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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 296


Chapter 296

Chapter 296 ’’Handsome Feng Shen's Two Faced Confession’’

’’Which part are you talking about Your Highness? Is it the part where she refused you, or is it...’’ Slightly fluttering his eyes, Feng Shen appears very innocent in his demeanor.

’’Of course the last sentence where Princess Yue said you are only his brother.’’ Like a cat being stepped on the tail, Xia Hou Qi's voice was rather high for a simple reply.

This Phoenix Lord looks so harmless on the outside, yet when he speaks his words are full of thorns.

’’I and Ling Yue are not siblings.’’ Resembling a stubborn child, Feng Shen only states the facts here.

’’Even if it not siblings, Ling Yue still doesn't have any romantic feelings for you.’’ The prince became rather aggressive when making this point.

’’At least she has feelings for me, unlike some passerby.’’ Like a knife, Feng Shen's statement directly cuts into the prince's heart and gave him a full slap across the face.

When hearing the bickering between both men, Dao Nu who wasn't far away started to roll his eyes, This Sixth Prince of Da Xia belittle others too easily. It's absolutely true that his lord was very frail in the body, but that brain was beyond compare. To be able to establish a business empire within a short period of no more than six years, who else can do such a thing?

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Sure enough, Xia Hou Qi was stumped for a reply. He did not expect the Phoenix Lord to have such a sharp tongue despite the boy's good reputation. Instead of making the other side retreat, he's now the one on the defensive.

No other way, it's all or nothing.

’’Then I like to ask you, Phoenix Lord of North Qing, what sort of feelings do you have towards that famous fiancée of yours?’’

About that fiancée word, Feng Shen was definitely effected.

What a good Xia Hou Qi, he really did his work to know about my fiancée.

’’I'm guessing you didn't tell Ling Yue about the fact that you have a fiancée right? Then I guess you also know about her origin and how much she hates it when others break up a family. Even if her friendship with you is strong, I'm sure she wouldn't want to get in-between you and your fiancée. Surely she will give up.’’ Paying close attention to his foe's complexion, Xia Hou Qi's face gradually turned ugly here.

For some reason, his heart was getting an indescribable pleasure at clenching where it hurts.

Yes, he admits that Ling Yue was different when facing the Phoenix Lord. In fact, Xia Hou Qi can be certain it's not far from the true love of men and women. As a spectator, there can be no better witness than he even if the individuals themselves are are unaware of this fact.

What he can do now was to make a pre-emptive cut on the knot.

’’Sixth Prince, do you know how you and I are different?’’ Breaking out in a broad smile, ’’If I were to marry in this life, it will only be her. No other bride, no other dispute, only her. And if she were to marry in this life, it will only be me. This fact will never change just because of our status or anyone's wishes.’’

Xia Hou Qi shuddered. What Feng Shen said here was a direct answering to Ling Yue's question from earlier.

On the side, it just so happens that a speckle of drifting snow from the tree had fallen on the prince's face. Though not really cold, but it was more than enough to soak straight into his heart.

For an instant there, he suddenly found himself at a loss like his only opportunity to win over the girl of his heart was over. Forever in this lifetime, he won't get another chance, and it was all because of his momentary hesitation when answering her question.

Inability and unwillingness, that's the sort of emotions coursing through Xia Hou Qi's heart, which left him both jealous and angry.

Why would I be jealous of a frail and weak hostage prince? Without parent and without power, no matter how he looked at it, the prince here just can't come to come to terms with the fact that he's losing.

’’Phoenix Lord, everything you say may be true to your heart. However, you forgot that you are also part of the royal family of North Qing. If your intent becomes known to the king of your state, I fear you will never be able to return there again.’’ Xia Hou Qi had practically used every means in his arsenal, leaving him resorting to such a dirty method of using another state's king to pressure the other side.

’’So your meaning here is a dismissal order in place of your father the king? Let me advise you Prince Hou Qi, you are but a prince right now, not a king. Also, whether or not you can ascend the throne is still up for debate.’’ Showing a sharp glint in his eyes, Feng Shen casually sweeps away the thin layer of snow on his coat.

Sinking inside, Xia Hou Qi was a smart man so he understands full well what his foe meant, What a good Phoenix Lord, he really think an enemy state's hostage prince can interfere with Da Xia's succession?

Just as he wanted to speak out again after being strongly offended, Feng Shen was already turning away, leaving nothing but a departing back to Xia Hou Qi.

’’Young Master, the prince is still an heir to Da Xia's throne...’’ It's not often for Dao Nu to see Feng Shen see Feng Shen be so sharp in his words, likely a result of the foe bringing the fiancée topic up out of the blue.

Nevertheless, the big man here had to admit, that one from North Qing was worthy of his young master here. But now with Miss Yue, everything's changed.

’’If he keeps to his duties then he will naturally be the future king of Da Xia, but if he steps beyond his bounds. Humph, then not even the army of Da Xia can protect him.’’ A ring of golden light emulates out of his eyes as he states this.

Such sharpness left Dao Nu trembling incessantly.

It was only several days ago that his young lord returned to the hot spring with a battered body. Though everything's fine now, but it still took several days of continuous sleep. What's more, the big guy here somehow got the feeling something's not right with his lord.

If he had to describe the sensation, it would be a sword that's been hidden for many years had just been unsheathed.

Take the words just now. Dao Nu was a man of brawn over brain, naturally he would be no stranger to the scent of bloodthirst and that's what he smelled.

Not daring to dwell too deeply on the matter, he knew his status. As a servant, his only job was to protect Feng Shen, that's it and no more.


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