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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 285


Chapter 285

Chapter 285 ’’Her Consolation Prize’’

Fearing Bo Qing would incite more trouble here today, Fire Granny promptly snatched the boy up like a hen. Tied up good, the old woman frantically made a dash to leave without giving anyone a chance to stop her.

I better inform his parents not let the boy come out again in the near future now that it's come to this. As per the rumors, that Ghost Emperor cannot be provoked or even touched!

’’I may not be your match today Wu Chong! But one day, I swear one I will take revenge for Thirteen's death!’’ Hoarse in that sobbing voice, Bo Qing sounded both angry and sad at the same time. Never in his life had he felt so weak and useless before.

Not being able to protect Thirteen is my fault and own uselessness... But Wu Chong, I swear I will kill you!

Not wanting to spend another second here, Fire Granny immediately degenerated into a fireball and left in the same manner in which she came.

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Alone with only they left in their party, He Lao Dai and He Lai San didn't know what to do right now as they exchanged a look with each other. Unlike Fire Granny though who can disappear in a blink of an eye, they can't even find the proper exit here. As such, the two elders can only helplessly watch that dangerous figure in the air.

Seriously, what is this world coming to?

They together are already well over a hundred years old if added together, but in front of this youngster that can't even be old enough to be their own grandson, they themselves don't even have the courage to make a peep.

Gulping first, He Lao Dai finally manages to steel his courage to ask. No matter what, they must at least see the corpse and bring it back to the girl's family for burial. That's the least they can do as companions.

’’Lord Ghost Emperor, Thirteen is a part of our group so would it be alright with you if we take his body back with us?’’

’’Humph, quit yapping nonsense, he's very comfortable inside.’’ Annoyed by the two ignorant fools, Wu Chong directly tosses the coffin in front of He Lao Dai and He Lao San.


Confused by the comment, the two brothers looked towards the coffin with light in their eyes, Thirteen, she....

Back when Ling Yue was first stuffed into the coffin, she was rather bitchy about it and never stopped complaining. However, due to her fatigue, the girl soon fell fast asleep inside with a faint snoring sound constantly seeping out. And of course, this was no ordinary sleep either.

After absorbing the residual elemental energy left behind by the wood spirit, her soul and body was going through a drastic change. No longer at the fifth cauldron level in her spirit force, Ling Yue's bottleneck was blown apart like a ruptured floodgate and shot straight into the sixth cauldron level.

Following the sudden bump on the back of her head after the coffin was brutally tossed to the ground, Ling Yue too finally awoke from her slumber. Though still drowsy and sleepy, she's awake nevertheless.

First stretching her muscles in a pleasing manner, Oh wow, this coffin carved out of the Hollow Crystal sure is comfortable. And there's Wu Chong's ability to carry the thing, it wasn't bumpy at all!

Just as Ling Yue wanted to joke around with the man on how he should consider changing his line of business to a coachman, she then realizes it that the lid to the coffin was still closed!

Knocking herself for her own folly, she quickly pushed the cover aside to crawl out.

First looking at the well rested girl coming out of the coffin, then back at the gloomy faced Ghost Emperor, the He Lao brothers were both popping their eyes in utter shock.

This, what is going on! Why did the Ghost Emperor lie to Bo Qing about Thirteen's death?

’’He Lao Dai, He Lao San, its so good seeing the two of you again! I thought I was going to die in there.’’ Ling Yue happily makes a greeting to the two elders who looked like they've seen a ghost.

Due to the acoustic dampening effects of the material used to create the coffin, the occupant inside didn't hear a single word of what happened just now, hence the reason why she's acting so out of place.

’’Sir Thirteen, it's good that you're okay, Bo Qing....’’ Before He Lao Dai could finish his sentence, he immediately halted what he wanted to say and went quiet. As seasoned veterans of the merchant's trade, he's very fluent in detecting his customer's mood through their expressions. And that dangerous man over there was clearly signaling him to shut up with that warning glare.

Bo Qing is a man, Thirteen is a girl, and the Ghost Emperor is lying about Thirteen's death... Can it be! As a profiteer and an experienced man himself, He Lao Dai knew its best he not get involved with this love triangle mess.

Oh what a girl. Thirteen now got the Phoenix Lord, the Ghost Emperor, and the young lord of the Heartless Sect under her fingers!

’’So where are the other groups?’’ After scurrying out of the coffin, Ling Yue quickly took notice to the absence of everyone else.

’’They couldn't find the sacred artifact so they left first.’’

Forgive me young lord of the Heartless Sect, but I don't have the courage to go up against this terrifying man. Going against his own consciousness, He Lao Dai can only hide the fact that Bo Qing had desperately tried to search for her.

Sure enough, his words attracted the approving gaze of Wu Chong in the air. This He Lao Dai is indeed a smart person. In the future, it's wise to have the Life Taking Hall do some more deals with them.

’’There had never been any sacred treasure here, it's all a trap and a lie. Best we leave here as soon as possible,’’ she shakes her head.

If not for the black cauldron in her possession, no one here - including Wu Chong - would be able to escape unscathed today. In fact, it's likely everyone would've become a walking dead like the former sect leader of the Tai Yi School.

What sacred treasure, more like scamming evil artifact.

Then again, her trip here wasn't so bad. She not only found her much needed Hollow Crystal, she also absorbed the remaining powers of that evil artifact spirit and broke through to the sixth cauldron level.

If there had to be a blemish, it would be the eight swords being reforged by Wu Chong.

Sneaking a peek at the man in question, Ling Yue was really jealous there because she herself didn't even have a weapon of that class. And of course, there's no way Wu Chong wouldn't notice that staring look coming his way.

Why is this guy all lively again? Like a cockroach, he just won't stay down at all! At the thought, Ling Yue suddenly realized something important.

’’Your hand, why is it alright! You cheated me!’’

This guy is clearly toying with me, making me be his slave girl for all that time.

Confused by the sudden outburst from the young man, Wu Chong's subordinates were all perplexed.

The lord is injured?

Who out there doesn't know the Ghost Emperor is nearly invincible? Even if the injury was more serious, the lord will only need a day to fully recover.

Seeing how Ling Yue was puffing up her cheeks from frustration, Wu Chong couldn't resist breaking out into a laugh.

In all seriousness, he really do miss the days he spent with the girl inside the pocket dimension. Whatever he said or did, the girl there can't fight back! What a pleasure it was.

With his mood all good and dandy, Wu Chong became too lazy to bring up the subject of the girl constantly scheming to steal his artifacts and elixirs.

Oh whatever, I'll just give her some compensation so she stop whining there. With a flick of his hand, that super heavy Bhuddism Cauldron was pulled over to his hand.


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