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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 314


Chapter 314

Chapter 314 ’’Visitation, Abuse for the Health’’

Although Prince Hou Hong had been locked away due to his lecherous deed, but considering his status as the former Crown Prince of Da Xia, his cell was the most spacious with no lacking of furnishing.

Just as the imprisoned boy was still brooding over his own wound near his heart, the door to his cell was suddenly pushed open. Hearing this, Xia Hou Hong became ecstatic.

The reasoning, Consort Luo had informed him that by the end of tonight, he will most surely be released from his confine. As such, he assumed it was his mother who's coming in.

Struggling to upright his body, the prince attempts to push himself off the ground when the wound around his chest was torn open again. Blood seeped out, staining his uniform even further.

’’Fourth Prince, I'm going to have to disappoint you, I'm not here to let you out.’’ The ridiculing voice instantly causes the boy to stiffen up.

How could it be her!

Looking at the dreaded girl entering his cell, Prince Hou Hong was horrified at the sight of Ling Yue and her glorious smile.

’’Lan Ling Yue, what are you doing here?! Where's Father, where's my mother!’’ He roared, turning his fear into anger.

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He was supposed to murder this girl today, yet by the end of everything, it was he who became a prisoner.

Xia Hou Hong may be sick in his mind to torture innocent little kids, but he's no fool. After connection all the dots, he realizes it that he's been set up. And who would most likely be the one? Of course it would be this Lan Ling Yue standing before him!

’’His Majesty is very good right now with your brother by his side. As for your mother, I heard she fainted again after puking a mouthful of blood. I honestly don't even know if she's still alive or not to tell you the truth.’’ Slow and steady in her steps, Ling Yue was like the reaper itself as she strode up to the shivering prince.

Everything's over now. As soon as he saw the girl, Xia Hou Hong knew his chance to make it out of here was gone.

’’You witch, I'm going to kill you!’’ Enduring the stinging pain near his heart, he makes a pounce for the girl in order strangler her. Unfortunately for him, with his current state, Ling Yue only needed to make a small sidestep to dodge that attack.

’’Fourth Prince, you mustn't get too excited, otherwise your blood will get too active and cause your chest to bleed out even more.’’ Giving the air a quick sniff, Ling Yue quickly covered her nose after getting hit with a thick scent of irony blood.

’’Just you wait, if I ever get out of here alive, I will have a witch like you butchered into a million pieces!’’ Never in his life had Xia Hou Hong hated a person this much.

’’You are already at your last straw, yet you still have the audacity to mouth off like that.’’ In one stomp of her feet, Ling Yue sends the screaming boy back to the ground, ’’Xia Hou Hong, everything about this is the result of your own doing. All those innocent lives lost at your hand, they died a death more cruel and painful painful than what you will ever face by a hundred times.’’

’’Someone come, someone come!’’ In his desperation, the prince screams out for help. Yet, not a single guard came in to lend their aid.

’’Fourth Prince, I suggest you save that energy instead. I was ordered by the king himself to tend to your wounds. To make sure nothing goes wrong during the treatment, I already said hello to the soldiers outside, telling them the process will be a bit painful for you. No matter how you scream, they won't come in to save you.’’ Slowly releasing her feet, Ling Yue then went ahead to pour the bottle of salt she prepared ahead of time onto the boy's wound.

As soon as the stuff made contact, it was like a burst of pain had completely overtook his body. Rolling around like a madman being swamped by a horde of soldier ants, Xia Hou Hong eventually lost even his will to scream.

No different from a wild dog lying there at its end, more air was leaving his lungs than going in.

’’Xia Hou Hong, I will come back every day to 'tend' to you. Rest assured, with my medicinal skill, I will make sure you won't die. However, I will be sure to let you experience a pain worse than death.’’ Seeing the horrible state her victim was in, Ling Yue was pleased with the result.

’’Lan Ling Yue ... I swear I will kill you.’’ Weaker with every breath, the prince's voice could barely be made out as the departing female figure left his cell.

After returning to the Lan House, Lan Caier was the first to get the full story from her sister.

’’Che, her sister.

’’Che, I just knew it, that boy isn't a good person. I just didn't expect him to be so sick and perverted.’’ Lan Caier's impression of the former crown prince had never been good. What she didn't see coming though was the boy being a ped*phi*e.

’’Ling Yue, although you are doing this for the public's sake, but he is still the king's son. His status as the Fourth Prince of Da Xia cannot be wiped away. What if....’’ The big girl didn't have the details of how Ling Yue tortured the boy, but she was certain her younger sister here had never revealed such a cold look like she was doing now.

’’You just don't know. If you had seen the poor state those children were in, you would definitely have done the same as I. Don't worry, I won't do anything rash before his sentencing.’’ Hearing the reassuring words from her younger sister, Lan Caier was in no position to say anything else.

Though what Ling Yue said just now held no lies, she didn't exactly speak all the truth either. In reality, the main reason why she's leaving the prince alive still was so she can lure the one hiding in the shadow out.

Midnight, all lights are out now inside the Lan House, leaving most of its occupant asleep for the night.

’’Sect Leader, everything is ready.’’

Nodding her head at Yanche's report, Ling Yue then stepped out of her room dressed up as Red Thirteen, her male disguise.

Together, they flew out of the estate.

Back over at the general's bedroom, Lan Ying Wu suddenly jerked his body upright from the bed.

’’Husband, what's wrong?’’ Madam Lan asks, disturbed by her husband's by her husband's strange behavior.

’’It's nothing, I just feel like a lot of people won't be able to sleep tonight.’’ At that, the general leaned back down to his wife's side and closed his eyes.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Woosh~ Woosh~ Woosh~

From many angles of various dark alleyways, multiple shadows are currently dashing through the streets to converge at one point, creating a huge force after fusing together.

Always in hiding, always in disguise, these usually normal looking and unattractive people are the main driving force behind Ling Yue's Ghost Sect.

Among them were thirteen individuals who had the strongest aura, they are the infamous Thirteen Assassin of the Ghost Sect. Over the span of one year, this special unit had built quite the name for themselves and can be called the strongest fighting force at Ling Yue's disposal.

As to why the Thirteen Assassins are leading the various disciples of the Ghost Sect on this night, they are on a mission, a mission to destroy the Sha Sect once and for all!

Arriving at their predetermined location, the hundreds of shadows were awestruck by the two young men landing from the sky.

The one standing further in the back would of course be Yanche. This big handsome hunk was well known to the disciples of the Ghost Sect because he was in charge of the daily operations, but the one leading in front was rather new to them. They didn't know who this weak looking young man was.

But if any of these people were to take it at face value, they will truly be dumb. The reasoning, this weak looking boy was none other than Ling Yue herself in her male disguise as Red Thirteen.


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