating to the Phoenix Manor, I will return immediately.’’

’’Miss Ling Yue, you have no need to be worried here. With me by his lordship's side, no danger will come his way. Actually, his lordship would always linger in North Qing for half a year when spring rolls around, but for your sake, we're reducing the six months to three instead.’’

When hearing this, Ling Yue became stunned while Feng Shen revealed a tinge of embarrassment at being found out.

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’’How wonderful! Dao Nu, for a big dummy, you are getting smarter and smarter in recent days.’’ Throwing a big thumbs up, Lan Caier winks and winks at the big guy to show her approval.

’’It is his lordship's good tutelage.’’ As a straightforward person, Dao Nu was honestly upset over Ling Yue's act of ignoring Feng Shen before. But after witnessing how nervous she was on that day, his initial unhappiness was instantly blown away.

Nearly coughing out the tea in his mouth, Feng Shen was caught off guard here, What does this have to do with me?

Alright, I admit the part about squishing the trip down to three months is because of her, but six months is just too long....

Now it made sense why teacher (Elder Mu) dragged Dao Nu away when he heard I'm meeting Ling Yue to say farewell. It's to teach him this.

Since everything was out in the open anyways, Feng Shen figured it can't be worse now. Sneaking a peak, he can detect no displeasure from the girl, which greatly relieved his heart.

Meanwhile on the side, Yanche was feeling a faint discomfort after listening to their conversation.

Sect Leader likes this Feng Shen?

It came as no surprise to the big hunk that his mistress will have a lot of pursuers. Take that Sixth Prince and Sir Qing for example, he had good impressions of the two from before. However, it matters not what he thought, it only matters what Ling Yue thought. And what Ling Yue thought was only this Feng Shen.

Although Yanche himself didn't have a fond image of this supposed Phoenix Lord, but he had to admit, the boy was on par and in many areas superior to the other two candidates.

First of all was his looks.

Yanche wasn't good with his tongue, he he doesn't know how to describe the merits of a person's image. All he knows was that regardless of male or female, all sides of the se* will not hate that face.

Second was that wealth.

Listening to the Big Lady's explanation, there's no other in this world richer than this boy.

On top of it all, the boy was very good to his mistress.

Although his interaction with Feng Shen was short and brief with only two encounters, he can tell that the Phoenix Lord only had Ling Yue in his eyes.

But even so, with all those merits and good points, Yanche still felt like his mistress can do better.

The other person is but a weak and frail man. How can he protect Sect Leader with that sickly body?

Just as Yanche's unkind look fell upon Feng Shen, the recipient also noticed it and looked up. Together, a face off had ensued with sparks flying between their eyes.

’’But Phoenix Lord, the road to the Northwest isn't very peaceful right now. When the expeditionary force left, why didn't you tag along with them?’’ Apparently Lan Caier was dense enough to miss the strong level of gunpowder in the air, that's why she asked such a question in the middle of this confrontation.

Northwest? After a brief thought, Ye Ling Yue then recalled North Qing was located north of that region.

If Feng Shen wishes to return home, he must first travel to the northwestern the northwestern border of Da Xia before making his way through the forest.

But at this moment the Northwest is a mess with rampaging spirit beasts everywhere. Even with Dao Nu...

’’The expeditionary army is a regular subjection force. As a businessman, it's inconvenient for me to tag along. Moreover, this time I won't be returning there alone. Me and Dao Nu will be going with a large caravan.’’ Explaining with a smile, Feng Shen reassures her with the truth.

Whenever large-scale caravans cross the border between two states, they will usually employ a team of dedicated mercenaries for protection.

Back when Feng Shen informed the king of his departure, he did receive the very same proposal to travel with the army. However, he rejected it firmly.

’’If this is the case then you must be careful along the way.’’ A faint ripple was tearing through her heart. Against that sensation, Ling Yue herself had no idea on how to explain it.

While Ling Yue and Feng Shen was doing this back at the capital, somewhere else at the northwestern border, a flock of wolves were currently fleeing for their lives towards the nearby forest.

Pursuing this pack was a group of dirty looking men on horseback. Though they appeared no better than some beggars in their filthy getup, but if one looked closer, they will be able to discern that these men are in fact genuine soldiers of Da Xia.

’’Haha, this time victory this time victory belongs to our First Squad!’’ Having his two front teethes chipped, the man making the claim looked rather odd in his appearance.

But make no mistake, his strength wasn't to be trifled with. In one jerk of his hand, the man was able to forcefully rip one of the wolves tail off, causing the animal to shriek out in sheer pain. Despite this, the wolf in question didn't dare to stop and continued to flee with everything it's got.

Then just as the man was enjoying his hunt to its fullest, a sharp piercing sound came flying over from the front.

It was a cold sharp arrow of deadly precision. Going straight into one eye and out the other, the wolf that had its tail ripped off was now on the ground without an ounce of life left in its body.

’’Damn it, it's Ye Huang and those kids from the Fourth Squad.’’ Finding his prey being taken in plain sight, the big man was literally flying saliva in his curses and swearing.

’’Chen Zhong, if your dog tongue don't stay cleaner then I will have your last teeth also pulled out!’’ From within the jungle, several figures had slipped down from the trees and out from their hiding spot.

One was rather slim in their build, very different from all the big husky men here. This rather good looking soldier was none other than Ye Huang Yu, Ling Yue's mother!


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