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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 304


Chapter 304

Chapter 304 ’’Exchanging Blows Between Sisters (1)’’

The shop in front of Ye Ling Yue and Lan Caier was the largest clothing store in Da Xia, named Phoenix Cry.

The fabrics sold here are all top class, so high that even the queen and dowager would sometimes make an order.

’’Ling Yue, this shop has some Cloud Silks in stock. Let's go in and look.’’ Lan Caier's interest was immediately piqued as soon she saw the sign.

The Cloud Silks of North Qing was famous across the land. In order to produce a single roll, it's rumored that it requires over ten skillful embroiderers working in unison just to complete the task, making it extremely rare to come by. In fact, the annual output was at best five thousand rolls with most of the finished products going to the nobles and royal family of North Qing. For it to be found abroad was quite a sight indeed.

Back when they were still in Glass City, Ling Yue had in fact already come across this fabric before. Naturally, the one to give her such a fine gift would be Feng Shen. As for Lan Caier, she was so envious at the time that it never once left her mind. Whether it be texture or color, it was the finest.

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Sadly for the big girl, Madam Lan had mistakenly thought the Cloud Silks were specifically meant for Ling Yue only and not for anyone else. In the end, she could only watch from the side as her mother pieced together several amazing dresses for Ling Yue.

Now that the chance had come again, there's no way Lan Caier would miss out after searching and asking around for so long. In her excitement, she didn't even bother consulting with her sister and dragged her inside.

’’Dear ladies, how may I be of assistance to the two of you?’’ A clever worker quickly scurried over to welcome them.

Due to the news of the Phoenix Cry having a shipment of Cloud Silks in stock, there had been an endless stream of female customers coming over. As result, by the time they entered the store there were already a crowd of people inside.

’’I heard your place has a special offering. I'll get to the point, we are here for the Cloud Silks of North Qing.’’ After a quick scan around the premise, Lan Caier unhappily asked after not getting the result she wanted.

As soon as the worker heard it's another customer coming for the same reason, the young man can only scratch his head. ’’I'm sorry ladies, due to the excessive number of customers coming to see the Cloud Silks, our shop had created a special rule just for this occasion. Unless a customer is the family members of a third ranking official or higher, we cannot bring you inside.’’

’’Huh, now that's a rare sight. sight. When did buying a piece of cloth become so difficult that status must be included?’’ Forking her fists against her waist, Lan Caier instantly transformed into a female version of her old man and wanted to start a fist fight.

’’Miss, please don't make things difficult for me, I'm only following orders from my boss.’’ The worker backs down and pleads, fearing his posture alone might aggravate this dangerous girl.

’’Sister, just let him be. Go tell your shopkeeper that we are General Lan's family. I believe that should be more than qualified to go inside right?’’ Ling Yue hurriedly tugs at her sister's sleeve to stop the situation from escalating.

Sure enough, once the worker returned after informing his boss, the girls were then led inside without any trouble.

Passing through a secluded path aligned with peach trees on both sides, there soon appeared a quiet looking house in front. Unlike the storefront where it's overcrowded with people, the scenic terrain here were way more elegant.

’’The North Qing Cloud Silks are placed inside that room over there. Please go ahead, there will be someone to receive you ahead.’’ The worker makes a slight bow and then retreated, leaving the girls to their own device.

Following the instruction as told, they soon entered the designated room to only be halted upon entry by what they saw.

This was a very elegant room filled with somewhere between a dozen rolls of top-grade fabric on the table. the table. But that's not what caused Ling Yue and her sister to stop in their footsteps, it was the people inside. To be specific, it was the two women standing at the innermost part of the room.

One was graceful and superior in her looks, while the other standing next to the first was elegant and eye-catching. Together, they are like a pair of divine maidens only found inside an artwork, enchanting and alluring.

’’Hong Ming Yue, when did she return?’’ Lan Caier whispers this question into her sister's ear after realizing who one of the girl was.

Despite her voice being very light, it still caught the name bearer's attention.

Turning around to seek out the source of that voice, Hong Ming Yue didn't need long to notice Lan Caier and the girl beside her.

Though not very familiar, but at the very least she's seen Lan Caier in the past and knew who she was. As for the smaller girl next to her... Hong Ming Yue can already guess the identity of that one with her intellect.

Pending royal princess, Da Xia's number one evil girl, Lan Ling Yue.

Indeed, due to the overwhelming pressure from the four great noble houses, as well as public opinion, the matter with the crowning was postponed despite the pressure from Queen Liu and the dowager.

Meeting each others eye, Hong Ming Yue was somewhat surprised by what she saw. Her image of the girl was that of someone overbearing of someone overbearing and rude after what her sister said in the past few days, but in person, it's totally different. There's no blatant arrogance, no unruly temperament, only an elegant beauty without an ounce of makeup.

’’Sister, what do you think of this color?’’ Hung Yu Ying was still busy choosing among the many selections here. Therefore, her face instantly sank when she finally took notice to the newcomers at the doorway.

’’Oh good sister, like I said, why did we bump into a crow's calling as soon as we stepped out of our home. It turns out to be these two unlucky stars.’’

’’Hong Yu Ying, watch your tongue, who are you calling an unlucky?’’ Lan Caier was still hesitant at first, unsure if she should avoid the confrontation. But after being provoked so openly, there's no way she will back down now.

With new and old hatred adding up together, she intends to get even once and for all.

’’Of course I'm talking about you two sisters over there. Lan Ling Yue, now you know my family's power? A simple word from my father is enough to make you lose your title, so watch who you mess with. If you try it again, let's see if my father will make your entire Lan House lose yours heads!’’ Just thinking about how her foe over there was doing so badly recently, Hong Yu Ying would lose her composure and become complacent.


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