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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 3


003: Shortcoming Shielder Mother

’’If I don't make you make disabled today, I'm not Ye Ling Yue!’’ Ye Ling Yue seemed as if she was a completely different person. A scary aura emitted from the inside of her.

’’Oh? Retard girl wants to show some courage and power now? You people move aside, I'll let this little retard girl know the difference between a genius and a good-for-nothing today.’’ Ye Qing snickered and those servants beside him were also laughing while they spread out further.

Ye Qing was already a third rank constitution cultivator. Among the Ye Family's youngest generation, his abilities are ranked among the top ten.

As for Ye Ling Yue, as a mentally retarded girl, she had never even learned any martial combat before. There isn't even a chance for her to be of any threat to Ye Qing.

Ye Qing didn't think high of Ye Ling Yue at all, even going as far as to not using any vital energy at all.

Ye Ling Yue walked a few steps then arrived in front of Ye Qing. She pulled back both of her fists and blasted it towards his chest.

As her punch launched forward, it carried along a slight biting coldness. Just when Ye Qing noticed something wasn't right...


A cold light rushed out of Ye Ling Yue's eyes.

The servants were all alarmed. Ye Qing was actually forced back a few steps just with this one punch.

’’A first rank constitution cultivator!’’ Ye Qing had been forced back several steps, and even more so, his chest was in great pain, but the thing he was more astonished at was the punch from Ye Ling Yue just now.

Wang Gui and the others were also dumbfounded too. It's only just been one shi-chen[1], but the little retard girl is not only no longer mentally deficient, but has also broken through into the first rank of the constitutional cultivator domain all of a sudden too.

’’Ye Ling Yue, you actually dared to deceive the family head and secretly learned martial combat! But there's no use even if you learned it. For your punch just now, I'll definitely return it back to you twofold.’’ Ye Qing flew into a rage out of the humiliation he just received. He violently shouted out loud, and then from his two fists, out came two flashes of lightning like lights.

’’Quick, run away, Small Young Miss, that's the Burst Thunder Fists.’’ Once Liu-ma saw it, she turned pale with fright.

Young Master Ye Qing's punch was based upon the Ye Family's basic martial foundation training, so this one punch was no small deal.

Ye Ling Yue had only just broken into the first rank of a constitutional cultivator, there is no way she could be Ye Qing's opponent who had brought out all of a third rank constitutional cultivator's power.

During this time of life and death, a shadow flashed inside from the outside the door like lightning, and blocked the front of Ye Ling Yue.

Ye Qing's punch hit towards the person who came in, and just when his fist was only half a chi[2] away from the person who arrived, Ye Qing heard very clearly, cracking sounds coming his wrist. A strong repulsive force had thrown him away, and smashed him onto the wall.

A pain like his bones being shattered came from his arm. A goddess like woman stood in front of Ye Ling Yue.

The woman's cheeks were slightly hollow and had a pale complexion, but her posture was very straight, and had beautiful arched eyebrows along with a pair of almond-shaped eyes. She wasn't angry but an aura of might and power exuded from her. She possessed an indescribable imposing force.

’’Ye...Third Miss!’’ Once the Ye Family's servants got a clear look of the person who arrived, every one of them received an extreme fright.

Ye Huang Yu, the Ye Family family-head's third daughter, and was someone worthy of being called the Ye Family's number one pride.

She had broken through to the first rank of constitutional cultivator at the age of three, and broken through to the lower celestial domain at the age of fifteen. If it hadn't been for the fact that she had married the wrong person, it was very likely she would have been the first person in the Ye Family's history, to become the first upper celestial expert.

The Ye Huang Yu of today can't be compared to the Ye Huang Yu of back then, but even if she has some chronic injuries, she is still a lower celestial expert.

’’Ye Huang Yu, you dare injure me. My father definitely won't let you off so easily.’’ Ye Qing was in so much pain he wanted to die. His wrist had been dislocated, and some bones in his arm had been shattered to pieces by Ye Huang Yu.

’’What do you think your father is, even if he came, I would still attack.’’ Ye Huang Yu spat out.

Due to Wang Gui and his father embezzling their monthly allowance, Ye Huang Yu goes up to the mountains every one or two months to collect medicinal herbs and hunt some wild beasts to subsidize the embezzled family expenses. Once she goes, she leaves for about ten days to half a month.

Ye Qing and the others know about Ye Huang Yu's habits, so every month at around these days, they would bully ’’Ye Ling Yue’’, but they would do it very carefully. All were internal or hidden injuries.

’’Ye Ling Yue’’ was also a mentally retarded girl, so she wouldn't know to go and complain.

If it wasn't for the fact that she coincidentally came back in time, Ye Huang Yu wouldn't have known that this whole time, her daughter had been bullied by others. Thinking of this, Ye Huang Yu felt even guiltier.

She can't even bring herself to allow a scratch on her daughter's fingers, yet these people dared to injure her.

If Ye Qing's father didn't come then it would be fine, but if he dared to come, then she would fight him, if another came, she would beat up both of them.

’’Just watch, I'm going to go tell grandpa.’’ Ye Qing didn't dare to talk back to Ye Huang Yu. He could only let his servants support him up and run away.

Behind her back, Ye Ling Yue heard everything. She stuck out her tongue, and gave her mother a silent praise.

Ye Qing's insults had made Ye Ling Yue mistakenly think that her mother was a cheap woman with a sad and pitiful history as an abandoned wife. Who would have known that she was someone who was so cool that she could drip out icicles and such an extreme shortcoming shielder.

Ye Huang Yu turned her head and saw that her daughter was also looking at her. Her dark eyes were shifting back and forth, up and down. How was this anything like a mentally retarded girl?

For a moment, Ye Huang Yu was stunned stiff.

’’Young Miss, Small Young Miss is no longer a mentally retarded girl.’’ Liu-ma said while recalling.

Ye Ling Yue rolled her eyes. Liu-ma, you've already said that for the second time today.

’’Mother.’’ After hesitating for a moment, Ye Ling Yue called out.

Ye Huang Yu's body began to tremble, and her eyes began to be filled with something hot. She had waited for a full thirteen years for this one call of mother.

Liu-ma attended to the mother and daughter while they were eating. At the dining table, Ye Huang Yu asked a few more things, pertaining to how Ye Ling Yue became so smart.

Ye Ling Yue only gave an ambiguous answer, saying she had hit her head, then when she woke up, she had already become like this.

’’Mother, I want to learn martial combat.’’ Ye Ling Yue put down her chopsticks, then kneeled down and said what she had to say.

After the fight with Ye Qing, it made her strongly realize that if she wants to continue living in this world, she must become someone strong.

No matter who it is, the ones who bully her and her mother, she will never forgive them no matter what.

’’Practicing martial combat is not easy, it's not something you can master in a short amount of time. Ling Yue, are you sure you want to do this?’’ Ye Huang Yu looked at Ye Ling Yue with a serious expression in her eyes.

’’I won't give up. Mother, please allow this.’’ Ye Ling Yue said unwaveringly.

Ye Huang Yu realized too, that her daughter had become a completely different person after having gone through this time's mishap.

’’Since you're already determined to do so, starting tomorrow, I'll teach you the most basic foundations as an introduction to martial combat. Here's a strand of Vitality Condensing Grass, it can gather together the vital energy of heaven and earth. Grow this in your room, it'll be useful for when you begin cultivating in the future.’’ On this time's trip up the mountain, Ye Huang Yu's original intentions were to find some herbs which would be beneficial for her injuries, but she unexpectedly came across this spirit grass, Vitality Condensing Grass.

’’Mother, Vitality Condensing Grass is too precious. You should keep it for yourself to use.’’ Ye Ling Yue could tell that Ye Huang Yu was still injured and on top of that, it's a chronic injury that was difficult to heal.

’’Vitality Condensing Grass won't do any good for my injuries, only fifth grade medicinal pills and above can heal my injuries.’’ Ye Huang Yu shook her head. There was no one clearer than her about her own injuries. It's been all these years, so she's already lost all hope of getting healed.

’’Fifth grade medicinal pills? Mother, if you had the medicinal pills then would your injuries heal?’’ Ye Ling Yue persisted.

’’Silly child, fifth grade medicinal pills are hard to come across even in the provincial capital, even more so for a little place like this small Qiu Feng town. You were injured today, so after eating you should go to bed and get some rest earlier.’’ Ye Huang Yu was also feeling a bit tired. She stroked her daughter's hair, and said with a pained tone.

Ye Ling Yue could only hold the Vitality Condensing Grass which looked no different from any random weed in her hands and return back to her room.

Due to losing too much blood, not long after Ye Ling Yue went back inside her room, she began to feel sleepy. She was still holding on to the strand of Vitality Condensing Grass in her hand as she drifted off to sleep.


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