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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 299


Chapter 299

Chapter 299 ’’Becoming a Princess’’

Staring intently at the girl before her, Queen Liu suddenly got the strange sensation that she's only just starting know the person for the first time.

Fourteen, an age no older than my son, is more effective and maliciousness than me and Consort Luo combined together... Though unwilling to admit her inability, but those eyes had already betrayed her thoughts.

’’Your Highness, you should know now why I'm not willing to become your son's wife. I am a petty person who holds a strong level of grudge for those who cross me. If Hou Qi is to marry me then he can only have me alone. This also applies to his children, it can only come from my blood. Such a woman like me, do you still think I'm suitable for being your daughter-in-law, being the future Queen of Da Xia?’’ Smiling the entire way, Ling Yue explains her standing.

Changing in her complexion, Queen Liu had to admit, she had also been selfish in this matter.

She originally chose Ling Yue due to the support they will gain from the Lan House, not solely because of her son's request. What's more, she's convinced the girl's personality and intellect will be a great assistance to managing the kingdom when the times come.

Not anymore though. After what she just witnessed, Queen Liu had to admit she's overlooked some key points.

If his own son was an eagle, then Ling Yue would be a phoenix. Sure, eagles can soar through the sky and dominate the world, but a phoenix can surpass the world and break through the firmament.

Therefore, she now understands her son can never tame this girl. If they are forcibly combined, the one to suffer in the end will only be her son.

After a long period of silence, Queen Liu finally sighed: ’’Ling Yue, I've come to a decision.’’

’’Your Highness, do you still not understand...’’ Ye Ling Yue's big show of cruelty today was in fact her move to scare away the marriage proposal. If this doesn't dispel the idea, then exposing her hidden side would be for nothing today, meaning a new ally must be in order.

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’’I've decided to take you as my goddaughter. From today henceforth, you will be Princess Ling Yue, a true royalty and not just a titled one.’’ Walking over, the queen tenderly caresses the girl's hand.

If she cannot have the fortune of becoming in-laws, then the next best thing can only be goddaughter and godmother.

Queen Liu understands, with the girl's talent and strategic capabilities, she will not stop at Da Xia in her achievements.

If that's the case, she might as well prepare for the future and help her son build up a good relationship. Her only hope here was that if Ling Yue can stand at the threshold of this world, the girl would show some gratitude down the line and watch over Da Xia's prosperity.

By the time when Prince Hou Qi arrived at the Morning Flower Wing, both woman were already chatting away on other matters. Their attitude seemingly very affectionate.

’’My son, it's great great that you are here. I have something I want to tell you.’’

First glancing at Ling Yue, then back at his joyous mother, Xia Hou Qi suddenly skipped a beat. Can it be, Mother has convinced Ling Yue to marry me?

’’From today forward, you will have a sister. I have just recognized Ling Yue as a goddaughter.’’ Struck with thunder, the innocent sounding words from the queen literally left the boy horrified and shocked.

Though not blood related, but they are still siblings now in name. If he wants to marry Ling Yue, it would be no different from incest!

Noticing the anger, disbelief, and mostly pain in her son, Queen Liu can do nothing but sigh in her heart.

She can only hope now that her work today will one day be understood.


Meanwhile at the other end, Consort Luo had only just returned to her quarters. With blood seeping from her underside, this image completely frightened Xia Hou Hong at his mother's appearance.

’’What is wrong Mother?’’ Prince Hou Hong had clearly heard from the palace maids that her mother was very happy and elated when she ran off to the Morning Flower Wing, but now, she returns in this state? What happened!

’’Crown Prince, to answer your question, Her Highness has had a miscarriage.’’ Alchemist Chou became dumbfounded as soon as he went to check.


In one slap across the face, the poor old master was sent spinning with stars circling his head.

’’You lowly dog, that bitch was never pregnant, she only pretended to be. As for the medicine that you're suppose to put to put into her food, she switched it out and placed it into mine! You killed my child, my unborn child!’’ Due to the constant bleeding along the way while being dragged across the palace, Consort Luo's conditions was quite critical.

’’What are you still dazing around for? Hurry and go see to my mother!’’

Alchemist Chou can only consider himself unlucky here. How could he have known the usually calculative Consort Luo would get her own plan turned around?

Using a full hour, with pains nearly enough to take the woman's life, the old master finally manages to quench that bleeding and bring his patient back from the death's door.

’’Crown Prince.’’ With beads of sweat still dripping down his side, Alchemist Chou steadily came out of the bedchamber to report.

’’How is my mother?’’ Turning inside at the intense stench of blood, Prince Hou Hong had to resist heavily in order to stop his urge to vomit.

’’Don't worry Prince, a fetus that's no older than three months old still hasn't formed its shape yet. I've stopped the bleeding, but due to the poison... I fear Her Highness will never be able to have another child again.’’ Though the old master's voice was kept to a whisper, but as soon as those words came out, a loud grievance instantly broke out from the inside.

’’Highness, what's wrong? Please, someone!’’ Falling into a panic, none of the maids knew what to do.

’’Useless things, hurry and go brew some medicinal soup for my mother.’’ Like the servants, Prince Hou Hong and Alchemist Chou also became frustrated here.

After became frustrated here.

After coming to from being fed a bowl of ginseng soup, the first thing Consort Luo did was to grab onto her son's hand.

’’You must take revenge for me and your unborn brother! It's Lan Ling Yue, it's that wretched girl who came up with this vicious plan on me.’’ As a woman, it's naturally a great blow to her mentality not being able to bear another child.

It's true she held no feelings for the King of Da Xia, but she's been looking forward to returning to North Qing after his son here becomes enthroned. By then, she will spend the rest of her future with the man in the mirror and bear countless children afterwards.

But now, it's all ruined. She can't even bear to return to her home in this state.

’’Mother, you calm down first.’’ Feeling a headache coming, Prince Hou Hong was truly stumped here.

The child was but at most three months old, nothing more than a piece of flesh, how can it be even considered a human?

What's more, at the end of the day, this whole fiasco was her own doing.

The poison was her own, the handler was her own, even the order was her own!

Moreover, it's universally recognized by the Royal Hospital that Queen Liu was pregnant. Even if they did go to the king and make a case, where's the evidence? Nowadays, they can no longer have their way like back then, this much the boy was certain.

Though adamant to admit it, Prince Hou Hong knew they can only take this loss.


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