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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 315


Chapter 315

Chapter 315 ’’Hello Sect Leader, Goodbye Sect Leader’’

On this chilly night filled with murderous intent everywhere, Ling Yue holds her head high as she spread her feelers out for the distance.

Front, rear, left, and right, waves after waves of life force was quickly closing in on their location.

It appears the people of the Sha Sect are here.

’’Red Thirteen, I didn't think you would be foolish enough to challenge me.’’ Just as Ling Yue finished retracting her feelers, a bat like figure quickly descends from above. It was the arrogant looking Yang Qing.

Originally the man was enjoying himself at the Green Moon Brothel, but as he was spending a good time with Wulei (Madam Lai) in the spa, an abrupt message from the Ghost Sect suddenly interrupted his good deed.

Naturally, the letter was sent by Ling Yue herself. The content was as follow: I, Red Thirteen, leader of the Ghost Sect, challenge you to a final showdown tonight.

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The challenge itself didn't surprise Yang Qing at all, after all, it was just a matter of time before he too would try to crush the Ghost Sect. However, what did shock him was the name detailed on the slip. It was Red Thirteen, the very same one sought by Hong Fang after the encounter at the Treasure Cave.

Without so much as a thought due to the intense joy of finding his target, Yang Qing immediately accepted the challenge. Capturing the boy called Red Thirteen, crushing his biggest adversary the Ghost Sect, that's two birds with one stone! He be a fool not to take it.

At the same time as Yang Qing's entry, thousands of disciples under the Sha Sect's banner had also arrived at the scene. Their vast numbers literally blocking every exit possible on this street.

It's been more than a decade since this organization had set up shop in the capital. Whether it be numbers or familiarity with the terrain, the Sha Sect held all the cards here tonight. Well, or so it seems from the surface anyways.

’’Red Thirteen, in your next life, know that there are people who you shouldn't and can never provoke. ’’Thirsty for blood in his words, Yang Qing makes a wave to gesture his men to launch the attack. Like a looming cloud of darkness, a thousand knife bearing followers had all charged forward in unison.

’’Ho, then I will thank you for your advice.’’ Unlike her foe's voice that was full of violence and rage, Ling Yue's tone was rather calm and soothing like the graceful light shining from the moon.

However, not everyone was fooled by that attitude though. Yanche clearly sensed it, a very strong stench of bloodthirst was oozing out of his mistress's body.

Sect Leader is mad.....

Just as the situation was looking bad for Ling Yue's side - outnumbered ten to one - numerous clouds of purple fume came spewing out from various hidden pipes set here in secret.

Like a plague, the poisonous mist was able to quickly penetrate its intended targets. And due to how unprepared the Sha Sect's disciples were, these victims only needed needed to inhale a hint of the poisonous smoke before their skins started to boil from within.

’’Poison!’’ Once Yang Qing saw his men at the forefront dropping like fireflies, he immediately roared out for them to stop. Unfortunately for these men, the order came too late.

Due to the vast number of people he brought along, a chaotic stampede quickly ensued, causing those crammed in the middle to be trampled under their own ally's feet from both the front and back. Just like that, over one-third of the Sha Sect's men were killed in this first exchange.

’’Obey my command, use the Repellant Flames!’’ As a poison user himself, it didn't take long for Yang Qing to come back to his senses and to come up with a countermeasure.

Following their leader's order, tubes after tubes of bamboo containers were brought out and lit aflame, absolving the clouds of toxic fumes with those burning fireballs.

Watching the flaming scene from her post, Ling Yue's face soon revealed a glint of dangerous: ’’You people are asking for it.’’

Following a wave of her hand, countless piercing objects could be heard slicing through the air. Before anyone could noticed, darts after darts of needles coated in poison had pierced into the Sha Sect's people.

Normally such a tactic would be extremely difficult to carry out in this pitch black darkness. Fortunately for Ling Yue and her followers, due to the tubes of flaming fireballs used by Yang Qing's people, they had indivertibly turned themselves and their comrades into moving targets. Easy prey for those hiding in ambush.

Watching the ambush.

Watching the catastrophic mess unfolding before his very eyes, Yang Qing looked like he had seen a ghost. Merely two rounds, that's all! That's all it took for nearly a thousand men to perish under the onslaught. For those lucky enough to survive till this point, they were all huddling together in fear, afraid a misstep would warrant their own life as the price.

’’It looks like I've underestimated the Ghost Sect. To think your side also have a poison master. No matter, I will give you the honor of facing me in person.’’ At that, Yang Qing's eye quickly honed in on Ling Yue's body, turning sharp like that of a snake aiming for its prey.

It never once occurred to this lecherous man that he would one day be forced into a corner by someone so young, but that didn't matter, he had full confidence in his own ability than to rely on his useless subordinates.

Following a strange sound emitted from his sleeve, Yang Qing's fingertips quickly turned razor sharp like that of a beast's claw. What differed here though was the strange glint of green oozing from his hand. It's very foul in nature that left no question about its dangerous nature. This would be Yang Qing's iconic artifact, the Hundred Poison Claw.

As per its name, once the victim comes into contact with those claws, even a scratch will do, the toxin from the weapon will quickly seep into the foe's bloodstream and travel into the organs.

If Yang Qing wasn't such a capable poison user, he would've most certainly perished most certainly perished under Yanche's ambush from last time.

Despite the enormous amount of killing intent shooting her way, Ling Yue was surprisingly calm here. In fact, she was making a mocking sneer like she's got him around her fingers.

But that didn't stand for everyone though. In one somersault, Yanche had shot himself over to make a bone crunching strike with his fist.

After the previous encounter, Yang Qing knew very well this strange person wasn't a practitioner like himself;instead, the boy had a shocking level of brute strength. To fight such a man was more like fighting a lump of moving iron than a human.

’’You impudent brat, I will show you what it means to mess with my Hundred Poison Claw.’’ Showing a sinister smile, Yang Qing met his foe's attack head on.

He had intended to use this opportunity to let Yanche taste his poison since the boy was foolish enough to fight him in a melee, but the expected scene never came.


Before the devious man could come to terms with his failure, a terrible bone cracking sound had knocked him back to his senses. It was his chest, Yanche's punch had landed directly into his chest area, thus shattering his rib cage in the process.

’’Yang Qing, are you wondering why your poison claw isn't working?’’ This voice belonged to a female, but unlike the soft tender vocal expected of the female se*, this was cruel and bone chilling.

From behind the crowd making up the Ghost Sect's side, Madam Lai slowly stepped forward after an opening was made for her.

’’Wulei, it's you...’’


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