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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 308


Chapter 308

Miracle doctor chapter 308

Chapter 308 ’’When the Scums are Ready’’

’’Sister, I advise you to lose those thoughts about that Phoenix Lord. He doesn't have you in his eyes.’’ This was the first time Hong Ming Yue had to face such indignation. However, she's not her foolish sister Hong Yu Ying and could think things through along the way.

There's no way someone like the Phoenix Lord wouldn't care about their own image in front of the public, considering their status and all. As such, there can only be one reason for the boy's behavior today and that was for the woman in his heart.

If she's not wrong, the person should be that Lan Ling Yue.

’’Ming Yue, when it comes to martial cultivation, you are indeed better than me. However, when were talking about feelings between man and woman, I can say you don't know much. Comparing me to that bitch, which part of me is losing out to her?’’ Dissatisfied with her younger sister's attitude, Hong Yu Ying directly fires back.

’’Honestly, I do think you are inferior to her.’’ Indifferent in her tone, Hong Ming Yue tells the truth.

’’Mother, can you talk some sense into Ming Yue? I'm her elder sister, how can she be siding with some outsider in a time like this.’’ Now the big girl was truly annoyed.

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Hong Ming Yue wasn't blind. When placed together, she can already see her elder sister had lost in terms of appearance. This was on top of the fact that her conclusion was based on excluding the two girls' temperament. If she had included that part in her judgement, there were no questions asked, it's her sister's loss.

’’Mother, you'd better advise her to stay away. I'm saying this now, that Phoenix Lord is no ordinary person. If sister here keeps being obsessed with that man, she will eventually come to regret it.’’ Although in Hong Ming Yue's view Feng Shen was nothing more than a frail looking boy, but something wasn't right when she approached him. It's like she was dunked into a bath of ice water back there.

Despite the goodwill, there's no way Hong Yu Ying will take it to heart. As such, Hong Ming Yue eventually decides to return to the Three Life Valley after losing all interest from the fight.

Meanwhile on the other end, Ling Yue was currently insider her pocket dimension. After having an unhappy encounter with her so called half-siblings at the Phoenix Cry, she's been busy at work raising the Cloud Silkworms.

As per her expectation, the worms were thriving under the nourishment of the Red Mist Sky because it didn't even take a day, only one night, for the larvae to hatch. As the lazy looking worms crunched away at the leaves on the trees, she can already see all the money flying into her eyes.

Happy over the smoothness of it all, Ling Yue went ahead and returned to the outside world. That's when a messenger crane flew over and lands on her hand.

Seeing it's from Madam Lai, she immediately sent her spirit force inside to activate the message, ’’There's movement, quickly come over.’’

Considering how rushed the voice sounded, it's quite clear it was done in a hurry. Not wanting to miss this long awaited opportunity, Ling Yue immediately disguised herself as Red Thirteen and headed over to the Green Moon Brothel where her people are waiting.

During this period after Madam Lai infiltrated the establishment, the Ghost Sect's been secretly developing their forces inside this place. As such, this Green Moon Brothel was now all but in name Ling Yue's property.

’’Sect Leader, Vice-Sect Leader Wulei (Madam Lai) is up ahead inside the VIP VIP room. She's currently serving the customers inside.’’

After being informed by her people, Ling Yue went ahead and entered the room next to the one indicated. She was hoping this would allow her to eavesdrop in on their conversation, but it was dead silent, clearly the work of a silence spell.

Just like that, with a cup of wine in hand, Ling Yue waited for over an hour before the door to the next room was opened again.

First to come out was Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong and Hong Fang. Then next to them was another covered in a large cloak, likely a guest of theirs.

Oddly though, when the third individual stepped through the doorway, this person actually tripped and staggered forward.

’’Careful there,’’ Hong Fang wanted to reach out and help when he was cut off by a loud hollar.

’’Don't touch me!’’ The unknown person angrily orders.

Though Ling Yue still can't get a good look at whoever was underneath that big cloak, she did prick her brow at the voice because it's clearly that of Lady Yao's. Someone who hasn't shown her face for quite some time now.

What is she doing here of all places?

After sending away the customers, Wulei (Madam Lai) immediately rushed over to Ling Yue's room. ’’Sect Leader, Yang Qing (Sha Sect) and the others seem to have something big planned for tomorrow. Unfortunately, when that woman wearing the cloak entered the room, she wouldn't allow me to stay. In the end, I could only catch some bits and pieces of what they were talking about. I believe its noon... the palace... something ominous... and the general's home.’’

Ever since Lady Yao was severely injured by the mysterious voice inside Ling Yue's body, the woman's been extremely temperamental in her personality.

For example, on one occasion when the king visited her place and praised one of the serving the serving maids to have beautiful eyes, this vicious woman immediately ordered the maid's eye to be ripped out the very same night.

Such cruelty was so frightening that it even turned off the king. If not for the Brilliant Star Astrolabe in Lady Yao's possession, the man couldn't even be bothered anymore with her.

’’That woman is Lady Yao from the palace. It seems that Prince Hou Hong and Hong Fang are colluding together with her. Apparently discrediting my name isn't enough for them, now they are planning something else.’’ Ling Yue starts musing over the possibilities of the new information.

Though she don't know what those people are planning, but one thing was certain, she can't sit idle and wait around.

Meanwhile back at the palace, the king had just received a new message.

’’Your Majesty, it's my fault for not being careful enough that we've lost our child. I had intended to wait until the baby is stable before informing you, but.... I deserve to be punished.’’ Swollen in her eyes from all the weeping, Consort Luo looked so pitiful right now with that face.

’’My love, this matter cannot be blamed on you.’’ The king had only just been informed of this horrible news. According to Alchemist Chou's wording, Consort Luo had a miscarriage this morning due to a careless fall, thus losing the two month old child in her belly.

His mood was low to begin with after the queen's supposed miscarriage, but now he learns his other wife had also faced a miscarriage. That's two in this short period!

The king himself was already drawing close to forty years old. Normally a ruler would be blessed with many children considering how many women was at his disposal at night. However, he only had four daughters and two sons to his name.

It's not like the man didn't try to conceive more children. conceive more children. There were other princes before this, but all of them had passed away at a very young age.

As a result of this, the king was very irritable lately.

’’Your Majesty, there's something I don't know if I should say.’’ Seeing the big frown on the king's face, Alchemist Chou starts enacting his part of the plan.

’’Say it if there's something, why are you being so hesitant.’’ The king's tone sounded very impatient here.

’’Aside from medicinal skills and alchemy, I also know something about physiognomy. Your Majesty, when I see your forehead and the glimpse of blood in your eyes, I can tell it's a sign of misfortune. I can say it's very likely that in the near future, likely in the coming day, something unfavorable will befall your body.’’ Careful in his words, Alchemist Chou nervously throws this out for fear of being imprisoned.

’’How dare you Alchemist Chou! What you are implying is no different from cursing me.’’ The king's been feeling very bad lately. To hear the old man say something so ominous out of the blue, it only fouled his mood even further. Heck, part of him even wanted to have this old master beheaded on the spot.

’’My king, please quell your anger. I only wish for your wellbeing that I'm willing to risk death in my bluntness.’’ Like a hammer, Alchemist Chou starts knocking his head against the floor like a ringing gong.

’’Your Majesty, he's only speaking what's on his mind, there's no ill will in his words. When it comes to these matters, its best to believe than not to believe. Let's do this, why don't we seek out Lady Yao so she can use the Brilliant Star Astrolabe. This way we can be certain if there's any impending danger.’’ With a worried face, Consort Luo also chimes here to help her partner.


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