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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 288


Chapter 288

Chapter 288 ’’Entry of the Number One Genius: Hong Ming Yue!’’

When Ling Yue heavily threw out the ’’We’’ part in her sentence, her eyes were extremely gloomy. Then suddenly, she made a grab for the little fluff ball on her shoulders and tossed the guy out towards the two in front.

Naturally, the little miscreant didn't go unnoticed to the prince and his retinues before. Just that neither of the boys found Little Squeak dangerous or imposing in the least.

’’Beast!’’ Disgusted by the dirty pest, Xia Hou Hong was ready to flare out when something unexpected occurred.

From Little Squeak's body, a series of black light rings burst forward and created a vortex of wind. Then expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye, that teacup sized body quickly grew and grew. Before Xia Hou Hong and Hong Yu Long could even utter a cry of shock, the little guy had already finished his transformation with a bang that raised all sorts of dusts into the air.

Different from his original super cute image of a baby pet, Little Squeak's irises are now a bloodshot red with a dangerous glint to them. As for those fluffy fur, they are replaced with a layer of super hard scales similar to a dragon's. Stacking muscles at every turn, just a glance was enough to tell the enemy he's no pushover.

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’’Dem-Demon Beast!’’ Going white in their faces, both boys cried out these two words in unison.

From a small baby beast to a vicious monster, if this wasn't a demon beast then what else can it be?

While on the other end, their screeching voices only infuriated Little Squeak. After transforming and taking on his new form, the fur ball only had one thought in mind and that was to protect his mistress.

Making a deafening roar, Little Squeak literally causes both men to nearly wet their pants.

’’Little Squeak, you deal with Xia Hou Hong while I deal with Hong Yu Long,’’ Ling Yue suggests.

’’You-You, don't come near me. I was only following orders...’’ Stuttering in his voice, Hong Yu Long had trouble making himself clear.

If he had known this Thirteen can control a demon beast, he would never have had provoked the boy.

’’Please spare me this one time. If you do, my father the Royal Tutor will definitely give you a lot of money. I'm my mother and father's only son!’’ Pleading with his tail behind his back, Hong Yu Long thought that temptation would be enough to move Ling Yue.

Hong Yu Long, the only son of Zhu Ge Rou and Hong Feng eh?

At the thought, Ling Yue's eye sharpened even further like that of a eagle's. Towards that face holding a strong resemblance to Hong Feng and Zhu Ge Rou, only a never ending hatred could be used to describe her mood right now.

In the past decade or so, her mother and her own suffering had all been caused by them so how can she say forgive them?

’’Do you know who I am?’’ She slowly encroaches in on her target.

Meeting that intense gaze, Hong Yu Long almost couldn't believe what he just saw. Hatred, humiliation, and murderous intent, everything in one.

’’You... who are you? I have already asked for mercy, please spare me.’’ As a well protected child, the boy had never once in his life encountered a being so threatening and terrifying.

What's more, he clearly sensed it just now. When he mentioned his father, that hatred only got worse.

’’Towards your question, you should go back and ask your hypocritical parents instead. Ask them what they did fourteen years ago.’’ Bone chilling in her expression, her voice was seething: ’’No wait, that's too slow. Best I send you to the afterlife so you can ask the Lord of the Underworld first hand.’’

’’Crown Prince, Highness, save me.... Oophh.’’ Losing all form of resistance, the boy was like a chicken being strangled by their farmer.

Very soon, his eyes had started to roll upwards with an abnormal white at the ever so tightening grip on his throat.

Am I going to die, die here like this?

Never in his life had Hong Yu Long thought he would meet his end like so.

Who are you....


Then it was at this critical moment when the boy's about to suffocate that a sky rumbling cry burst through the clouds. From the source, a silhouette was zooming over at breakneck speed.

’’Ming Yue, you are here Ming Yue. Quickly save me!’’ Knowing there's hope again, Hong Yu Long suddenly became reinvigorated with strength.

’’Who's this nobody, how dare you harm my Hong family's people?’’ The girl's voice was like a jiggling bell which made it very nice to the ears.

Ming Yue?

Hong Ming Yue!

Turning serious in her expression, Ling Yue's finger somehow loosened a bit due to the initial shock.

The pride of the Hong House and Zhu Ge Rou's youngest and most gifted daughter. So this is that Hong Ming Yue?

Following the source of that sound, Ling Yue turns to face that direction and instantly saw a girl not much younger than herself. Donning a snow white dress with an emerald green jasper flute under her feet, the girl looked like she's being basked in a whole layer of light due to the angle she's flying over from. What's more, that cold temperament only added an extra charm to her appearance.

Speaking of this girl, it's truly quite the coincidence. Hong Ming Yue originally only came to this reaches of the region to carry out a mission for her sect. But as she was making a returning trip after completing her job, her senses suddenly caught wind of her elder brother's aura nearby. That's when she saw it, the sight of Ling Yue nearly taking Hong Yu Long's life.

As someone who's left her home since young, she naturally didn't hold much feelings for her family, let alone some meaningless bond between siblings. Nevertheless, that doesn't excuse a stranger from bullying her brother in front of her. In particular was the fact that the assailant was a nobody with no fame to their name.

’’Princess Ming Yue, it's too wonderful to see you here.’’ Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong finally manages to rid himself of Little Squeak's entanglement. When seeing help was here, his eyes became that of someone meeting a savior.

Likewise, the appearance of a third party also causes the four masters in the air from continuing. To a reincarnation master like themselves, Hong Ming Yue's strength may not be much, hardly worthy to warrant a notice, but that jasper flute made out of emerald jade under her feet was a whole different matter.

First was Bo Qing, now a Hong Ming Yue, it seems Thirteen is in trouble this time. He Lao Dai murmurs to himself.

Not delaying, the elder swiftly descends to the ground and comes up to Ling Yue's side: ’’Sir Thirteen, this woman is not simple. You see that flute under her feet? It's called Three Life Flute, an artifact unique to the Three Life Valley and also a first rate sect of the world.


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