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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 291


Chapter 291

Chapter 291 ’’One Year Vow’’

’’You indeed opened my eyes for a mere celestial martialist. I will consider you a proper opponent for that.’’ Aside from a brief moment of surprise in the girl's eye, Hong Ming Yue also showed the faintest glimpse of admiration.

If the opposition didn't harm her people, she honestly might show some form of sympathy. Pity though, none who harms the Hong House can get off unscathed while in her presence.

’’To your credit, there aren't many who can survive after listening to my song. You are the second to have ever done that.’’ To emphasize her point, she points her flute directly at her foe to show how magnificent the artifact looks.

Bleak in her smile, Ling Yue didn't show an ounce of color to her face because her enemy had guessed it right. Through that last attack, she had expended everything within her system and had nothing left.

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Then without indication, she noticed a slight itch to her side. It's Little Crow using her wing to caress her cheek as a gesture of comfort. To the baby bird, she only knows that her mistress was in a lot of pain based on all those wounds, which causes her to feel very sad.

And what happens when someone gets sad? They cry.

Trickling down slowly but surely, drops of tears begin to hit Ling Yue's skin.

’’Haha, look at that feathered pest, even it knows you are finished this time!’’ Cheeky in his voice, Hong Yu Long attempts to throw another insult to the fray.

However, none of the others were able to laugh like he did, not even Xia Hou Hong who's being attacked by Little Squeak again.

A celestial martialist going up against a reincarnation martialist, that's a matchup without contest. Yet, the young man could still endure to this point. Whether it be life or death, such a feat was worthy of respect.

Just as Ling Yue herself was preparing for the worst, she suddenly noticed something wrong.

Whenever Little Crow's teardrops landed on her skin, the wounds around her body would begin to heal at a very fast speed. Not only that, even her spirit force was recovering at an astonishing pace.

If things continue at this rate, her strength will completely return in a few minutes. By then, another battle with that stepsister of hers would be a possibility!

’’Sacred Beast Phoenix!’’

Realizing her foe had begun rebuilding a new layer of spirit armor, the one most shocked here had to be Hong Ming Yue.

To be able to quickly heal a person's wound and rejuvenate their strength, there's only one thing in this world that can do that - the legendary phoenix race.

Unlike the foolish idiot here still mistaking Little Crow as a feathered pest, Hong Ming Yue wasn't that dumb. She's a disciple of the Three Life Valley, naturally her knowledge wouldn't be lacking. Hence the reason why she can recognize Little Crow's true identity from the first glance.

What's more, she's had the fortune of meeting someone with one herself. But unlike the messy and injured appearance of this Thirteen before her, the other person was extremely prestigious in status and powerful.

Equipped with the martial arts of Buddhism and has a sacred beast as companion, what sort of monster did this idiot brother of mine provoke? Biting her lip, Hong Ming Yue inexplicably tightened her grip on the flute due to all the unknown variables hanging in the air.

If this Red Thirteen didn't have some sort of background, she would've destroyed him on the spot by now. After all, just the fact that he's injured his brother was enough to warrant the death sentence. But that's the issue, there's too many questions left unanswered and too many risks at stake.

While she was still stuck in her own thoughts, somewhere else up in the sky, a cloud of rainbow light suddenly emerged. Forming a lotus flower shape, this was the unique summoning signal of the Three Life Valley. Any disciple within the radius must immediately return for reporting, that's the rule.

’’Red Thirteen, I will spare you today. But if the next time you provoke my Hong House again then you will die for sure.’’ With arrogance in her movement, she returns her flute away, thus ending the fight with that gesture.

’’This sentence, I will return every word of it back to you. I may not be a match for you today, but watch. In one year, one year and I surely overtake you.’’ Ling Yue vows with conviction in her voice.

’’Hoho, what a joke. Even if you got ten years you will still not be my match. If you are unconvinced then go ahead and try. In the coming Royal Contest of Da Xia, I will surely participate.’’ Believing its nothing more than a laughing joke by her foe, she only made a conceited smile and left without looking back. A brief second later, that snowy white figure was gone without a trace.

Panicking after seeing her sister leaving without him, Hong Yu Long hurries to chase after that streaming light. Likewise, his other three party members were also leaving now that things have come to this stage.

’’Thank goodness. Sir Thirteen, you know I'm going to lose at least ten years of my life by your scare just now.’’ Exhaling a long deep sigh, He Lao Dai can finally say he's relieved and can relax now.

In the elder's mind, if Hong Ming Yue had kept fighting, then the end result would've been he and his brother risking their lives to save the little lass's life.

’’He Lao Dai, thank you very much for standing by my side.’’ Grateful in her tone, Ling Yue whole heartedly thanked her companions and then looked to the sky.

Though Hong Ming Yue has already left to find her peers, but that rainbow lotus flower in the air was still there. Compared to the current image of herself, Ling Yue can only use a wild flower to describe herself. Such a thought brought a stinging pain to her heart which felt extremely uncomfortable.

’’Sir Thirteen is too polite. But are you really going to take part in the Royal Competition of Da Xia next year?’’ He Lao Dai asks, lamenting the twist of fate on the pair.

After witnessing the fight between Ling Yue and Hong Ming Yue today, there were a lot of emotions running through the elder's heart. Both are great geniuses in their own right, but one was of noble origin and the other of common origin. This will undoubtedly bring in the involvement of the two great factions of Da Xia.

But if He Lao Dai had to take a pick to say who will come out on top, it would definitely be Hong Ming Yue. Not because she's of a noble family, but because she's a disciple of a first rate sect. The Three Life Valley was a colossal entity that's difficult to surpass for one single person.


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