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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 293


Chapter 293

Chapter 293 ’’Another Marriage Proposer’’

Ling Yue was quite surprised after reading this letter because it's clear to her that the Treasure Cave had taken the fall for her sake...

As a grudge bearing person, Hong Feng no doubt's been waiting to get payback after not getting his way with the ability pills from last time. Then several days ago, the chance for him finally arrived when Prince Hou Hong returned with Marquise An and Elder Yue from the treasure hunt.

They searched and searched, but not a single spec of information could be found on the boy called Red Thirteen. That's when the plan to frame the Treasure Cave was concocted.

If the one responsible for their misfortune can't be located, then taking it out on the closest person possible was the next best option.

Using their position in court, Hong Feng announced to the king that the incident with the black powder from last time was sourced through the Treasure Cave. He claimed they are the traitors of the state and that it's a secret base used to spy on the kingdom. Naturally, this didn't sit well with the king.

’’What a vicious Hong Feng. Aside from removing a thorn in his side, he can also confiscate the goods from the Treasure Cave in one go,’’ Ling Yue murmurs this to herself.

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Overwhelmed with guilt, she immediately released a paper crane of her own for the He Lao brothers. The only hope now was that it wouldn't be too late and that the catastrophe hadn't struck yet.

Though not formally friends, but after this venture into the Tai Yi School, they can at the very least be called acquaintances.

By the time she returned to the capital, the Treasure Cave was already in ruins. According to the words on the street, two days ago the court had encircled the place under the charge of treason.

With three thousand soldiers, the small army was personally led by Hong Feng. Such numbers should've been more than enough to destroy the decade old auction house, but upon arrival, they were shocked to find the place empty. It's rumored that the He Lao brothers had left with some of their employees in advance, thus avoiding the soldiers completely.

Then when Ling Yue arrived at home, Yanche specifically brought a letter over that's written by the He Lao brothers.

’’Thank you Sir Thirteen, us brothers owe you a big one for this. If there's a chance in the future, we will surely repay this debt.’’

Based on these details, it's safe to assume He Lao Dai had reduced their losses to a minimal after getting the letter in time. In addition, the letter also stated that they will temporarily move out of Da Xia for the next while. When they locate a new base of operation, they said they will surely inform her.

’’What a shame that I won't get to see the grand events of the Treasure Cave for the next while. No matter, it's good that they are safe.’’ Then recalling the underhanded methods used by Hong Feng and that prince, Ling Ling Yue's expression gradually turned cold.

’’Mistress, there's another thing I like to report to you. In the past few days, Alchemist Mei from the Royal Hospital has been looking for you. She said that once you are out of closed door training, you must contact her immediately.’’ Yanche kindly reminds the girl.

Alchemist Mei is looking for me? Did something happen while I'm away?

Not delaying, she immediately made a trip to the Royal Hospital.

’’Ling Yue, it's good to see you are fine. Her Highness the Queen isn't feeling well lately and is seeking your audience. Quickly go to her quarters.’’ Alchemist Mei kindly explains the reasoning for her call.

Ever since Ling Yue healed Xia Hou Qi's illness, the queen had taken a strong liking to the girl and would only seek her out for treatment.

Not thinking much of this, Ling Yue immediately went to the queen's quarter. But as soon as she took the first step through the entrance of the Morning Flower Wing, she ends up encountering two individuals that she would rather not meet - it was Consort Luo and Alchemist (Manager) Chou.

’’Oh, why isn't this Princess Yue?’’ Pricking her brow, Consort Luo enigmatically asked.

After Ling Yue refused the marriage proposal from her son, the woman's hatred for the girl only grew with no end in sight. In her mind, Xia Hou Hong was destined to be the next king. Therefore, for a daughter of a common born general to renounce her precious baby, that's no different from a slap across the face.

Originally she had intended to intended to force the issue by asking the king to arrange a marriage, but then the unexpected occurred. According to her husband's explanation, the dowager was already with that intent and will personally find a good partner for the girl. No other options left, Consort Lou could only cast the idea aside.

’’Consort Luo, you are also here to visit Her Highness the Queen? And there's also Manager Chou too! Oh wait, it's not manager anymore, its only Alchemist Chou now.’’ Sneaking a peek at the elder in question, she figured things would turn out like this.

Without the manager position within the Royal Hospital, it's normal to seek a bigger tree to hide under. But to be here in the queen's quarter? These two can't be up to anything good.

’’Isn't it? I heard the queen isn't feeling well so I had Alchemist Chou come today. Unlike someone though. Making a few measly achievements recently and they are already ignoring their duties in the Royal Hospital.’’ Scoffing a laugh, the woman's word had thorns in them at every turn.

It can't be helped. She had intended to use this trip to go spy on the queen, but before she can even see the person in question, Queen Liu had blocked her path with an excuse.

If this had occurred back then, no doubt Consort Luo would've raised a fuss outside the queen's quarter, but things have changed. Her son's situation wasn't favorable following the recent failure and she herself aren't getting much attention from the king. What's more, while her side continues to side continues to wither away, that blasted woman only got better and better after being moisturized by the king's blessing every night.

(Note: for anyone that doesn't get it, the author means the queen is looking fantastic after being seeded by him in bed. A lot of se* does wonders for a middle-aged lady)

To make everything more frustrating, it's rumored that all of this was the result of this Princess Yue standing before her.

Then just as things were stuck in an awkward deadlock, the queen's closest maid suddenly came out: ’’Princess Yue, the queen awaits.’’

Not minding the hateful eyes shooting her way, Ling Yue directly heads inside without looking back.

’’Ling Yue, I'm so happy that you are back.’’ Queen Liu was practically glowing with that smile: ’’There is something I've been meaning to discuss with you. Hurry, come sit with me.’’

The woman had always wanted to have a daughter, but fate wouldn't allow it and only gave her one son. Then a few days ago, Xia Hou Qi suddenly came to her and divulged his idea of asking for Ling Yue's hand in marriage. Naturally, the queen was overjoyed by the news.

Intimately pulling the girl's hand over, the queen's demeanor was exactly like a mother meeting their daughter-in-law for the first time. While one party was filled to the brim with happiness, the other was slightly frightened like something bad was about to happen.

Sure enough, the next sentence from Queen Liu answered that bad sensation.

’’Ling Yue, I want to ask you, are you willing to become my son's main wife?’’


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