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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 289


Chapter 289

Chapter 289 ’’The Three Life Song’’

Three Life Valley?

Ling Yue had known for a long time that Hong Ming Yue was lucky enough to be taken in by an otherworldly sect. What she didn't expect though was that the sect in question would be at the first rate level. That's more powerful and influential than all the other sects she's come across before.

’’The strength of the Three Life Sect is roughly equal to the Heartless Sect. However, due to the Heartless Sect's usual low key doings, the Three Life Sect had a much higher fame on the mainland.’’ He Lao Dai quickly explains while giving a glance at the boy in Ling Yue's strangling grip.

Though a bit roundabout, what the elder meant by his words was that he wishes for her to be merciful here today. If only he had known about the enmities between Ling Yue and the Hong family, then he would never have attempted to persuade her.

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’’I won't say it a third time, release him.’’ Hong Ming Yue's expression turned even colder with every step that she took. Not only that, the ground would suddenly sprout a snowflake in her wake afterwards, evident of someone capable of controlling the water element.

’’This is? Power of the reincarnation realm! To think the young genius of the Hong House had already stepped into that level.’’

Pretty much everyone aside from Ling Yue was shocked by the sight. They knew very well the girl here was but thirteen years old, an age where most hadn't even broken out of the celestial realm yet!

It was only three years ago that Marquis An has had the pleasure of meeting Hong Ming Yue during the birthday feast for the old marquis of the Hong House. At the time the girl was but a freshly advanced Dan realm master, but now she's already reincarnation master?

As expected of a highly valued disciple of the Three Life Valley. Such aptitude and talent can already be ranked among the top ten in the mainland.

While Marquis An was lamenting the fortune of others, the prince on the other hand had other plans in mind. After this I must strengthen my relationship with that family. If things work out well, Da Xia might even be able to have the backing of the Three Life Sect in the future. By then, becoming a kingdom as strong as North Qing isn't out of the equation!

Following the arrival of Hong Ming Yue into the fray, the situation instantly took a steep turn in the other way. They are all afraid of this little genius, or to be more exact, they are afraid of the power standing behind her.

’’Ho~’’ The disdainful chuckle was quite earie to the ear at this moment.

’’Three Life Valley right? A first rate sect right? AND-WHAT-DOES-IT-HAVE-TO-DO-WITH-ME!’’

Powerful in her voice, Ling Yue's rough wording instantly irritated the newcomer.

As a titled princess of Da Xia and a core disciple of the Three Life Valley, who doesn't show their respect in her presence?

’’You-are-seeking-death.’’ With a flick of her hand, she begins to blow into her jade flute.

’’It's the Three Life Song! Quick Thirteen, close off your five senses so it doesn't effect your state of mind.’’ He Lao Dai shouts this out at the sight.

How unexpected. This young maiden is so beautiful on the outside yet so vicious on the inside. First move in and she's already going for the kill with that iconic song of the Three Life Valley.

Rumour has it that the master of the Three Life Valley was a master of the ages. By playing this Three Life Song, it's able to cause the listener to experience both life and death of their past lives, the present, and the future.

Ling Yue herself naturally doesn't know anything about the power of this song. To her, she only found her mind ringing out with strange pictures and images.

’’Your cheap bitch, who allowed you to disturb our lady's peace!’’

Mean in their appearance, two grannies rushes out from the bedroom. Then by splitting apart, they picked up the very weak Ye Huang Yu (Ling Yue's mom) from the ground and tossed her aside despite just giving birth.

’’And this little runt. A slut produced by a bitch is no more than a bitch herself.’’

Ye Huang Yu continues to plead with tears flowing down her cheeks. Due to her weak body, she couldn't do a thing when the two grannies with the strength of a celestial master ripped her baby away.

Like her mother, the baby remains crying the entire time, completely unaware of the terrible fate awaiting her.

’’Husband, Husband, I beg you, please have them let our daughter go!’’

The weak woman cries out with all her strength at the newlywed bedroom.

’’Ye Huang Yu, I already warned you before. If you behave yourself then the Hong House will still have room for you and your child. But if you continue to have wishful thoughts, then the bond between us is finished.’’ The door swings open with a creak, yet Hong Feng's presence was nowhere to be found. Instead, only a divorcing paper flew out and lands in front of the poor woman's feet.

Like a searing flame, the ’’divorce’’ letter printed on the surface completely burns into Ye Huang Yu's eyes, sending an endless amount of pain into her soul.


’’Ahhh!!’’ With great horror, Ye Huang Yu then helplessly watches on as the grannies smashed her daughter to the floor.

In that instant, the crying voice of the baby was gone. Silence hanged in the air.


In the instant when the baby was lying on the ground, unmoved and without sound, Ling Yue's heart was crushing itself in pain. So much so that she had to clench her chest to help stop it from exploding out.

Then all of a sudden, the illusion was gone and so was the hostage in Ling Yue's hand.

’’The Three Life Song can bring out the greatest love, hate, anger, foolishness, and desire in one person. So for you to be still standing after listening to my 'Hatred of this Life’’ segment, you got quite the ability there.’’ After finishing a segment of the whole song, Hong Ming Yue's performance instantly overwhelms the entire crowd.

Even for He Lao Dai and the others who had closed off their senses, their Yuan energy was still in tatters and could hardly be a fit to continue fighting. As for Ling Yue herself, her condition was the worst with her back slightly bent and sweat pouring out.

This naturally came as no surprise to anyone because Ling Yue's cultivation was the weakest here. In fact, Hong Ming Yue had expected the young boy over there to completely crumble after listening to her song.


’’Hong Ming Yue.’’ Abruptly raising her face, Ling Yue roars out with a constant stream of trickling fluid down her cheeks. It's unsure if those are tears or just sweat, but it definitely made her looks more impacting.

Glancing over subconsciously after getting called out, Hong Ming Yue's pupil instantly shrank after meeting that gaze.


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