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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 286


Chapter 286

Chapter 286 ’’A Flirting Couple’’

Following the little squeeze by Wu Chong's hand, the giant cauldron instantly compresses into a chunk of iron.

’’Angry? Let me tell you, being my slave girl isn't open to just anyone. Consider this chunk of metal your reward.’’ In a flick, the thing was then tossed in front of Ling Yue.

By this point both individuals have noticed that the Bhuddism Cauldron wasn't your average everyday vulgar thing. Although it's not a hundred percent pure in its makeup, but a portion of the composition was definitely that of the legendary Bhuddism Metal. If Ling Yue simply uses her ability to refine the alloy, then the task will be a piece of cake.

While the two main characters here found their interactions to be normal, but to the eyes of the outsider, they are no different from a couple having a little flirtatious fling. Talk about not being aware of their surroundings. This was especially true for Wu Chong's subordinate because they had never seen their lord and master act like so.

While some were surprised, some were excited with joy like the He Lao brothers.

Bhuddism Metal! That's exactly the reason they are here.

Of course, as veteran merchants, He Lao Dai wouldn't be foolish enough to think this came with no strings attached. It's clearly the Ghost Emperor's way of making the Treasure Cave owe the Underground Palace a big one.

’’Now that's better.’’ Though a bit reluctant, Ling Yue's anger was now quelled.

’’Master, we should leave before more time is wasted here. The exit leading to the outside is starting to disappear.’’ If not for their lord not being around, these people from the Underground Palace would've left long ago after they discovered the exit.

Going dark in his complexion, only now does Wu Chong recall he's been out for quite some time now - around a month or so. If he doesn't return to the capital soon, those from the Phoenix Manor might really inform North Qing's king that he's missing....

Emulating a golden light in his irises, Wu Chong didn't say another word there and instantly disappeared from sight after understanding the urgency.

Like their lord, the members of the Underground Palace promptly followed suit and disappeared without a trace following a puff of black smoke.

’’He Lao Dai, we should leave quickly. The exit out of this place won't last very long before it disappears completely.’’

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Giving one last look behind herself, Ling Yue can be certain after this venture that the once great Tai Yi School will finally disappear from the memories of humanity once and for all.

Moving at breakneck speed, the three rushes out of the exit without a second thought. Good thing they did too because once they were out, the tunnel instantly evaporated from existence like it's never there to begin with.

Understanding everything was over now, Ling Yue then went ahead to pull out the map in her possession. With a little effort, she destroys the thing without hesitation.

’’This map has done enough harm to the world. Let us go now.’’

Like Wu Chong, it's time she returned home to her family and friends, otherwise those from the Royal Hospital might come knocking at her doors.

’’Leaving won't be that simple for your lot!’’ Scurrying out from their hiding spot, it was Xia Hou Hong and his goons again.

In order to find the right opportunity for the ambush, they've been lying in wait for quite some time here. Naturally, the first two groups that came out like Fire Granny and Wu Chong was beyond their reach, thus they didn't try anything. That leaves only Ling Yue and her peers suitable for ambush.

’’Lying in the darkness just to ambush us, how low can you people get?’’ Getting into battle formation, He Lao Dai and He Lao San readies themselves for a bitter fight.

’’Thirteen, your knowledge with poisonous ingredients and medicine is exceptional. I value talents like yours so I'm giving you an offer. Become my subordinate and I shall reward you with a place in court. Surely its better then siding with those two soon to be dead elders.’’ A smile comes out of that feministic face.

In truth, the prince didn't care for Ling Yue's lowly strength. What he does care for though was that poisonous ability portrayed by the young man. To force Marquis An and Elder Yue into giving up a arm each, that's not some average poison user can do.

Then there's also Ling Yue's appearance. Though she's in disguise as a young man, it's still quite the looker. This fits perfectly with the sick prince's taste for the male se*.

Not missing the conniving gaze coming her way, Ling Yue can literally feel her goosebumps rising in real time.

This sick perverted prince actually wants to tempt me with power!

First time was using the Side Consort position as bait, now it's a post in court. Seriously, he never changes.

’’Hoho, now that depends on what you can offer. Tell me Crown Prince of Da Xia, what sort of post can you give me inside the court?’’ Putting on an interested face, Ling Yue pretends to be tempted.

Sure enough, Xia Hou Hong got all cheeky upon hearing that statement. In his mind, there's no one in this world who don't connive after power.

’’There are many officials in Da Xia. Tell me what you want and we can discuss the matter.’’

’’I've heard being the Royal Tutor of Da Xia is very imposing. Would Your Highness give me that title?’’ Curving her lips, she chuckles coldly at her own demand.

As a first ranking official - plus Hong Feng was technically his mentor - there's no way Xia Hou Hong can do that. Abolishing his mentor now was akin to betrayal.

Now Xia Hou Hong got what's going on. This young man never had any intent to defect and that request was but a deliberate attempt to sway him in the wrong direction.

’’You got quite the appetite there Thirteen. How dare you ask for the Royal Tutor title when your ability is so weak?’’ Hong Yu Long had turned white in the face due to how angry he was. This beggar, what right does he have to compete with my father?

’’Crown Prince, this one is clearly a wicked person. He knows how to use poison and is colluding with the evil cults. If we let him go today, no doubt he will become a great threat to the court in the future.’’ Although Marquis An and Elder Yue has had their wounds mended, but a hand was a hand. To lose one can't be good for their state of mind, hence the reason why they are trying to persuade the prince into taking action.

’’I'm going to ask you one more time Thirteen, are you willing to offer your service to the court and become my subordinate?’’ By now most of Xia Hou Hong's patience had run dry so he's not in any mood to waste more words.

’’You-Are-Unworthy!’’ These three words from Ling Yue's mouth instantly causes the prince to twist up in the face.

’’Kill him!’’

If the boy isn't willing to submit then he's better off dead.

Not needing anymore words, Marquise An and Elder Yue promptly rushes forward. Their remaining hands ready to reap the life right out of that hateful figure in their eyes.

’’You little beast, I'm going to rip apart those arms and legs to repay the pain of my lost limb!’’ Red in his eyes, the old marquis had a look of a madman.

In the face of that attacking figure, He Lao Dai swiftly took his post in front of Ling Yue for defense: ’’I heard Marquis An's cultivation is well known across the capital. I, He Lao Dai, wishes to have a go at it today.’’


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