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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 305


Chapter 305

Chapter 305 ’’Exchanging Blows Between Sisters (2)’’

’’Ho~ what a big attitude you got there. If others didn't know, they might just mistakenly take you as a princess from another state. Pity though, you are nothing but an ordinary girl without so much as a recognized title.’’ In response to the insult, Ling Yue only threw this out without raising a finger.

’’That's right, no matter what, Ling Yue is still a third ranking princess titled by the dowager. Unlike someone over, nothing but a pheasant princess that only knows how to make noises to elevate herself.’’ Cynical in her tone, Lan Caier starts countering with an insult of her own.

’’Who are you calling a pheasant? Lan Ling Yue, Lan Caier, what makes you two so great! Unlike you two who only know how to flatter the dowager, my little sister here is a genuine princess titled by the king himself!’’ Ridiculed to the point where she didn't know how to respond, Hong Yu Ying finally decides to pull out Hong Ming Yue, her biggest trump card.

In terms of talent and status, her younger sister had it all.

’’Sister!’’ Hong Ming Yue wasn't as brainless as her elder sister. Before another word can come out, she had already stopped it with a reproachful stare to her big sister.

Though unwilling based on the reddish hue on her face, Hong Yu Ying had no choice but to stop.

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’’Sister Caier, it's been so long since we last met. My sister's character is a tad on the straight side so please don't mind her.’’ With an apologetic smile, Hong Ming Yue went up like someone that's sincere.

’’I don't recall ever having a sister like you so get it straight. My only sister is Ling Yue here so don't go making up relationships on your own.’’ Making a heavy grunt, Lan Caier didn't want to keep talking with the two faced girl.

’’So this is Sister Ling Yue. Let me introduce myself, I'm Hong Ming Yue of the Hong House. Due to being away from the capital, this would be our first meeting so please to make your acquaintance.’’ As if not hearing Lan Caier's words, she continues on with her welcoming smile.

Compared to the arrogant and proud appearance outside the Tai Yi School, this Hong Ming Yue was totally different. In fact, if Ling Yue didn't know ahead of time what sort of person this girl really was, she might really be fooled with that innocent smile.

A parent makes the child. With Zhu Ge Rou and Hong Fang as the parent, how can she be any better?

’’Princess Ming Yue is too polite. As expected, you are indeed your father's daughter.’’ Scoffing a laugh, no form of warmth could be found in Ling Yue's eye.

Hong Ming Yue was no fool either so how can she not see through the ridiculing tone in that sentence, This girl saw through me.

She had always been smart since she was but a child. Whether it be inside or outside the Hong House, her relationship with everyone was extremely good. Therefore, Ye Ling Yue would technically be the first person to ever give her a sour reception.

’’Why bother saying so much with this kind of person? This notorious girl, simply talking to her is enough to lower our status.’’ Hong Yu Ying didn't forget forget to send a disgusted glare at her foes to show how low they were.

’’Ling Yue, we should just ignore them. People that only knows how to look down at others are no different from a nest of chickens.’’ Pulling at her younger sister's hand, Lan Caier led Ling Yue away to start picking the fabrics.

’’Oh, as expected of North Qing's Cloud Silk. Whether it be color or texture, it's all so good.’’ For a second there, the big girl was nearly overwhelmed by the selections before her eyes that she didn't know how to pick.

Then after carefully comparing the rolls which she deemed the best, Lan Caier finally picked three among the many. But just as she's ready to call the shopkeeper to wrap them up, an unruly hand swiftly stretched over and stole it right out of her grasp.

’’Sister, hurry and come see. This red color, doesn't it look amazing on me?’’ Gesturing for her younger sister to come look, Hong Yu Ying starts fiddling with the cloth around her body.

’’Hong Yu Ying, don't get ahead of yourself. There's so many to choose from here yet you chose the one I picked.’’ Grinding her teeth in frustration, Lan Caier didn't hesitate for a second and made a grab for the other corner.

’’Ho, Lan Caier, why don't you look at your own status first? Unlike you, my sister is a real princess that's recognized by the king. Even if it's choosing a fabric, it's going to be my sister who gets to pick it first.’’ Knowing Hong Ming Yue was here to back her up, Hong Yu Ying had no qualms about going all out with her tantrums.

’’Bullshit, her tantrums.

’’Bullshit, this isn't the Hong House so don't think for a second that you can do as you please. I saw it first so its mine!’’ Refusing to backing down, a tug of war quickly ensues between Lan Caier and her foe.

’’Sister Caier, although it's true you saw it first, but it's also true you didn't pay for it. Whether or not you can have it will be depended on the shopkeeper's decision.’’ Stepping in now, Hong Ming Yue flexes her muscle and placed her hand on the fabric.

In the next second, Lan Caier instantly found the fabric many times heavier. No matter how she tries to tug at it, she can't make it budge.

’’Is that it? Very well, we will let the shopkeeper decide this.’’ Turning sharp in her gaze, Ling Yue's foe only heard a ’’tearing’’ sound the next second before the fabric tore into two pieces.

Spirit force?

Hong Ming Yue's expression abruptly changed. Turning sharp too, she stands off against Ling Yue across the table.

Following this outbreak, the shopkeeper of the Phoenix Cry can no longer stand idle either.

’’Both ladies of the Lan House, you see, it was actually Miss Hong who first took a liking to these rolls. According to the rules of the store, if the product isn't paid for yet, its first come first serve.’’ As someone of high position, this shopkeeper was keen enough to know which side he should stick with.

It's no secret that this Hong Ming Yue was the little genius of the Hong House. If the shopkeeper went ahead and stuck to the rules like he should, who knows what sort of trouble these two esteem customers would raise. On would raise. On the contrary, the Lan House only has two infamous daughters. What benefit or assurance does he gain by helping them?

Whether it be privately or business wise, the shopkeeper didn't have much of a choice here. As such, he can only go against his consciousness and favor one side.

’’Did you hear that?! The shopkeeper here said it himself. It's us who picked it first, as for the rest, you can have the scraps.’’ Cheeky in her tone, Hong Yu Ying snatches the fabric right out of her foe's hand.

In response, Lan Caier's face turned dreadfully dark because she had never faced such humiliation in her life. ’’Ling Yue, let us go, we're not buying.’’

’’Wait a moment.’’ Just as the situation was hitting rock bottom, Feng Shen suddenly enters with Dao Nu following closely behind his lord.

Seeing who the boy was, the original cheeky expression on Hong Yu Ying's face instantly changed.

Oh heaven, did I see this wrong? It's the Phoenix Lord!

Since that snowy day where she had a short encounter with Feng Shen outside the hot springs, the girl's been dreaming daily to have another chance to meet her loving crush.

Pity though for the girl, even after the whole winter had gone away, the chance never came. To think her opportunity would arrive here of all places....

’’This young master, are you also here to buy the Cloud Silks of North Qing? Aside from these few rolls here, everything else inside the room are free.’’ Any who can enter the back room are all very special in their status. Therefore, the shopkeeper was starting to suspect this boy to be some kind of royalty based on that dazzling appearance.


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