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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 292


Chapter 292

Chapter 292 ’’Upgrading of the Pocket Dimension’’

As a member of the Quick Finger Sect, though it's declined into ruin by now, He Lao Dai nevertheless still understands the importance of a sect and their inheritance.

Take an ordinary sect for example. Their strength alone can equate to a powerful noble family so let's not mention a first rate sect like the Three Life Valley. Just the fact that Hong Ming Yue's cultivation was already at the reincarnation gives proof to their wealth and resources.

Then there's the mission this time. If she completes it then surely Hong Ming Yue will receive some sort of reward again. By then, who knows what sort of level she will achieve.

’’He Lao Dai, you think I'm being overly confident aren't you?’’

In the face of He Lao Dai's good intention, Ling Yue can only lower her eyes. She too knows the elder meant well so there's no point in arguing.

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’’Sir Thirteen, my words may not be good to the ear, but it's from my heart. The Three Life Valley is definitely strong, but that Hong Ming Yue is also a genius of the century.’’

’’No one is forever strong. Also, whatever happens one year from now is not predictable by neither you nor I.’’

Like herself, one year ago she herself was but a weak frail girl that's been abandoned by her father. Now, she's a being capable of facing off against the so called genius of the Hong House. Of course, none of that can be made public.

What's more, whether it be a first rate sect or anything else for that matter, if they get in her way, the only course of action for Ling Yue was to crush them. No matter how strong or high that mountain was, she will climb it and conquer the trial.

Shaking his head in regret, He Lao Dai can say to himself that he's done his best towards the girl's stubbornness.

Maybe once they are back at the capital, he can turn to Sir Ten (Feng Shen) for help. Maybe the boy will have some weight.

’’He Lao Dai, the entrance to the Tai Yi School is gone now and I also have some things to deal with. If there's anything you need in the future, you can send someone to the Ghost Sect to find me.’’ With most of her injury recovered, the only thing left to do was bringing the coffin into her pocket dimension. As such, it be quite the inconvenience if she continued traveling with the elders here.

In response to the statement, He Lao Dai and He Lao San were quite surprised. They didn't expect the lass that's disguised as a boy here to be from that mysterious power. But more importantly, their focus was occupied with something else.

’’You want to ask about the chunk of Bhuddism Metal in my hands right? Don't worry, once I finish refining the alloy, I will have part of it sent to your Treasure Cave. With it, I'm sure you brothers can use it to create an artificial limb.’’ Seeing through to their mindset, Ling Yue openly states her plan. After all, considering all that they've done for her and the care she's been given, it's only right she return a gift of her own. It's not easy to have someone stand by by your side even when conditions are at their worse.

’’Then we will have to thank you very much. Though Prince Hou Hong and his men are already gone, but we mustn't rule out the chances of them making a round trip. Best you hurry and return to the city afterwards.’’ After bidding farewell to each other, the He Lao brothers then went their separate ways for the capital again.

Once the two are out of sight, Ling Yue immediately entered the Red Mist Sky without delay. Using her dagger, she swiftly divided the casket into multiple parts for easy management.

Just like that, she began absorbing the Hollow Crystal to rejuvenate the pocket dimension.

It was slow, very slow, around three days before she manages to make her way through most of the crystals. Nevertheless, it was done. But that's when she heard it, an abrupt cracking sound in the air.

It was the Red Mist Sky going through a transformation.

Expanding by twice the size, the surrounding white fog had moved backwards again to reveal a new expanse of land.

From what used to be a withered landscape was now bristling with life through this new infusion. What's more, the water source had suddenly became a miniature lake with a crystal clear surface. To call this a mirror was no exaggeration.

Taking a deep breath at the sight, Ling Yue almost couldn't believe everything that she's seeing. No matter what sort of plant it was, everything here had literally doubled in size. From the herbs she planted in the beginning, to the poisonous plants, everything! Some were so tall that she couldn't even match that height, let alone pluck the darn thing.

Sniffing the fresh air, fresh air, it was like a shot of life, refreshing and removing all of the gloom she's been carrying until now.

Finally, after months of worrying and running around, the crisis with the Red Mist Sky has been averted.

Nevertheless, there are certain aspects about all this that she's not very satisfied with. Like the remaining Hollow Crystal, there's only one-third of it left. Far from enough to upgrade the dimension a fourth time.

However, as long as it's determined that the Hollow Crystal was the key to upgrading the Red Mist Sky, then all was well. She's certain in the future there will be other chances to locate more.


’’You mean that after the Red Mist Sky upgraded for the third time, the flow of time here will also effect the human body like all the rest?’’ Hearing her friend's cry, Ling Yue manages to make out most of the little guy's meaning.

Towards Ling Yue right now, time was of the essence.

The previous forms of the Red Mist Sky was but an ordinary pocket dimension. Though it can accelerate the growth period of the plants and spirit beasts inside, but it was useless for Ling Yue herself.

As such, the news that she can also take advantage of this space after the upgrade was undoubtedly a great boon.

With the clock ticking, there's only one year for herself to reach the reincarnation realm from the current level.

Not wanting to wait, she immediately tried training here for a few days before returning to the outside world.

’’The cultivation speed is indeed much faster. Prior to entering the Tai Yi School, I had only broken into the upper celestial realm. But now, not only did I steady my I steady my cultivation, I'm also drawing close to advancing to the intermediate stage. At this rate, it won't even take six months before I hit the Dan realm.’’ Even with this pace, Ling Yue honestly don't know if she can be certain a year's time will be enough to hit the reincarnation realm.

Just as she's contemplating her next course of action, a certain flapping sound in the air had caught her attention. Looking up, it's a certain paper crane flying over to land on her palm. That's when she remembered it.

Back when she was leaving the capital, she had specifically left behind three of these little messenger cranes. One for Madam Lai, the second for Yanche, and the last for Lan Caier.

Based on the appearance of this one, it's definitely the one from Madam Lai.

After the woman took on the new identity of Wulei - a prostitute at the brothel - she soon won over the favor of her former husband Yang Qing with those newfound looks. Even for the meetings between Hong Feng and himself, Yang Qing would task Madam Lai to stand by as a service girl.

And as it so happens, the woman had managed to overhear a very useful message using this privilege.

’’Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong and Hong Feng plans to frame the Treasure Cave and will attempt to surround the establishment in the coming days.’’

Back when Madam Lai was still suffering by herself, she had received many support from the He Lao brothers. Plus, she knew Ling Yue holds a decent relationship with them, hence the reason why she took the liberty of sending the crane out to inform her mistress of this news.


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