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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 298


Chapter 298

Chapter 298 ’’Wrestling with the Wicked Consort (2)’’

’’Sister, how can you say this? I know you and I have some misunderstandings, but today I came here with sincerity.’’ Consort Luo continues to pretend.

’’Luo Wan, there are no outsiders here so you can stuff away that hypocritical face of yours. I truly am blind to have taken you as my sister back then and nearly paid the price with my son's life.’’ Cold in her gaze, Queen Liu presses in on her foe.

Sure enough, the pretentious woman's smile gradually disappeared.

’’It seems you are aware of everything from back then. But so what if you know? After so many years, you are still as stupid as back then. When it comes to looks and brains, I am superior to you in every way. If not for your background and origin, you think you can become the Queen of Da Xia? No matter, you still lost to me in the end. My son is now the Crown Prince of Da Xia. As for you, you can't even protect your own flesh and blood.’’ Scoffing a ridiculing laugh, an extreme level of arrogance quickly overtook that glamorous face.

’’Hoho, Luo Wan, do you really think you've won?’’ From the supposedly ’’weak’’ woman on the bed, Queen Liu smoothly opens up her blanket and got up. Step by step, she came in front of the frightfully astonished woman.

’’You, how come you are fine! Didn't you have a miscarri..... Ughh!’’ Before she could finish her words, Consort Luo suddenly felt a burst of pain in her belly. Hugging it, she took to the ground in a kneeling position.

’’My stomach?’’ She looked to her stomach in disbelief. Between her legs, a seeping flow of blood was staining the ground.

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’’Oh dear, why are you so surprised Consort Luo? After forcing so many of your fellow peers into having an abortion, shouldn't you know this sight better than anyone?’’ Coming forward from the shielding screen to the back, Ling Yue gradually walked over.

’’Can it... can it be...’’ Fluctuating between fear and anger, the bleeding woman's face kept changing from red to white and nearly fainted as a result of the hammering pain in her stomach.

’’Congratulations to Consort Luo. Oh wait, you're already having a miscarriage so please don't be too sad.’’ Whispering next to the pained woman's ear, Ling Yue was especially scary right now with that face.

How can I not know I am pregnant?

It's true that I felt some discomfort in the past two months, but after a diagnostic from the Royal Hospital, they told me it's the side effect of stress and age.

Shocked with revelation: ’’It's you! It's you people, you people did something!’’ Now Consort Luo understands and connected all the dots.

Looking back in her memories, the king had indeed stayed in her bedchamber for one night, giving sufficient clue to conclude it was then that she became pregnant.

No matter the day or night, whenever the king beds a lady of the palace, it will always be recorded in the official records. Furthermore, the period dates of each consort will also be carefully monitored to keep an eye out for possible pregnancies. Knowing this, Consort Luo had relied on this record to secretly force any of her peers into having an abortion before the king can learn of it, hence the reason why there's no other princes around.

For Queen Liu to use the exact same method to deal with her enemy, it's truly unexpected here.

’’Consort Luo, how do you like the flavor of your Hasma soups recently?’’

Note: according to Wikipedia, Hasma is the fallopian tube of a frog. Aka, the tube connecting the female ovary with the uterus.

Depleting all form of color from her face, ’’What did you put inside my Hasma soup? It's not possible, I tested it every time with the silver needle.’’ As each second second passes, the more painful it became for the woman.

’’Then you have to ask yourself that question. It's you who prepared the colorless, odorless, and tasteless drug for abortion.’’ Ling Yue was rather honest here and only sneered in her reply.

’’Someone come.’’ Biting her lips, she attempts to call for help. Sadly for this woman, the maids she brought along were all stopped outside the Morning Flower Wing.

’’We indeed hid the fact that you are pregnant, but if you didn't have such evil thoughts running through your heart, things never would've come to this where you killed your own flesh and blood.’’ Shaking her head, Ling Yue had long knew the woman would try something so evil against the queen. After all, they are long time foes constantly at each other's throat.

In addition, the fact that Consort Luo was getting so close to Alchemist Chou was a big giveaway for Ling Yue, hence the reason why she's been on full alert. Naturally, the day when the two exchanged the abortion drug hadn't gone unnoticed either because the old alchemist had long been marked.

As for the medicine that's supposed to be secretly mixed into the queen's food, the scene here says it all, it's been swapped and placed back into Consort Luo's food instead.

This honestly had to be karma playing a hand here. Though Ling Yue and Queen Liu knew it's just a matter of time before this wretched woman goes through a miscarriage, but at this timing? And at the Morning Flower Wing to boot? That's not within their calculation.

’’You people killed my children. I will have all of you pay with your life! Someone come, I'm going to tell His Majesty.’’ Lying on the cold hard floor, the bleeding woman was no different from a dog crawling for the doorway.

’’Go ahead and call, its even better that the world knows of your evil deed of wanting to harm the queen's unborn child. Also, don't Also, don't forget, the drug was prepared by you. Its color, odorless, and flavorless without residue. I'm willing to bet even the best of us in the Royal Hospital would have no way to trace the drug like you wanted.’’ Exhaling, Ling Yue had to give props to the one hiding behind this woman.

First was the fragrance pill, then this abortion drug. If not for the incompetence of the user, the plan would've gone through without a hitch.

To harm others is to harm oneself, that old saying was the perfect analogy for Consort Luo here today.

’’Luo Wan, you never thought you would have this day right? Let me tell you the truth, I was never pregnant. This whole pregnancy show was planned by Ling Yue and was meant for you and that unborn child.’’ Coming up to the crawling woman, Queen Liu looks down at her enemy in a condescending manner.

It's been more than a decade of fighting, and for once, she has won for the first time.

Half a month ago, the queen had nearly fainted due to the sudden rise in blood pressure as a result of Ling Yue's refusal. Then through a quick diagnostic, it was discovered that the queen's pulse wasn't quite right. To get to the bottom of this, she checked everything and discovered the tea had been dabbled in.

Naturally, Queen Liu would be furious upon learning this secret. If not for Ling Yue's repeated persuasion, that day would've devolved into a total witch hunt. The enemy remains in the darkness while they are in the light, there's no way to advance like that. Heck, she can even imagine the outcome. By the end of it, some scapegoat would just be pushed forward and that be the end of it.

What's more, the tea problem may be solved with a bit of ruckus, but what about the future? It could be a pastry dish next time, or even a poisonous plant. If that's plant. If that's the case, wouldn't if be better if they baited the snake out? If they succeed, a deadly blow can then be dealt to the source.

’’So that's why Ling Yue had you pretend to be pregnant? You evil bitch, I have no enmity with you, why did you do this to me.’’ Venting with steam, Consort Luo nearly fainted from the swelling anger inside.

She just knew it, a foolish and docile woman like Queen Liu would never come up with such an insidious plot.

’’Then let me ask you, when you killed those unborn babies inside the other consorts, have you ever thought about giving mercy when they never crossed you? Someone come, send Consort Luo back to her bedchamber and say she had an accidental fall.’’ Fearing Queen Liu would go soft in this critical moment, Ling Yue went ahead and made the decision to throw the woman out.

With two strong armed men and an old granny leading the way, Consort Luo was then dragged out of the Morning Flower Wing in the most humiliating manner. In her wake, a long thin line of blood was constantly staining the floor, giving proof of her defeat today.

’’You little bitch, Lan Ling Yue, I will never forget this!’’ Even when the woman's figure was out of sight, her voice continues to reverberate in the air.

’’Your Highness, you must be thinking that my methods today are a bit overboard don't you?’’ Ling Yue can easily tell there's a deep concern in the queen's face.

’’No my dear, that's not my meaning.’’ Slightly caught off guard, Queen Liu hurries to explain herself.

Earlier the queen's impression of the girl before her was that of a highly skilled and highly intelligent doctor, but after today's event, she don't know how to go about it anymore. Its true Ling Yue was her and her son's benefactor, but Queen Liu also held a trace of fear after witnessing how cruel the girl can be....


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