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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 322


Chapter 322

Chapter 322 ’’Lovey Dovey Will Only Make You Die Faster (2)’’

’’You cannot injure the civilians. If the king learns of it, the situation will only get worse.’’ Under this hollering order from Hong Fang, the prince's enraged mindset swiftly calmed down again.

But that didn't apply to those who are making a ruckus. Next second, a rotten tomato lands directly onto the boy's handsome face. Following that were rotten eggs, sour cabbages, and all sorts of stinky and nauseating items from the market.

Seeing how the boy was still able to keep calm despite all those veins popping up, Hong Fang finally exhaled a sigh of relief. He knows, if something happens now, he and this boy are both screwed. Which was also the driving force behind his suspicion right now.

This farce is obviously arranged by someone. A deliberate act to drag us down! But who is it?

Going gloomy in his expression, Hong Fang's squinting eye soon fell upon the teahouse not far away. That's where he saw Ling Yue and Lan Caier seated at the table near the balcony.

And of course, there's no way Ling Yue would back away after being provoked. Raising her cup, she makes a toast to the man as a form of confirmation.

’’Damn it, it's really her!’’ Hong Fang had the sudden impulse to vomit blood just now. He just knew that girl wasn't up to any good.

’’Husband (Father), what's wrong with you?’’ Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter were both worried.

’’Nothing, it's nothing. While I'm not around, do be careful though...’’ Retracting his gaze, he turns back to his lovely pair of wife and daughter.

’’It hurts!’’ Hong Yu Ying suddenly cries this out.

’’Ahh!’’ Likewise, Zhu Ge Rou also called out like her daughter.

’’What's wrong?!’’ Before Hong Fang could understand the situation, a whistling sound had caught his attention. In one grasp of his hand like a reflex, a crushed walnut was all that's left in his palm.

’’Who is it that dares to attack an official of the Court!’’ Hong Fang was furious in his roar.

Its one thing if Xia Hou Hong was the one being attacked, it's another if it's his wife and daughter. Who can blame those people for wanting justice? He may be on the prince's side due to necessity, but not even he can ignore the repulsive deeds done by the boy.

Sweeping his eyes around for the one responsible, Hong Fang grew ever more frustrated when he couldn't find the perpetrator.

’’Aighya!’’ Hung Yu Ying once again shrieked out in pain. This time though it wasn't a walnut, it's an iron marble which causes the girl to grow a hard lump on the head.

Then like before, Zhu Ge Rou also cried out in pain because her nose just got hit with a flying stone.

In the blink of an eye, a vast number of projectiles were flying over from all directions. There were tiny rocks, iron marbles, and other sorts of hard objects. Hong Fang had it easier because he's a skilled martialist, but his wife and daughter wasn't so fortunate. In no time at all, the two were left bruised up and swollen all over.

’’Send my wife and daughter back immediately!’’ Truly enraged inside, Hong Fang swiftly turns his sight back over to the teahouse to find the two two girls still sitting there unmoved. Pretty obvious they weren't the one responsible for the act.

Then all of a sudden, something else flew over. In his reflex, Hong Fang grabbed the object with his bare hands to find it strangely odd. Looking down, it was a soft, smelly piece of shit....

’’Squeak~’’ At a corner of this street, the invisible Little Squeak was currently rolling around on the floor due to how much he's enjoying this. And next to him was a small bag filled with his personal ammunition.

As for that piece of ’’shit’’ in Hong Fang's hand, it's Little Squeak's own creation from beginning to end.

’’Squeak~ (That's what you get for being all lovely dovey in front of me. I will let you know what it means to bully my mistress!)’’

Taking this all in from above, Ling Yue couldn't resist twitching in her mouth. Now it made sense why that little troublemaker was missing all morning. He was churning out his own version of a farewell ceremony.

Like her younger sister's joyous mood, Lan Caier couldn't take it anymore and finally broke out into a laughing fit. ’’Oh I'm dying Ling Yue, I really regret not dragging Father here today. I must tell him about this scene when I get back. He would be very happy to know what happened to that bastard. Unfortunately your mother isn't here, otherwise she will be very happy too.’’

As if suddenly remembering something, the big girl quickly turned around for her own thoughtlessness. Sure enough, when the topic of Ye Huang Yu was brought up again, Ling Yue's expression instantly took a one-eighty

Damn it, why did I go do something like something like that. I'm so dumb!

’’I wonder if my mother is also out today to watch this farewell ceremony. Thinking about it, ever since she went with Marquis Wu, we haven't gotten any news back lately.’’ Ling Yue mutters to herself, oblivious to the concerned look from her big sister.

’’Let's not talk about these unpleasant things. Look, Feng Shen is here!’’ Urgent to change the topic, Lan Caier frantically waves the boy over to their table.

By now the expeditionary force had already left the city for the Northwest, and because Feng Shen was late today, all he was able to see are Ling Yue's frowning face and the trash left behind on the street.

In this moment, the boy had a very strong urge to go forward to wrap his arms around the girl of his heart. When did it start? When did her every move and change in emotion would effect me so strongly?

’’Feng Shen, the cloud silkworms are now hatched.’’ The reasoning for Ling Yue's meeting with the boy was to discuss the silkworms in her possession.

As per her speculations from before, the silkworms are having no trouble in adapting to the Red Mist Sky's environment. In merely one month, the bugs had already weaved their cocoons and broken out of them. Not only that, a finished weave of silk was also successfully created too.

It's actually successful?

Upon being informed of this great news, Feng Shen couldn't help but be surprised. After all, to achieve such result in this short span of time was incredible!

Following that thought, a small box was then placed in front of the boy. Inside was a cloud silkworm around the size around the size of a thumb and a cocoon.

Exchanging a glance with each other, Feng Shen and Dao Nu were both starting to get serious in their expressions now.

In particular was Feng Shen because he can recognize it instantly. Even for the best breeder in North Qing, they would have a difficult time raising such fine silkworms in their cluster.

’’How is it Feng Shen? With this, am eligible to be your business partner?’’ Paying close attention to any changes, Ling Yue carefully asked.

From serious to satisfied, then from satisfied to surprise, Feng Shen had to admit Ling Yue's supposed friend was second to none.

’’Ling Yue, who is that friend of yours? I really like to know.’’ Curious towards the identity of that master, Feng Shen made no effort to hide his intent.

’’This eh... I can't tell you for the time being. However, I can guarantee you that he's a trustworthy person.’’ Ling Yue can't exactly tell him that she's the breeder now can she?

Sneaking a peak at the uncomfortable girl's reaction, Feng Shen then nods to relent the issue.

’’Very well, since it's someone you trust then it's someone I trust. As per our agreement from earlier, I will hand over the sales right of Da Xia to you. As it so happens, I need to return to North Qing in the coming days. When I return, I will bring with me a group of workers so that you can begin mass production. According to the agreement, half of the proceeds will go to me and the other half to you.’’ Fair in his terms, Feng Shen followed the usual standard in business here.


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