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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 287


Chapter 287

Chapter 287 ’’Poised for Battle!’’

’’He Lao San, are you going to openly fight against the royal family?’’ Elder Yue glares dagger at his opponent.

’’Pehh, aren't you ashamed of yourself? What royal family, us brothers will never be the dogs of the court.’’ He Lan San says this with contempt in his voice.

No matter what, Elder Yue himself was a famed master in these parts. To change allegiance so quickly in such a short timeframe, it will of course warrant some downgrading eyes from those of similar status.

’’That's right, I can't say it any better then my brother here.’’ Matching his second brother, He Lao Dai also cries out.

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’’Alright, then I and Marquis An here will send the two of you along the way into the underworld.’’ Nearly at the same time, the two partially crippled masters charged forward without holding back.

In the next minute or so, only the tailing shadow of four different lights could be seen. From the ground to the sky, then from the sky to ground, blows after blows were sent each way.

’’Thirteen, what a pity that you will die here today,’’ the prince puts on a regretful face like he's sure to win.

’’Your Highness, we shouldn't waste anymore words on him. Such people will never learn even in death.’’ Finding the prince constantly delaying the attack, Hong Yu Long became direly impatient and wanted to rush forward regardless of the order.

Then in a flash, a murderous intent explodes out of the boy's eye and thus began their exchange.

Moving at lightning speed with sparks flying in its wake, both of Hong Yu Long's fists have garnered enough thunderous sparks to shatter any stone or boulder in its wake.

Though the attack looks much like the Lightning Burst Fist used by Ling Yue in the past, the ferocity there was clearly far stronger. It's almost like a miniature Thunder Seed explosion.


Despite Ling Yue having already fought with Hong Yu Long back in the school yard back then, but the strength showcased here today was like heavens and earth.

As it turns out, after the boy suffered the major defeat that day, he's been training effortlessly to develop his cultivation. By stuffing himself with numerous aiding products and medicines, he too forced his way into the Dan realm. Though a tad unstable in his foundation, it's nevertheless still quite the achievement.

Even so, that doesn't quite explain the massive increase in strength of his attacks. That's where the power of the four great noble houses comes into play. As the leader of the four noble families, the Hong House holds quite the library of amazing martial techniques in its vault.

Like this boxing maneuver for example. It's a seventh rank technique called the Seven Stream Thunder Fist which was the iconic move used by the old marquis of the Hong family in his younger years. Following each afterimage the user produces with its punches, the ending impact will create a force equivalent to a direct thunder strike. For this reason alone, Hong Yu Long believes victory was definitely within his grasp.

Going gloomy in the face, Ling Yue had to admit the power of the boy was not to be taken lightly. Even so, it's not like he's the only who has improved in the meantime!

In terms of cultivation, Ling Yue herself was but at the upper celestial realm, making her unfit to go heads on in this department. However, she herself was also a six cauldron alchemist. If her Yuan energy can't compare, then how about adding in her spirit force too!

With her mind in full throttle, Ling Yue activates her spirit force and enshrouds her entire body in a layer of moonlight. ’’Blink Shield Second Form: Armor!’’

The Blink Shield was a skill imparted onto her by the old president back in Glass City, but after much use and practices, Ling Yue had found the skill to be too rigid in its form. Fortunately in this case, she's found a way to improve the barrier shield into armor form.

Following the impacting blow of Hong Yu Long's attack, only a muffled ring could be heard in the exchange. While Ling Yue herself was forced to retreat several steps, she remains fine nevertheless. Rather it's the attacker who's not doing so well with blood dripping out of those knuckles.

While Xia Hou Hong was popping his eyes in amazement, Hong Yu Long had a rather horrified look in his ghastly face.

This boy is able to block my attack?

Not going to stand idle to take another hit, Ling Yue roars out and raises a finger. From the tip, a condensed beam of energy shot out.

’’Little Measureless Finger: First Point Universe!’’ Making a direct hit on Hong Yu Long's chest, the exploding force sends the poor boy flying out across the air.

Climbing back up with great difficulty, Why, why is this boy that's only at the celestial realm able to release such power...

’’Not bad there. It seems you are qualified to fight me then.’’ Xia Hou Hong narrows in with a dangerous light emulating out of those irises.

Originally the prince didn't intend to get involved and only wanted to watch from the side, but after witnessing his childhood friend being blown away by a boy one realm lower than himself, its clear things must be taken seriously.

’’You must die today,’’ a seething amount of killing intent was mixed into those words.

Wrinkling her brow, Ling Yue can clearly sense that superior level of Yuan energy in the prince. Going by her speculation, if Hong Yu Long was at the Small Dan stage, then this Xia Hou Hong must be at the Big Dan stage, only one step away from breaking into the reincarnation realm.

To make the situation even worse, Ling Yue had learned from her friend Xia Hou Qi (sixth prince) that this man standing before her knows a sixth rank technique too. Its name: Emperor Qi Kick.

Unlike the Emperor Qi Kick that's focused in to make as much damage as possible, the Little Measureless Finger technique was a move created by Bhuddist monks, making the attack mostly harmless to one's life.

With enemies back and front, Ling Yue subconsciously looked to the sky. Finding her companions busy with their own opponent, she knew the fight was hers and hers alone.

’’Submit and live, rebel and die. I will have you know what it means to disobey me.’’ Surging with power in his legs, a powerful blade of wind cuts through the air following a sweep of the prince's kick.

’’Ho, don't get ahead of yourself. You aren't much better than all the rest and only knows how to use numbers on your side. 'We' will show you what it truly means to be exceptional.’’ Knowing the fight was imminent at this point, Ling Yue didn't panic. Instead, her mouth inexplicably curved into a smile.

We? It can't be this boy had gone mad from panic right? Does he still think the Ghost Emperor would return after leaving?


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