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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 30


Chapter 30 ’’Panic in the birthday feast’’

Due to the appearance of the hundred-year monkey wine and the fifty percent Yuan Iron, Ye Gu's birthday feast can be called a double celebration in the family.

Everyone knows Ye Gu had already stepped into the peak of the upper celestial realm. With the hundred-year monkey wine, it will no doubt be of great assistance in making another breakthrough.

As for the fifty percent Yuan Iron, it will mean the Ye House as a whole will once again rise in their status.

Three jars down and his face flush from alcohol, Ye Gu was in the middle of pouring himself some more when a servant came up to mutter something in his ear. Instantly, Ye Gu's joyous face tensed up and reverted back to his usual dignified appearance.

’’Ye elder brother, why didn't you inform your young brother here that it's your birthday.’’ Swinging open, the house master of the Song family and several of his children swaggered through the main door.

What's he doing here?

All the guests who were exchanging toasts became stunned by the newcomer.

Who here doesn't know? In order to compete for the right to mine in Seven Star Mountain, both the Ye family and Song family are arch enemy's.

Ye Gu and Song Mo Shi are both martialists at the peak of the upper celestial realm, yet their personalities are vastly different from one another. Ye Gu's a hotheaded and straightforward person with an upright attitude, meanwhile Song Mo Shi was stingy and sinister, a bad person all around. If not for the mayor of Autumn Maple Town coming forward to mediate, its likely these two would've fought to the death by now.

’’Song brother is a famous busy person;how can I bother you over a little birthday feast.’’ Ye Gu's tone weren't cold or mean. Regardless of his dislike for the person, he can only rise to greet the newcomer for a visitor was still a guest.

Following their father's lead, the sons of the Ye family all came out for the reception and stood warily by their father's side.

Still sitting by her mother's side, Ling Yue wasn't unfamiliar with this Song Mo Shi character and his deeds. According to the mouths of the other workers in the forge, even the incident of the fake Yuan Iron ores was orchestrated by this stingy and sneaker person.

In her view, Song Mo Shi was younger than her grandfather by three-four years but was both overweight and had an inverted triangular shaped eye, often giving others the impression of a sneaky rat.

No matter how she looked at it, this man wasn't someone good to get near.

Just as she was thinking this, Ling Yue's eyebrow suddenly twitched for she noticed a very uncomfortable gaze coming her way.

While Ye Gu and Song Mo Shi continues their play with civil words, the ominous sensation Ling Yue felt was coming from a young man with a pale complexion.

Dressed in a luxurious fine wardrobe, the man's limbs were thin and scrawny, resembling nothing like a person that trains in the use of Yuan energy.

What's even worse, this unfamiliar man was staring at Ling Yue and her mother with a hair-raising gaze.

’’Mother, is that person a member of the Song family?’’ Ling Yue tugs at her mother because she felt something was off about that young man.

’’Seems to be the song family's 'house guest', what a frivolous person.’’ Ye Huang Yu only needed one look to see the se*ual desire hovering in the man's eye. Subconsciously, she moves her hand to hide Ling Yue behind her back.

Both the Ye family and Song family can be regarded as factionary forces in Autumn Maple Town;therefore, it's not unexpected to find either family to invite martialists or scribes to stay in their residence as voluntary aids when needed. For this young man to stand right beside Song Mo Shi, one must wonder what's the background for this man.

House guest?

Unsure why, Ling Yue got a dangerous vibe coming from that man, even more dangerous than that Song Mo Shi.

What a fine pair of sister flower. Who could have expected to find such beauties in this decrepit place?

In the Song family's camp, this so-called Master Lian, honored even by the Song house master, immediately took notice of Ling Yue and her mother upon entry.

The mother was like a fine valley orchid while the daughter was pretty and young, just perfect for Master Lian's taste.

Just wait till I finish off this Ye Gu old man, I will definitely make that Song Mo Shi hand over this pair of sister flowers to me. After swearing this to himself, Master Lian gulps heavily before retracting his line of sight.

’’Ye elder brother, you see, I came in such haste that I didn't prepare anything special. I only have this gift here, please accept it.’’ A haze of light flickered in Song Mo Shi's eye for a moment when he tasked a person to bring over the present.

Accepting the gift box, Ye Gu suspiciously assess the thing without yielding any result after some careful appraisal.

Meanwhile behind Song Mo Shi, Master Lian's mouth was filled with contempt as he sneered cheekily.

Just when the gift box was about to be opened, Ling Yue's cauldron suddenly had a reaction and began to vibrate.

’’This feeling!’’ Ling Yue's heart went into full alert.

Cannot be wrong, that is the fluctuation of the spirit force! Someone in the Song family is practicing the spirit force! Ling Yue realizes.

That spirit force is coming from the gift box... Her attention focuses in on the object.

Due to her low standing in utilizing her spirit force, Ling Yue can only detect a cold sensation within her means.

A sharp weapon! Grandfather is in danger.

It's one thing to realize something in time, it's another to act in time. By then Ye Gu had already opened the gift box, sending a cold flickering of metallic light out.


Mustering everything she has, Ling Yue uses her spirit force to change the trajectory of the now known dagger in midair and forcing it to miss just so slightly.

Exactly because of this undiscernible deviation, the deadly dagger bypasses Ye Gu on the ear and shot straight into the stage in the back.


A loud scream be heard from the performing troupe.

Splitting one of the supporting pillars in two, a deadly dagger was firmly pinned into the column.


Song Mo Shi and Master Lian both looked terribly dark right now.

What's going on?

’’Song Mo Shi, what's the meaning of this!’’ Ye Gu was also swimming in cold sweat due to the sudden attack.

The gift box actually held an assassin's dagger. If not for pure luck that the dagger deviated slightly from trajectory, there's no doubt Ye Gu would've been blown a hole right through his eye.

’’Ye elder brother, please quell your anger, that is just a little joke from brother here. With your great strength and skill, how can you not dodge even a dagger.’’ Song Mo Shi looked absolutely horrible as he forcefully made a smile.

’’Scram! The Ye family does not welcome you.’’ Ye Gu was fuming with anger by now for a good birthday feast like this was suddenly ruined by the stir.

’’Then I will bid my farewell.’’ Cupping his hand, Song Mo Shi led his people out without making a scene.

’’Father, are we just going to let this slide?’’ The sons of the Ye family all had ugly looks on their faces as they exchanged glances.

’’The mountain hunt is coming soon, we will pay that old boy back at that time.’’ Ending the feast on bad terms, Ye Gu returns to his room with a belly full of steam and didn't even see the guests out.

Despite her palm swimming in grease and sweat, Ling Yue was fully relieved by the outcome.

With the guests gone and the mess cleaned up, the different houses of the Ye family bitterly returned to their quarters to leave behind a deserted courtyard in broad daylight.

Later in the night at three pasts twelve, a lone figure once again snuck into the courtyard under the guise of the darkness.

Bending down on the yet untorn stage, the shadow circled around the area in search of something

’’That's it!’’ Finding what it came to seek, this shadowy figure quietly left the courtyard like no one was ever there.


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