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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 290


Chapter 290

Chapter 290 ’’Cripple You’’

What sort of look is that? That's completely inhuman, almost like madness had completely overtook that sanity and would destroy everything in its path.

For once in her life, she just felt an unprecedented sense of danger.

’’Little Sister, why are you hesitating? Kill him now before he gets up again. Red Thirteen, this naïve and pompous fool, how dare he try to kill me!’’ Hong Yu Long was both angry and cheeky at the same time. Angry at his own weakness, cheeky at his own fortune.

Note: Red Thirteen is the full name of her disguise. Red stands for Mr. Red Mist and Thirteen is the thirteen needle technique.

’’Shut up, it's no wonder they all say children of the nobility are weak and soft inside. Look at yourself first. Nothing but an ant over there, and you're already forced into this situation.’’ Pressing down her discomfort, Hong Ming Yue sends an eyeful at her brother.

Though she's the younger one in the family, but her temperament was more than enough to shut the boy up.

In the Hong House, not even her uncle the main son of the old marquis would dare argue with the girl. Not because the Three Life Valley though, it's her temperament and talent. It's too amazing that one can't overlook.

Likewise, He Lao Da and He Lao San are also impressed with the girl's amazing talent despite being on opposing sides.

’’Miss Hong, though Sir Thirteen here injured your brother, but that's only out of self-defence. If Miss Hong can do this favor and let this incident slide, us brothers here will definitely make a personal visit to your home in the future as thanks.’’ In the elder's mind, he only wants to save Ling Yue and nothing else in this situation.

’’Who do you people think you are? I'm not killing him is because I don't want to soil my flute with his dirty blood.’’ Full of disdain in her face, Hong Ming Yue's pride won't allow her to kill someone so much weaker than herself. That's beneath standard and the image she's been showing the public.

As unhappy as he was about the rude remark, He Lao Dai nevertheless exhaled a sigh of relief because he now got the confirmation he wanted.

’’Ho~ Hong Ming Yue. Maybe you do not know who I am today, but one day, you and the Hong House will pay dearly for you've done.’’ Not willing to let things go, Ling Yue snickers a grieving laugh to show her unyielding nature.

Because of that Three Life Song, Ling Yue's final line had been crossed, meaning things will not end unless one suffers defeat.... Or die!

But can anyone blame her? After being forced to watch all those cruel images, any sane person would do the same. That was her mother in those scenes, the woman who nearly became crippled!

’’Sir Thirteen, please, say less will you not.’’ Frightened by the outburst from his companion, He Lao Dai tries to stop the provoking boy before it's too late.

One day? What arrogance.

Casting a long hard glance at the boy, Hong Ming Yue can see the boy had a decent face there. Though a tad womanly for a man, it's not bad. However, that level of talent was simply embarrassing.

Surname Red eh?

According to the girl's memory, Hong Ming Yue could not for the life of her recall any big family out there with this last name.

So why, why would this insignificant ant without any background and talent would cause her heart to feel such discomfort?

And those eyes... She didn't forget that intensity and maddening look, it's not normal!

’’I've changed my mind.’’ Furrowing her brow, from that already cold face came a layer of frost: ’’I won't kill you, but I will cripple that body of yours so you can never practice martial art again.’’

As expected of a daughter of Zhu Ge Rou. One minute she's reprimanding Hong Yu Long over his low standards, the next she's doing something similar but in a more smoothed out fashion.

If she can't kill, then just cripple them. That's the sort of logic she lives by.

I will rip out every vein from this sharp tongued boy. Once I'm through, I like to see you get all snappy with me again!

When the word ’’cripple’’ was used, Ling Yue's body promptly shook as her gaze turned sharply cold like the piercing ice in a winter's lake.

The reasoning, it reminded her of her own mother Ye Huang Yu. It was exactly the same way they injured her mother and caused all those years of pain.

’’I would like to see how you will 'cripple' me.’’

With the blood rushing to her head, she controls her spirit smoke to the limit and activates everything within her power. In that instant, even her very eyes of black coloration was rendered red.

Not minding whatever the ant intends to do, Hong Ming Yue made her own move and disappeared from the spot. In the next moment, countless ice shards appeared from nothingness and sped towards their intended target. Matched with the many shots of green lights from her flute, this combination attack was both magnificent to the eye and deadly to the recipient.

Through this barrage of hailing ice and light, Ling Yue's spirit armor finally crumbled and fell to ruin. But no matter, the time it provided was enough to make a counter attack. In the instant when all hope was lost, a burst of starry lights suddenly shot out from her back.

Caught off guard by the sneak attack, Hong Ling Yue's skin received several cuts by some sharp moving blades.


Shuddering at the ferocity of her opponent, Hong Ming Yue thought that should've been it. But she was wrong yet once again. From Ling Yue's body, a terrible amount of spirit force came gushing forward.

’’Little Measureless Finger, Second Point: Evil Subjugation!’’ It was only one point of the finger, but the force of that light was like the rising sun, overwhelming anything Hong Ming Yue had to offer there.

Buddhist martial art!

She became shocked by this revelation and was forced to retreat by staggering backwards after taking the hit to the chest.

It wasn't just her though, just about everyone else present were shocked too by the twisted turn of event.

It's no secret that the boy called Thirteen was at his wits end based on how powerlessly weak his body appeared. In fact, they are seriously doubting if the boy can even raise a finger at this point.

Indeed, what they suspected was true. Ling Yue really did have no more strength left to fight because her last resort of using the spirit smoke to forcibly raise her power had been expended. Though only for a fraction of a second, it still pushed her spirit force to the seven cauldron level.

Red Thirteen is a successor to the Buddhism art?! Hong Ming Yue was astonished by her own thought.

Impossible, disciples of Buddhism had long stop roaming the mainland, plus the boy didn't carry an ounce of the righteousness expected of that religion.

In any case, Hong Ming Yue being injured was a fact, also a never before encountered shame on her record.


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