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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 302


Chapter 302

Chapter 302 ’’Da Xia's Number One Evil Girl’’

The relationship between Ye Ling Yue and Hong Fang was no secret among these two faithful followers of hers.

Yanche didn't feel much here because he's been an orphan as a child, but Madam Lai on the other hand was different. With children of her own, the refreshed woman felt a lot of grievance for the girl.

Both are daughters of the Hong House, and both are genuine offspring's of the man, yet the treatment was a far cry.

’’You've done a very good job this time. Yanche, get some silver coins for her as the reward.’’ The rules of the Ghost Sect are simple, reward those with merit and punish those who's done wrong.

Thankfully these little ghostlings are so hardworking. Because of them, Ling Yue now has a firm hand in all of the big noble houses, making them her ears and hands at every turn.

The four great noble families want to handle me? How interesting.

’’Sect Leader, the enemy is in the open while we are in the dark. What Madam Lai said is right. Unless we can get to the details of their plan, we must be careful.’’ Like his peer, Yanche was also worried for the girl's safety.

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’’Madam Lai, you keep a close tab on Yang Qing in the coming days. I'm certain Hong Fang will no doubt seek him out to discuss the matter. If I'm correct, this whole plot is likely orchestrated by Consort Luo and her son.’’ Ye Ling Yue knew things would come to this when she dealt a heavy blow. Now she only needs to wait and see what sort of big move her enemies will do.

It only took a day for the news to spread before the enemies started to move. Using the four great noble families as the spearhead, countless officials of the court started to make a case, all aiming straight for the Lan House.

’’Your Majesty, we've recently heard that Her Highness the Queen wishes to register the daughter of the Lan House into the royal lineage book. We, your subjects, know it's not our business to interfere, but there's never been such a precedent. For hundreds of years in the history of Da Xia, any who can be rewarded with such a privilege had always been those who contributed greatly to the state or is from a great noble house. That Lan Ling Yue, not only is her origin unknown, there's been many outcries from the populace of her foul character. If we do turn her into a royal princess, I fear it will be a great disgrace to our kingdom.’’

Without exception, all of the papers presented before the king were accusing Ling Yue of misbehaving and having multiple affairs with different men of all origin. To make it even more insulting, Hong Fang's paper even indirectly hinted about the girl keeping a foreign boy inside her home while still being unmarried.

This wasn't the end of it either. In addition to the men, various noble ladies across the city were also spreading lies about Ling Yue brutishly attacking their children. Of course, this part was instigated by Zhu Ge Rou using her status to pressure the other madams.

This naturally didn't go unnoticed for General Lan when something something this big just went down. After learning it that morning, he actually broke out into a fight with Hong Fang and the others right in front of the king. Thankfully there were Marquis Wu and the others present to break up the fight.

After this big fuss, things quickly went downhill from there: the king disregarded Queen Liu's plea and temporarily put the idea on hold, rumors began to spread about Ling Yue and how evil she was, and Madam Lan became sick due to all the gossip hanging in the air.

’’In this world, how could there be such a cruel father. Ling Yue, your name is destroyed now, how can you get married after this?’’ Madam Lan was full of worry in her face.

By this year Ling Yue was already fourteen years old, an age suitable for marriage. But after this ruckus, who's going to accept the girl?

Madam Lan was a true person at heart. Since Ye Huang Yu entrusted the girl to her, Madam Lai felt she had a responsibility to act as a proper mother regardless of what others thought. To have things come to this state, her heart naturally can't be feeling good.

’’Godmother, it's nothing but a little rumor from some villainous characters. After a while everything will be forgotten like usual. Don't you worry, I'm still young so marriage is nothing urgent for me. I'm still looking forward to spending more time with you and Godfather like my big sister here.’’ From that tone, Ling Yue clearly didn't think much of this at all.

Now that the topic of Lan Caier was brought up again, it must be mentioned that the old the old girl was already twenty three this year. In Da Xia, it's not uncommon to find a girl that age with children already, making Lan Caier quite old in comparison to the norms.

Regarding this point, Ling Yue too had also wondered why that's the case back in Glass City.

Then once she became the goddaughter of Lan Ying Wu, the answer finally came. Like any other daughter of a wealthy family, Lan Caier had in fact been arranged with a boy since she was young. But for some reasons unknown to Ling Yue, the marriage was eventually broke off.

In order to not hurt the girl, both elders never once urged their daughter for marriage again. And since nothing seems out of place with her elder sister, Ling Yue figured its not worth asking.

’’Mother, you can stop worrying about that. How can our family's Ling Yue not be wanted? At the very least, I can guarantee you there is one boy who wants her very much.’’ Puckering her lips to the side, Lan Caier loved everything about her mother, except the part where she's constantly getting too sentimental.

In Lan Caier's view, if she can't find a suitable candidate then she rather stay unmarried. Why must a woman find a man to marry?

’’Is this true? Caier, who is that boy? What's his name? What's his background? What's their source of living?’’ Towards how shockingly fast their mother can change face here, both Lan Caier and Ling Yue can only applaud at the woman. It takes skill to go from teary red in the eyes to shining bright with delight in a second.

’’Big Sister, I suddenly remembered that the newly that the newly concocted jars of Five Treasure Wine is still undelivered to the Drunken Immortal yet. Come with me to bring them over.’’ It doesn't take much for her to know who the big girl was implying at.

For fear that Lan Caier would say anything misunderstanding here, Ling Yue directly dashed out of the room, all the while not forgetting to pull her big sister along in the hind.

’’Ling Yue, what are you hurrying for? This kind of heavy labor can be left to someone like Yanche who has big arms! Hey, both of you come back~!’’ Before Madam Lan could get anymore details, the girls were already out of sight. Towards this, she can only shake her head at the shyness of the younglings.

’’Wife, your body is fine right?’’ Lan Ying Wu enters.

’’Husband, how did the matter go in court?’’ Madam Lan hurriedly asked her husband, still worried about the outcome.

At the end of the day, being crown a royal princess was nothing but a name at its core like any title. However, a commoner receiving such a prestige was unprecedented in Da Xia. Meaning if this goes through, it's a major victory for the common birth officials.

’’That old villain Hong Fang and his goons were all attacking Ling Yue, claiming she's unfit to be crowned a royal princess. Because of this, even His Majesty is having a bad impression. Pity Ling Yue isn't a boy, otherwise she will no doubt achieve great things with her intellect and talent.’’ Lan Ying Wu's arm still had a few bruises on it. This was the result of his brawl with Hong Fang inside the court this morning.


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