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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 313


Chapter 313

Chapter 313 ’’Filial Son Vs Wicked Woman’’

’’No, this is only just the beginning. How can a mere girl subvert the efforts you and I worked so hard for over the years? Quickly go enter the palace and visit Consort Luo in my stead, I want you to hand her this letter. Whether or not we can save the boy will depend entirely on this letter.’’ As expected of Hong Fang's level of craftiness.

He knows it's impossible to recover now that Xia Hou Hong's reputation had become tarnished, but that doesn't mean there's no hope. So long as the prince, no.... so long as the one behind the prince was still around, there's still value in him collaborating with that party.

As to why he didn't make a personal visit instead, it's due to his own circumstance. As a supporter to the culprit, he's in no position to enter the palace at this time. That means he can only rely on his wife Zhu Ge Rou to go in his stead to offer the idea.

Following Lady Yao's death and the disgusting truth about his fourth son, the king was abashed with shame at his own folly. Due to this, the man quickly succumbed to a rush of pain in his head and a loss of breath. To make matters worse, none of the healers or alchemists in the Royal Hospital knew how to remedy this problem.

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Then that's when Alchemist Chou stepped forward with a mysterious medicine to the king. One day later, the pain and stuffiness in the chest was gone, making the king very interested in the pill's creation.

’’My king, your illness is due to the excessive exertion of your body. Only with this fifth grade Filial Dan Pill can your symptoms be relieved. You can say it's easy to produce, but at the same time also difficult to create. For one of the key ingredients, we need a piece of flesh near the heart, and not just anyone's, it must be of the closest kin. Your Majesty, when His Highness Prince Hou Hong heard of your pain inside the prison, he immediately offered up his own heart flesh for the task. He truly cares for your wellbeing.’’ At the mention of the last part, Alchemist Chou began sighing and wiping those fake tears from his eye.

’’Hou Hong, he....’’ Upon hearing his son was behind this medicine, the king's once stern heart began to melt.

’’Your Majesty, please have mercy. I've already lost a child, I can't lose my only son too! The prison is so cold and bitter, I can't even imagine what it must be like for our son during this time when he's bleeding out so much.’’ Not willing to miss this chance, Consort Luo likewise too took to her knees.

In front of this, the king's resolve finally crumbled as he exhaled a sigh. It's not that he's willfully ignoring the fact that his son was a ped*phi*e with the taste for the same se*, but at the end of the day, the boy was still his child. Sure, he really did want to strangle that beast on the spot today, but what good parent can hate their own flesh and blood at their core?

Then there's this Filial Dan Pill....

’’Fine, first put that animal....’’ Just as the king wanted to issue the command of letting the boy out of his cell, a eunuch suddenly interrupted him by barging into the room.

’’Your Majesty, dozens of citizens have taken to their knees outside the palace gate. They claim claim they are here to avenge their lost child at the hands of the crown prince!’’ At that, the king's mood once again sank into the abyss.

He agrees with Consort Luo's word of not wanting to lose her only son, but then what about those civilians outside the palace gate? Did they want to lose their children?

As the king of this great nation, it's his duty to look after every citizen in his realm when they are facing injustice. If he can't do that much, wouldn't that make him an incapable ruler?

Making a sigh, the king's already cured headache was starting to have a relapse.

’’My wife, my heart is determined on this matter. Hou Hong is guilty of his sins so he will be handed over to the Court of Justice. I am tired now so leave me be.’’

Waving his hand, the king's gesture and wording instantly crushed the last glimmer of illusion in the woman's eye. No hope, Consort Luo slumped helplessly to the ground.

How could this be, Hong Fang clearly said it in the letter that everything will be fine if I follow the letter's instruction.

For fear of the woman continuing to make trouble, the eunuch hurriedly dragged her away.

Back over at the Hong House, Hong Fang's room was still brightly lit despite being so late into the night. He's waiting for his wife to return.

’’How did it go? Did the crown prince get released yet?’’ As a minister for over a decade, Hong Fang has a very good understanding of the king's temperament, hence the reason why he approached the problem the way he did.

’’Fourth Prince, he.... is still inside the prison. The king was starting to sway at first, but when he heard the parents of the children making a scene outside the palace, the palace, his mind immediately changed back to before and demanded Consort Luo to not plead anymore.’’ Zhu Ge Rou was also very depressed over the result.

After they left the king's quarter after getting kicked out, Consort Luo soon couldn't take it anymore and lost consciousness again. Because of this, the woman here and the old alchemist had to spend quite the effort in order to calm the chaotic situation. That's why she came back so late.

’’How is this possible? The decaying bodies found inside the villa isn't identified yet, how could the families know who they are?’’ The more he thought about it, the more suspicious the whole thing looked.

Then with another thought, Hong Fang suddenly jolted up from his seat: ’’Lan Ling Yue, it must be that little bitch again who caused this!’’

Sadly, it's too late to realize this now.

Hong Fang knows. Now that he's missed the optimal timing to save Xia Hou Hong, to try again will undoubtedly become even harder. At the thought, he couldn't resist making a lamenting sigh at their own predicament.

Meanwhile back over at another scene, the weeping men and woman outside the palace gate were way too busy receiving the money from Ling Yue's hand to care about the strange looks coming their way.

The deal was, so long as they can make a scene by kneeling in front of the palace gate for an hour, they will receive one silver coin as compensation. Such good things doesn't come often so of course they would do a good job.

With their part of the bargain done, the crowd quickly dispersed into the street, leaving only Ling Yue and Prince Hou Qi (sixth prince) standing there.

’’Father is really angry like you said and didn't change his mind. Now that bastard is still stuck inside still stuck inside the prison awaiting judgement.’’ The prince appeared to be quite emotional as he watched the departing back of the people they employed tonight. There's admiration, gratitude, and happiness. However, above all those, it's a sense of loss that gripped his hear the most.

It's as Mother said, she won't be stuck in Da Xia and won't be confined by me even if I do take the throne. Slowly but surely, the distance between himself and the girl of his heart was growing further and further apart.

’’Your Highness, I believe you should go see your father the king right now. I'm sure he needs comforting at this moment.’’ Not giving any attention to the sadness emulating out of her partner's eye, Ling Yue turns around and headed for the opposite direction of the king's quarter.

’’Ling Yue, that way is to the prison. You are?’’

’’I heard your brother had sliced off a piece of his heart flesh for your father. As an alchemist of the Royal Hospital, I have a duty to check up on him to make sure he's fine. Though I trust Alchemist Mei's ability, I wouldn't want him to die before he face judgement.’’ At that, Ling Yue headed straight for the prison with an extremely happy face.

The building designated for the prison was located in the northernmost section of the palace. Due to its location and the way the structure was built, there's hardly any light that will make it into the cells throughout the day, causing the inside to be both damp and cold all year round. To make the conditions even worse, whenever the spring and summer seasons roll around, rodents would occasionally squirm around the prison looking for food.

To be clear, the so called ’’food’’ aren't the type human's eat, it's the human themselves!


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