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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 303


Chapter 303

Chapter 303 ’’The Future Female General’’

’’Husband, how did you come to look like this?’’ Seeing her husband's bruised up face, Madam Lan didn't know whether to laugh or to get angry here.

’’Humph, you think Hong Fang is any better than me? I hit his nose so hard that it's crooked now.’’ Lan Ying Wu grumpily states his achievement.

Just thinking about how all those disgusting people were attacking his goddaughter, a rush of steam would come gushing forward again.

Normally the two men wouldn't be so punched up in a fight, after all, they are masters of the reincarnation realm. What made this brawl so different though was the fact that they are in the presence of His Majesty the King.

In terms of cultivation, Hong Fang was definitely a tad higher here, meaning he should've came out on top. But in terms of fighting with the fist, Lan Ying Wu was leagues ahead of his opponent since he's a man that rose up the ranks through sheer effort in the army. This naturally tipped the scale in General Lan's favor when they had to suppress their cultivation.

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At this moment, Hong Fang's blood was still staining the halls of the palace. Talk about embarrassing.

’’Aigh, how can there be such a heartless man in this world. Sister Huang Yu is such a good woman, to think that Hong Fang can just abandon them so easily is a real sin.’’ Disregarding her husband's protest, Madam Lan was forcibly rubbing some medicine on her husband's wounds, which caused all sorts of whining from the man.

’’Speaking of Ling Yue's mother, I just got some news from my mentor. According to his words, Huang Yu has enlisted in the army.’’ After a brief period of pondering, the general figured its best he told his wife of this.

’’Joined the army? What is this all about? I thought Huang Yu was following your mentor this entire time.’’ This was quite surprising for Madam Lan. Now the only question was that did Ling Yue knew about this?

’’You also know about my mentor's temper. Back then when I followed him to study the military arts, I also started in the military. Huang Yu's talent isn't weak, plus she's trying to take revenge against Hong Fang, that's why Marquis Wu had her join the military. From what I know, she's currently part of the Tiger Wolf Army stationed in the northwestern border.’’

Lan Ying Wu himself had joined the military at the tender age of thirteen. From a nameless soldier to a commanding general, he's come a long way to reach his current status. Therefore, he's no outsider to the hardships faced by a fresh soldier. What did strike him odd though was the fact that this was all proposed by Ye Huang Yu herself and not his mentor Marquis Wu.

’’But Da Xia doesn't allow a woman to join the army. How can Huang Yu go to such a place?’’ Madam Lan had long taken her friend as a close sister. As such, her worry was genuine and not some false act.

’’Strictly speaking, there is no express law prohibiting a woman from joining Da Xia's military. In fact, it's not unheard of for female alchemists to join. join. This time Huang Yu didn't go as a female though, she disguised herself as a man when mixing into the Tiger Wolf Army. Honestly, I'm looking forward to what she will do in the coming future. With her talent and temperament, I'm sure she will achieve great things.’’ There was no bias in Lan Ying Wu's statement, only facts and deductions.

Speaking of temperament, Ye Ling Yue's character was very similar to that of her mother's. Both are very tough and will push back when suppressed.

The northwestern border of Da Xia neighbored the wilderness of the Central Plains. As such, all sorts of people and various forces will transverse back and forth between the lands, making it extremely dangerous.

Like the old saying goes, as long as there were danger involved, there will be opportunities.

For the vast majority of the common birth generals that came forward in the past few decades, they had all hailed from the northwestern border.

Troubled times give birth to heroes. If Ye Huang Yu can use this chance to elevate herself properly, she might become the first ever female general in Da Xia's history.

’’There is another thing. Before Ye Huang Yu left, she expressly stated she don't want Ling Yue to know. When the time is ripe, she will tell the girl herself. My wife, I hope you understand where I'm going with this right?’’ Without beating around the bush, Lan Ying Wu warns his wife not to be careless on this matter, which raised the tenseness in the woman's face.

’’Enough about that, let's talk about the matter at hand. Don't put too much worry on Ling Yue's Ling Yue's case. I know her personality enough. The more she's suppressed, the stronger she will fight back. I can already see the big counterattack in the coming day.’’ Lan Ying Wu reassures his wife and only got a half-hearted nod in reply.

While the two elders were busy having this discussion, the two younger girls were also quite busy themselves.

’’Sister, how many times have I told you about it? Don't joke around about me and Feng Shen.’’ Half angry and half acting, Ling Yue waves her fist around at Lan Caier.

’’Olala, Ling Yue, I haven't even said who it is and you are already calling the Phoenix Lord's name. Or is it that when the topic of marriage is brought you will only think of Feng Shen's name?’’ Towards her younger sister's embarrassed appearance, Lan Caier only wants to tease it even more.

’’Oh my good sister, can you stop teasing me about Feng Shen. He never said he will marry me, nor do I want to talk about marriage and stuff at the moment.’’ Ling Yue was practically begging with her voice now.

’’Why not talk about it, is it for revenge? But Ling Yue, one day sooner or later you will get your revenge. After that, what are you going to do?’’ Lan Caier has seen countless girls like Ling Yue already.

Fourteen years old, that's exactly the age where love begins to bloom for a young girl. Recalling her own experience, Lan Caier's eyes couldn't help but show a hint of sadness because she too also went through that age.

’’Revenge.... how can revenge be that easy.’’ Though her elder sister's question was sister's question was a careless one without deeper meaning, but it did stump our girl.

Ye Ling Yue had always felt that once she achieves her revenge, there will be something even more important awaiting her. This indescribably feeling had been with her since her rebirth, never once leaving her mind and constantly urging her forward.

Like the dreams she's been getting. After waking up in the middle of the night, she would always got the suspicion that she's forgotten something important. Sadly, every time she tries to think deeper, her head would blank out.

’’And I'm saying it again. Me and Feng Shen are only friends. At most the feelings between us are that of sister and brother.’’ In order to make Lan Caier give up, Ling Yue went ahead and explained what happened that day in the palace.

That's it? The Phoenix Lord had no other reaction after hearing that?

Lan Caier was stunned, It can't be, was I mistaken?

But the goodwill coming off of the boy towards Ling Yue is for all to see, anyone can tell.

Or is it that the Phoenix Lord has some secret he can't divulge? If this continues, Ling Yue might really be wooed away by another man!

Even the big girl was starting to worry for Feng Shen. Among the many suitors out there aiming for her little sister, Lan Caier had the best impression about this one.

’’I'm guessing he also took me as a sister. Let's stop this now.’’ Halting in their steps, the girls had arrived in front of a clothing shop with the big sign saying: We have the best Cloud Silk from North Qing for sale.


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