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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 316


Chapter 316

Chapter 316 ’’Sha Sect's Destruction!’’

Madam Lai's face was shrouded in darkness, masking her true expression the entire time. ’’Yang Qing, Wulei never existed in this world,’’ the woman's voice was seething with hatred.

’’You-you are her! But your face? You despicable bitch, so it's you who messed with my poison claw!’’ Now everything made sense to him.

The part where the Ghost Sect used the poisonous fume to lure his men into using the Repellant Flames, it was all a ploy orchestrated by this woman!

No matter how unwilling Yang Qing was after the realization, it's too late now. All of a sudden, the words of Hong Fang came rushing back to him.

You will die because of a woman.....

’’In terms of being despicable, I can never compare to you. It seems you've forgotten something, your Hundred Poison Claw was created by me back then. If I can forge it, of course I can destroy it. Now it's nothing more than a hunk of metal.’’

The biggest taboo for Yang Qing wasn't his cultivation, nay, it's his usage of poison. All that he knows about the art, it was all from Madam Lai. This was the biggest reason why he's so obsessed with killing his own wife, it's so others would forget about that part of his life where he had to rely on a woman to grow.

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’’Wife, please, I know I'm wrong now. No matter what, we still have our children. Think about them, what would they do if their only father is gone?! I beg you, give me one last chance. I will join the Ghost Sect and be forever loyal to the Sect Leader.’’ Bursting out in tears, Yang Qing was utterly shameless in the way he crawled up to Madam Lai's leg. Not an ounce of prestige from before could be found here tonight.

He's a smart man, otherwise he can't reach where he was today. If his former wife was alive, it can only mean their children are too. Knowing this, he wants to use a woman's mercy to find a way out.

Unfortunately for Yang Qing, despite his plea, Madam Lai only showed an unemotional expression while not uttering a single word.

’’You see, I've always kept the Hundred Poison Claw by my side because I missed you. I regret what I have done, I truly do.’’ Though his voice and face was very enthusiastic, a spec of viciousness in those eyes cannot be wiped away so easily.

As a person accustomed to being the leader of a whole organization, there's no way he will swear loyalty to another he holds in contempt. Regarding his begging right now, its nothing but an act to give himself a chance to take Madam Lai hostage. Once he's out of here, its damn certain he will return return with even more backup to wipe the Ghost Sect out.

However good his plans were, it didn't get pass Madam Lai's keen eyesight because she had made the first move before the enemy can make a pounce.

In a flash, only a gleam of green would be discerned in that second as it pierced into Yang Qing's chest. It was the newly forged Hundred Poison Claw created by Ling Yue using Moon Iron (90% purity rate).

’’Yang Qing, you think I will believe your words? Repent and go meet your maker.’’ Slowly but surely, all life began to leave the man's body as his temperature dropped. Like their leader, the rest of the goons who came tonight were swiftly finished off by the pursuing members of the Ghost Sect, bringing an end to the infamous Sha Sect once and for all.

’’Madam Lai, he is dead now.’’ Ye Ling Yue and Yanche moves up to the quiet woman who didn't budge an inch since her former husband's death.

In truth, Yang Qing didn't choose wrong in his decision to use a woman's mercy to get away. If not for Ling Yue's reminder prior to carrying out the plan tonight, Madam Lai really would've fallen for it.

’’Sect Leader, I... don't have any face to look you in the eye. Such a filth, how can he possibly repent....’’ Exhaling a long sigh, the scarred woman looks like a heavy burden had burden had just been lifted from her shoulder.

’’This is not your fault. If a man's heart has changed, it will never return to you even if you do more. I may be younger than you, but I can see this point very clearly.’’ Ling Yue shows a bitter smile at her own personal experience.

It's no secret among Yanche and Madam Lai that she was abandoned by her father at birth. That's why she's so hesitant to trust the male se*, all because of Hong Fang.

While the members of the Ghost Sect were celebrating their victory on this night, a certain assassin was quickly dashing through the streets for a hidden location.

’’So the Ghost Sect has matured to this point.’’ Tapping his fingers on the table, Hall Master Liu (Old Mayor Liu of Autumn Maple Town) showed a complicated face after listening to the report

According to the usual style of the Life Taking Hall, they would normally slaughter any new power who attempts to challenge their position, but this time things are different.

Aside from the fact that the Sect Leader of that mysterious power was hard to reach, or even identify for that matter, the territory between both organizations didn't correlate at all despite being both underground powers. This meant there are no conflict of interest or friction.

’’Let's report this to the Ghost Emperor first. We will await his order before making our move.’’ Undecided, Hall Master Undecided, Hall Master Liu waves his men out to give himself some space.

While most of the night went on without further incident, things quickly changed when the first glint of the morning sun brightened up the horizon.

’’Help, someone's dead!’’ A waste porter exclaimed in horror after seeing a corpse lying on the ground. At the chest, a gaping hole gave no doubt to the man's missing heart.

’’Yang Qing is dead?!’’ It didn't take long for the news to reach the Hong House.

Towards the death of this loyal dog, both Hong Fang and his elder brother were very shocked.

’’The Ghost Sect, they must be responsible for the destruction of the Sha Sect and Yang Qing.’’ Slumping in his chair, Hong Fang almost couldn't believe his own murmuring words.

Aside from his anger, there's also an aching suspicion in the man's heart that something's very wrong. As much as he wanted to connect the dots, nothing was coming through.

’’Third Young Master, his lordship summons you.’’ Standing outside the study room, the old housekeeper of the family suddenly interrupts Hong Fang's train of thought.

Father is out of closed door training? Excited by the good news, the man jerks himself up from his seat.

The Old Marquis of the Hong House had been in secluded training for many months now. For him to come out so suddenly, it must be because of the matter relating to Prince Hou Hong and the Sha Sect.


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