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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 306


Chapter 306

Chapter 306 ’’Pa-Pa, What a Slap!’’

Any who comes to buy from the Phoenix Cry had by far always been the female se*. To find a dazzling boy like Feng Shen here, it's truly eye-catching and out of place. In fact, those ladies and madams present here were nearly popping their eyes out from ogling him so much.

This was especially true for Hong Yu Ying because one might just mistake her for a cherry right now based on how red those cheeks were.

Unsurprisingly, the one with the most level headed remains to be Hong Ming Yue. Using an assessing eye, she begins evaluating this newcomer.

’’Shopkeeper, what if I want those rolls there?’’ Feng Shen points directly at the fabric rolls responsible for all this ruckus.

Ling Yue had in fact wanted to say hello as soon as she noticed her friend's arrival. Why she didn't though was mainly due to the signaling gesture from Feng Shen's hand when their eyes met.

The Phoenix Lord wants my roll here? Hong Yu Ying quickly glanced at the object in her hand.

She didn't like this red color to begin with so it made no difference to her. As to why she kept insisting on taking them was just out of spite to infuriate Ling Yue and Lan Caier.

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’’This... Customer, this piece of cloth was first chosen by Princess Ming Yue and her sister. Our establishment has a rule of first come first serve, so....’’

Out of fear the boy didn't know who the two girls over there was, the shopkeeper made sure to identity their status in his explanation.

’’Dao Nu.’’ In one command from his lord, the big bodyguard swiftly brought out a badge token with the word Phoenix inscribed on it.

As soon as the shopkeeper saw the object, his old face instantly changed for the worse.

’’Please forgive me for my ignorance. Whatever I said just now, it no longer applies. Any holder of the Phoenix badge token holds priority over all customers.’’ Without fear or hesitation, the shopkeeper rushes around to make an apologetic gesture to the girls from the Hong House.

Now it was Hong Ming Yue's turn to be surprised here. Watching her elder sister's love struck appearance, she was even more shocked that Hong Yu Ying would automatically offer up the red fabric of her own accord.

Despite the goodwill, Feng Shen didn't even give a simple thank you;instead, he treated the girl like air as if she didn't exist.

’’Sister, since it is the rule here then let us give this favor to the shopkeeper. We can go pick something else.’’ With a frown, Hong Ming Yue was wise enough to know when to retreat. In one tug, she pulls her dazed out sister away to another spot, forcing the reluctant girl to turn away after much effort.

After this, the Hong sisters then selected the ones they had previously selected.

’’Those fabrics rolls there, I'm taking them.’’

Feng Shen softly states this without flinching.

’’Those over there, I'm taking them too.’’


’’I want that bunch, they are mine.’’

All the way through, Feng Shen would always chime in at at the end and snatch the merchandise right out of the Hong sisters' hand, forcing the poor shopkeeper to get all rattled up with unease.

Likewise, Dao Nu's baggage was also piling up like a mountain with every comment. Eventually, even the big bodyguard had to start protesting: ’’Young Master, I-I can't hold anymore.’’

By this time even a blind fool can tell Feng Shen wasn't here to buy stuff, he's here to make trouble for the Hong family.

In response, Hong Ming Yue's false smile could no longer keep up and turned awkwardly stiff.

’’Sister, he is the Phoenix Lord of North Qing.’’ Knowing what's going through her little sister's mind, Hong Yu Ying made sure to give this reminder.

Understanding was one thing, willingly accepting it was another. Sure enough, a cloud of gloom hovers above the little genius girl.

She's not stupid. When Feng Shen brought out that badge token just now, she had managed to roughly guess his identity base on that word.

The Phoenix Manor's identification badge was beyond prestigious. The reasoning, any business with the Phoenix word in its name belongs to this house, meaning the Phoenix Cry also belongs to Feng Shen.

Speaking about this, it's really a coincidence that Feng Shen would be here. He only came to inspect his business today, not to follow behind Ling Yue's butt like a stalker. Yet, as soon as he stepped through the doorway earlier, he immediately overheard the arguing voices between the girls.

’’Phoenix Lord, what's the meaning of this?’’

Hong Ming Yue was a member of the Three Life Valley to begin with. begin with. For that reason, her wariness of imperial power had always been on the low side compared to the average person.

Nevertheless, she does have some insight about this Phoenix Lord of North Qing. According to hearsay, this boy should've been a gentle and kind boy that doesn't meddle in political affairs. But after this encounter today, the rumors are apparently false.

’’There's not much meaning to it, I only want to inform you that the status and background between us is not the same. Even if it's a simple fabric, I get to choose first before you do.’’ Leisure in his tone, Feng Shen dumps this giant bomb out there like its nothing.

He's a bonafide prince of North Qing. Although he has no real power, but after establishing an empire in the business world, he's the king that controls all in this field.

No one can outcast his woman in front of him!

While Hong Ming Yue's iris flared up with anger, Hong Yu Ying was rather sad over the treatment.

As dumb as she may be at times, a girl that's in love are exceptionally keen to their competitions. Therefore, Hong Yu Ying can clearly tell the Phoenix Lord was doing this to get even for Ling Yue and Lan Caier.

’’I will remember these words today.’’ Not giving her enemies another glance, Hong Ming Yue forcefully dragged her elder sister away for the door.

’’Ling Yue, hurry and pinch me, I'm not dreaming right?’’ Lan Caier had to ask this due to being overly shocked.

Doing as told, Ling Yue immediately reached out immediately reached out to squeeze her elder sister's body. But due to being so overwhelmed like her sister, she accidently reached for the wrong spot and squeezed the girl's nipple without looking!

Next second, only a deafening shriek could be heard inside the elegant room, ’’Oh my god, why did you squeeze me there of all places!’’ Rubbing her breast for some comfort, Lan Caier's blaming look swiftly changed to that of joy: ’’Oh yes, Your Highness, that move is brilliant! A few words and you were able to send that Hong Ming Yue packing with her tail behind her back. I'm really starting to admire you and your style!’’

It's widely recognized that Hong Ming Yue was a notorious girl that wouldn't crumble under any circumstances. Therefore, it came as quite the unexpected surprise that Feng Shen could leave her speechless and powerless with only a few words.

’’What are you talking about Miss Caier? I don't understand. I'm just here to buy some fabric.’’ Despite his innocent smile, his naughty tone clearly said otherwise.

’’Oh Your Highness, quit acting now, I know you are doing it for my sister's sake here. Otherwise, why would a big man like you buy so much fabric of those color? Wait, let me guess, you are planning to give Ling Yue more gifts again aren't you?’’

Now Lan Caier was starting to get a little jealous. She didn't notice it before, but after today, she now realizes how perfect of a match the pair were - they are both two faced right down to their bones!


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