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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 321


Chapter 321

Chapter 321 ’’Lovey Dovey Will Only Make You Die Faster’’

All the while when he was speaking, Hong Fang's been paying close attention to the reaction of the old master. Sure enough, Alchemist Chou did exactly as planned and showed a hint of fear at the possible opportunity.

’’If Master Chou is interested, I can make a recommendation to the military and have you transferred to become the Chief Alchemist in Dan City.’’

’’Thank you very much for the kindness. Although I would very much like to contribute to the cause, but the king's migraine is still in need of my care. Therefore, I will have to pass this chance to another colleague in the Royal Hospital.’’ Smooth and slick in his words, Alchemist Chou completely twisted his own cowardice as a form of loyalty.

I must be brain dead to want to go to that place! How many is this now? The seventh? The eighth? Ever since the establishment of Dan City, there's been no end to the Chief Alchemist dying on the job!

It's precisely as the old alchemist says. It's either being attacked on the road by bandits or rampaging spirit beasts, or be blown to bits by their own mishap at using the cauldron. The worse one was even slain by the commander of the frontline because they were late on a shipment!

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Alchemist Chou knows his own ability the best. Though he may be at the seven cauldron level, but against those rampaging spirit beasts that could easily reach the ninth rank at every turn, he wouldn't even be enough to act as a snack. Simply said, the only ones to actively transfer to Dan City are those who couldn't make it in the Royal Hospital and needed a different route to pursue their career.

’’Pity, in that case it means we won't have the honor of having you in the Northwest. Would you happen to have another candidate in mind? I'm sure with your experience and expertise, you would certainly know a person suitable for the job.’’ Careful in his words, Hong Fang strings the old master along to get what he wants.

Sure enough, Alchemist Chou's bad personality starts seeping out again, That's right, there's her!

’’Your lordship, I just so happens to know a perfect candidate for the job. It's Master Longyu's assistant, Princess Yue of the Lan house. She also served as an assistant to Alchemist Mei so there's no better person to go to Dan City.’’

’’Oh? But isn't her age and seniority a bit on the light side?’’ This was exactly what Hong Fang wanted, make the old master recommend Ling Yue so he would have an excuse to bring up the topic to the king.

’’Your lordship, this you don't have to worry. Her age may be young, but but she's well learned and is also a princess. There's no better than her to be the next Chief Alchemist of Dan City.’’ Working his slick tongue, Alchemist Chou can somehow manage to turn his so called worthless girl into the most outstanding youth of the century.

So why was Hong Fang going through the trouble? It's the reminder by his father the other day. He can't make a move inside the capital less he incur the gossip of the public and rouse the ire of those in the enemy line.

Furthermore, whether or not Ling Yue can even make it to Dan City was another matter.

’’If that's the case, then please come with me to make the recommendation to His Majesty. We will say the candidates to be transferred to Dan City is decided.’’

A few days later, the Northwest Expeditionary Force was officially formed. Led by Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong, they and their fifty thousand army marched towards their destination with many taking to the streets to see them off.

’’Hail to the mighty general!’’

’’Hail to the prince!’’

Dressed in his glorious suit of armor, Xia Hou Hong's injury seems to have mostly recovered by now, thus drawing in a large number of excited screams from the ladies.

As for Hong Fang and his son Yu Long, they were less eye catching because they had mostly kept to themselves with their family at the gate.

’’Husband, Son, gate.

’’Husband, Son, you two must be careful on this trip. Me and Yu Ying will wait for your good news here.’’ Bringing their daughter along, Zhe Ge Rou was here to send her son and husband off like any good wife would.

’’So old already and they are still acting like little love birds. How disgusting.’’ Lan Caier murmurs to her sister, displeased by the sight she's seeing.

Sitting inside a teahouse not far away, the two girls were busy sipping their tea and watching the rowdiness of the street and the people coming out to send the soldiers off.

’’Xia Hou Hong is even more disgusting,’’ Yanche also chimes in on the conversation after watching the prince riding through the street below them.

’’That's right, the king sure is bias in pardoning that monster so easily.’’ Lan Caier snickers with contempt, fully ready to give the boy a good beating if the opportunity presents itself.

’’The truth isn't so easy to hide. Just wait, the matter won't end as easily as they wish,’’ Ling Yue smirked, her eyes holding a meaningful light.

Unexpectedly though, as soon as her words came out, one of the masked soldier walking beside the prince had turned around, his warning stare aimed directly at the teahouse and the occupants inside.

Who is that person?

It quickly donned on Ling Yue there's two suspicious individuals constantly on alert beside Xia Hou Hong. The tall figure was the one was the one who shot the warning glare, while the short had the stature of a dwarf.

’’Return my baby's life!’’

’’Accursed Fourth Prince, murderer!’’

’’How can you quell the unrest when you are no better than a beast!’’

A stir of commotion suddenly disrupts the celebratory mood. Each with their own pitch fork and farm tool, these people cared not for their own safety and rushed for the prince and his entourage.

’’Protect His Highness!’’ Raising their spears in all readiness, the army begins pushing the onlookers back to prevent anyone from getting close to the prince.



From all directions, various objects were being thrown over.

’’Careful, someone is attacking!’’

However, instead of knives and arrows, it's rotten tomatoes and eggs from the commoners.

’’Impudent fools!’’ In his fury, Xia Hou Hong unleashes his full might like an explosive grenade.

’’Stop this instant! Fourth Prince, we mustn't harm any of the civilians on the street.’’ After hearing the ruckus behind himself, Hong Fang immediately rushed over from the gate and was horrified to see the boy attempting to attack the people.

Xia Hou Hong may not be at his best in recent days, but he's still a genuine Dan realm master (one level lower than reincarnation realm). To unleash his full force in the middle of a crowd, it's a definite there will be causalities. That's something Hong Fang cannot and will not allow after all the trouble he went through to get this chance.


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