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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 310


Chapter 310

Chapter 310 ’’Kill the Monster’’

On top of the tallest structure of the place - the newly constructed stargazing tower - Lady Yao was busy chanting away with her indecipherable mantra while the Brilliant Star Astrolabe suspends itself in mid-air.

As most of the night passes through without incident, the king and the others with him were clearly tired based on how bloodshot their eyes were. Even so, it couldn't cover that deep level of worry in the king's eye.

When the southernmost stars in the sky reached its peak, the dancing and chanting suddenly came to a halt. In one tap of her feet, Lady Yao volleys herself into the air and stands directly on top of the spinning astrolabe disk.

Then as if being endowed with a power of holy might, a brilliant light explodes behind her back, giving her body an almost surreal haloing effect.

’’Where is the Great King of Da Xia!’’ Different from the usual charming and enchanting voice unique to Lady Yao, this new sound was majestic and awe-inspiring.

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In this world, it's widely believed that only those who have reached the reincarnation realm or at the senior alchemist level can hover in the air without outside help. Therefore, it came as a huge surprise to the king that he actually took to his knees. In his view, this was the work of the deities.

’’Xia Hou Jue (king), to the northwest of the capital is an ominous aura clouding the city. Such a scourge must be eradicated. Go now, remove this monster before it's too late.’’ At that, Lady Yao swept through the air in the direction that she points to.

Not hesitating in the least, the king immediately deployed over three thousand soldiers for the task, which was led by Xia Hou Hong (crown prince) and Hong Fang after they received the urgent summoning.

’’Your Majesty, the monster is hiding inside the mansion further up ahead.’’ Doing as planned, Lady Yao led the way to the designated location. To be exact, it's General Lan's home like they planned.

Recognizing what place this was, the king immediately tightened up his forehead in suspicion.

Although he was a superstitious person, he's not stupid enough to start ignoring how dubious and coincidental this whole thing appears to be. This was especially true after he became swamped with a ludicrous amount of adverse rumors regarding the General Lan's daughter.

Noticing the swaying emotion in the king, Hong Fang immediately yelled out to not give the ruler a chance to change his mind.

’’How dare a demonic creature hide inside General Lan's home! Hurry and come out to meet your end, monster!’’ With that said, the scheming man swiftly gestures his people to break down the main door.

Due to how early it was in the morning, not even sunrise yet, most of the residence inside the manor was still fast asleep. To hear the door being rammed open out of the blue, Lan Ying Wu was the first to wake up.

Not bothering to dress himself properly, the heroic general only grabbed his weapon and dashed out to meet his foe.

’’Bastard, it's it's you again!’’ Because of the brawl from a few days ago, Lan Ying Wu was still quite annoyed with Hong Fang. Then to have his home raided with soldiers so randomly, it's expected that his anger would erupt.

Not backing down either, Hong Fang didn't say nothing or give any intent to stop. Instead, his eyes turned sharp as he released a powerful attack that's been passed down through his family, the ’’Explosive Blast Fist’’ technique.

Naturally, General Lan wouldn't just sit around and take it. Invoking all of his energy, a vortex of flame burst forward and converged into a flaming giant around the man's body.

Colliding together, the shockwave created by the assaulting fist and raging fire was so powerful that it literally destroyed everything in their close proximity.

Towards this first real confrontation between the two, it was Lan Ying Wu who had it tougher because the general was only at the first element of the reincarnation realm while Hong Fang stood at the second element.

’’Lan Ying Wu, as an official of the court, why are you protecting a monster?’’

Against that sort of questioning, Lan Ying Wu only looked up to the sky where he sensed another presence. Sure enough, that's when he saw Lady Yao floating in the air with the rotating astrolabe below her feet. In a situation like this, even a fool can tell the people are coming with ill intent today.

’’General Lan, Yao Yao have managed to figure out the source of Da Xia's misfortune is the result of a monster hiding inside your home. In home. In other to avoid further suspicion, I would like you to call your people out to avoid any misunderstanding.’’ Seeing how the general intends to continue the fight, the king finally steps in and makes the request.

No matter it be Lan Ying Wu or Hong Fang, both are great talents of the kingdom, meaning the king didn't want to lose either of them in this incident.

’’Monster? I say Father, I just knew there was monster here when it's so foul in the air this morning.’’ All of a sudden, a lazy sounding voice of a female chimed in.

Following that voice, Hong Fang and the king shifted their gaze over to the girl. With long black hair and a white gown, those eyes were literally bottomless in how deep they were.

Lan Ling Yue!

As soon as Lady Yao heard the source of her misfortune was here, she immediately wanted to lash out and accuse the girl of being a monster. However, before she can do so, a blinding light abruptly exploded out from the east.

Looking up, the people can only see it's a multicolored cloud. But upon closer inspection as the mass drew closer, everyone then realizes its no cloud, it's an actual phoenix radiating a rainbow aura around its body!

’’It's a sacred beast! It's a sacred phoenix!’’

While the king and his royal guards were stunned beyond words, Lady Yao on the other hand didn't look so good up there after hearing the phoenix's call.

As someone who's blind after the incident from a while back, the woman can't see for herself if for herself if what everyone words were true. Instead, she can only feel the constant gusts of wind blowing her way due to the bird's flapping.

Then before she knew it, Lady Yao had found her body being hit with something hard. It was a pair of razor sharp claws ripping into her flesh from behind.

It's bad enough that she became wounded by the wretched bird, but its even worse that she can sense the effects of the flying pill insider her body wearing off!

At an altitude of several hundred meters, no normal person can survive a fall from this height. But it's too late now. In one careless tumble, Lady Yao could only let out an exasperated scream before hitting downward.

’’Someone help! Your Majesty, Royal Tutor, someone save me!’’

How can she be bothered with the act at this point when her life was on the line? As a five cauldron alchemist, Lady Yao was incapable of flight on her own. As to how she managed this feat, it's thanks to the flying pill she ingested earlier. What she didn't know though was that the pill given to her by Hong Fang was a defect intentionally given out by Ling Yue just for this day.

Not getting the time to understand why things have come to this, the woman had already crashed into the ground and become a blob of mangled flesh with plenty of innards spewing out.

Forget about the normal folks who aren't accustomed to seeing the dead, even General Lan was having a hard time keeping himself from throwing up.


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