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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 300


Chapter 300

Chapter 300 ’’The Battle of the Two Princess Yue’’

Hearing how unmoved her son was, Consort Luo became even sadder.

’’Then are you just going to let this go? My son, I am your mother, how can you just do nothing when your mother is being bullied like so?’’ Breaking out her tears again, the weakened woman would love nothing more than to eat her enemies flesh, drink their blood, and destroy their soul.

’’It's that Lan Ling Yue again?’’ Prince Hou Hong can honestly say his hate for the girl had reached straight into his bones by now.

’’Crown Prince, I have something else I want to report. Back when I went back to the Royal Hospital to retrieve the medicine, I also heard that the queen wishes to take her as a goddaughter, the official kind too with the king bestowing a name!’’ Still red in his cheeks due to all the swelling from that slap, Alchemist Chou felt very uncomfortable inside knowing the one to put him in this state was doing so well.

’’Official? Princess Yue? Humph, Da Xia already has an official Princess Yue, now there's another one popping up?’’ Greatly displeased inside, Prince Hou Hong made a heavy grunt.

The other Princess Yue mentioned here would of course be Hong Ming Yue from the Hong House. If the two were to butt heads in an official event, it would be quite the scene to see who will be addressed with that title.

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And of course, Consort Luo would be the saddest here. For the girl's official recognition into the royal family, the cost was her own poor child's life.

’’That slut, how can she be qualified to be a princess when her origin is so dirty,’’ her voice seething with hatred the entire way.

’’Rest assured Mother, I won't let this Lan Ling Yue get away with all the harm she's brought us.’’ Xia Hou Hong may be evil and cruel, but he's no fool. By now he has connected all the dots and can tell all his misfortune lately was caused by the girl.

Fine, if you won't become mine then its better to snip off the rose before it blooms.

’’Is that true? My son, do you have some sort of plan in mind?’’ Hearing it's possible to eradicate her hated enemy, Consort Luo had forgotten she was still in the middle of mourning for her child.

’’I have a plan in mind, but I will have to bother Mother to be patient. We need to use this advantage created by your miscarriage.’’ Sinister in his chuckle, the boy sounded eerily creepy with that laugh.

The news of Ling Yue being crowned as a royal princess literally sent waves across the city.

Before long, the news had also reached the Hong House.

Since the last time where Hong Ming Yue and Hong Yu Long met with each other outside the Tai Yi School, the young girl had specifically spared some time to return home for a visit.

Without surprise, most of the third house (Hong Fang's group) was elated over Hong Ming Yue's growth.

’’Oh Ming Yue, it's such a pity that your grandfather is currently in closed door training. If he can see see how you've grown, he will no doubt be overjoyed like us.’’

Due to her husband still being outside at the palace, Zhu Ge Rou can only dine ahead with her children. No matter, whether or not her man was around was of no importance here today, all it mattered to the woman was her precious daughter right now.

With a beaming smile, she couldn't stop moving those chopsticks and before she knew it, she had filled her daughter's bowl with a mountain of food. This naturally left her other two children popping in their eyes.

In this home, as long as there was Hong Ming Yue around, anyone else was nothing more than a showcase. In fact, if the girl was a boy instead, the inheritance matter wouldn't even involve Hong Yu Long.

’’Mother, compared with grandfather and father, I can hardly be a match. Please Mother, you eat the food, it's the least I should do when I'm not around to care about the family.’’ Slightly embarrassed by her mother's excessive boasting, the girl attempts to calm the mood before it gets out of a hand.

Unlike her elder sister, Hong Ming Yue was more conscious of what it means to respect ones elder. Though her siblings are many leagues below herself, she knew she can't shine too brightly while in their presence, otherwise it will only warrant jealousy and hatred.

’’Isn't it, if only Ming Yue you are here with us in the capital, then I and your brother wouldn't have had to suffer so many wrongs in the past. Those from the Grand Martial Hall is so annoying and annoying and irritating.’’ With a bang, Hong Yu Ying (big sister) directly slams her chopstick onto the table, her face full of dissatisfaction.

’’Quiet Yu Ying, don't you know the saying of not talking when eating. Have you forgotten the rules of the house?’’ Hearing her eldest daughter's outburst, Zhu Ge Rou knew right away the girl's about to start gossiping again.

’’It's fine Mother. Sister, what happened in the past few years while I'm away? Weren't Big Brother and you doing just fine in the Grand Martial hall? How can anyone bully you two, bully our Hong House?!’’ Making a scowl, a flare of anger surfaces from the young girl's face.

Since the day she became sensible, it had only been her family bullying others, not the other way around. What's more, it's her own siblings this time.

’’Who else can it be? Of course it is that bitch from the Lan House and the other civilian born students.’’ As soon as the topic was brought up, Hong Yu Ying's expression lit up because she can finally start speaking ill of others again. Something she has done far too often for a girl her age.

’’Lan House? Are you talking about the daughter of General Lan? But I clearly remember that General Lan only has one daughter of some age, called Lan Caier or something. I thought her skills were fairly good isn't it?’’ Hong Ming Yue was clearly puzzled here.

’’The Lan House now has one more daughter. It's a daughter they brought back from the outside called Lan Ling Yue. This girl is quite skilled I tell you. Only one year Only one year here and she's already at the tip of every sensation in the city. First was being titled a princess by the dowager, then entering the Royal Hospital as an alchemist, and now she's even being recognized as a royal princess with her name officially printed in the books.’’ Unlike her martial training, Hong Yu Ying's ability to turn right to wrong was far superior.

Between a few words, the girl had easily sketched Ling Yue into an ugly, vulgar, sinister, and scheming woman.

Princess Yue?

Making a slight frown after listening to it all, Hong Ming Yue was particularly interested when she found out the one from the Lan House also had the ’’Yue’’ part in their name.

She herself was called Hong Ming Yue while the other person was called Lan Ling Yue. Although it may be just be a coincidence, but if matched together, wouldn't the girl's name imply she's surpassed herself?

Note: Ming Yue means ’’Bright Moon’’ and Ling Yue means ’’surpass or above the moon’’.

’’Humph, what a good Lan Ling Yue.’’ The young girl obviously wasn't very pleased.

Like her children, Zhu Ge Rou also didn't like the fact that someone else inferior would be matched with her pride and joy.

In her opinion, her youngest daughter who held the highest blood lineage and talent can never be compared to a lowly runt that came from an unknown origin.

’’Ming Yue, you don't have to worry about this matter. That Lan Ling Yue won't be able to become a royal princess.’’ Just as the mood was at its darkest, Hong Fang interrupts their talk and came in.


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