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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 301


Chapter 301

Chapter 301 ’’A Cruel Tiger’’

As soon as they saw Hong Fang (husband) has returned, Zhu Ge Rou (wife) immediately got up to help him undress the coat while also ordering the maids to prepare the food.

’’Father, you are back.’’ Only in front of her father's presence will Hong Ming Yue reveal a bit of air befitting a child of her age.

’’I just came back from the crown prince's place. I heard everything about what Yu Ying (girl) said, and I can say all of you are underestimating the one from the Lan House.’’

Not holding anything back, the man then went over the details of how Consort Luo had a miscarriage, how Ling Yue rejected the marriage proposal from both princes, and how the queen didn't angry and instead accepted her as a goddaughter.

After listening to it all, Hong Yu Ying was naturally very envious and jealous at the same time.

’’That Lan Ling Yue sure is brave for repeatedly refusing the marriage proposals from the royal family. Talk about being blind, I don't understand what Consort Lou and Queen Liu sees in a country bumpkin like that.’’

It's a well known fact that Prince Hou Hong and Prince Hou Qi are powerful contenders for the throne. Forget about being the main wife, even the status of a side wife was more than enough to warrant a wave of girls busting their heads to make a grab for it.

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’’To think she would even murder Consort Luo's own flesh blood. That Lan Ling Yue is too lawless!’’ Hong Yu Long (boy) never expected even the usually cruel and mean Consort Luo would fall victim too.

’’Father, Big Brother, Big Sister, I got the feeling that this Lan Ling Yue isn't an easy person to deal with. This girl will surely become a scourge in the future.’’ Due to the little information she has, Hong Ming Yue was honestly quite shocked to learn of all the achievements a single girl can gain through a single year.

It's no wonder they would lose to her, the girl is an unscrupulous person who would use any means at her disposal.

’’Husband, Ming Yue is right. Including this time where she's crowned a royal princess, this is already not the first time she went against our family. I got the feeling she's very hostile towards us, constantly targeting us.’’ Zhu Ge Rou also chimed in to help rally behind her children.

’’Yes, I and the crown prince are also of this idea. This time we will definitely rid us of that girl.’’ Never in his life did Hong Fang expect to personally orchestrate a plan to eradicate a girl no older than his own daughters.

However, if he doesn't crush that Lan Ling Yue soon, he fear it might be too late when he tries. In fact, he's got the suspicion it won't be long before even the very foundation of their Hong House would be shaken as a result of that girl.

This girl is a real scourge.

’’Father, are you going to personally deal with her?’’ her?’’ Hong Ming Yue asked with astonishment in her voice.

’’That's right, His Highness the Crown Prince is already making arrangements. In the next few days, the other big noble houses on our side will all make a case with the king. Using this chance, we will surely crush the Lan House once and for all.’’ In that second, Hong Fang's chopstick also snapped in half under his grip.

In Hong Ming Yue's mind, her father had always been a kind and gentle father. Never did she expect someone so great would lower himself to dealing with a girl of such low standing and of such young age. For this reason alone, a pique of interest was raised inside her heart.

Luckily for Ming Yue, her mission with the sect had already been completed, meaning she will have the next couple of days to roam around the city. Perhaps she can even meet the girl in question...

’’Ming Yue, don't overthink this matter too much. Your most important task is to continue your cultivation. Remember, in Da Xia, only you can be entitled with a name equal to the moon in the sky. Not only that, only you can match the Princess Yue title.’’ Looking at his youngest daughter, Hong Fang was proud in every aspect of his face.

’’That Lan Ling Yue is just a clown who can't ascend into elegance. Oh yes, Ming Yue, I heard the martial art from the Three Life Valley is very powerful, can you teach us some of the skills you learned?’’ Hong Yu Hong Yu Long eagerly asked.

After witnessing the iconic skill of the Three Life Valley back at the Tai Yi School, the boy's been lusting to improve himself. It's undeniable that the Grand Martial Hall held some good martial arts too, but it paled in comparison to a true first rate sect.

’’Big Brother, the unique skills of the Three Life Valley cannot be passed to the public so freely. Though I can't teach you what I know, but I do have something just as good. Take this, it's some Dan pills I got from my sect.’’ At that, the young girl swiftly brought out several bottles for her family.

The first and second bottle wasn't exceptionally valuable, merely some medicine to help a Dan realm master grow and a cream meant to help improve a woman's complexion. However, the third bottle was on a whole new tier, it's a reincarnation Dan pill.

’’Father, you are currently in the reincarnation realm so you should take the third bottle. With this reincarnation Dan pill, it will greatly improve your cultivation and might even help you break into the third element.’’

Seeing how casually the girl could bring out all these precious out, Hong Fang and the others were truly shocked with astonishment.

’’Ming Yue, you should also be in need of these things so keep the reincarnation pill for now.’’ As someone who went through great difficulty to get the reincarnation pills from Consort Luo, Hong Fang understands well the preciousness of these, especially when he was forced to sell one of them away of them away at the Treasure Cave back then.

’’Father, I don't lack Dan pills now. Last month I became a core disciple of the Three Life Valley, meaning I will be assigned a reincarnation Dan pill each month by my sect.’’

As expected of the Three Life Valley, only a first rate sect can afford to expend such wealth to cultivate their disciples. This was also the main reason why the rest of the Hong family members would be so fearful of that power.

While Hong Ming Yue enjoyed a wonderful dinner with her family after handing out her gifts, a certain person dressed up as a maid of the Hong House was quickly scurrying through the streets. Her destination, an ordinary looking house that would most certainly be mistaken for a home belonging to a middle-class family. In reality, this was the based of the mysterious Ghost Sect created by Ye Ling Yue.

’’Hong Fang really said that?’’ Dressed up as Red Thirteen, Ling Yue was currently sitting in the middle of the reception hall along with Yanche and Madam Lai.

’’That is correct Sect Leader. I was nearby picking up the dishes when they said everything so I'm absolutely certain.’’ The maid coming to report was a spy placed inside the Hong House by Yanche.

’’A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cub.’’ Sighing at this old saying, Madam Lai was both shock and sympathetic in her tone towards her benefactor: ’’Sect Leader, you need to be careful if Hong Fang is out to get you now.’’


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