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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 284


Chapter 284

Chapter 284 ’’A Great Flash of Anger for that Great Beauty’’

An artifact spirit can only be a spirit in the end. This one here may have obtained the knowledge of humanity, but it lacks the cunningness found in every human.

After finishing off the wood spirit with her cauldron, Ling Yue was now exhausted with no energy left in her system. In particular was her complexion. Due to being drained of her blood for so long, her skin now looked no different from a white piece of paper.

Then just as she's ready to fall to the ground, a powerful pair of hands caught her. In that instant, their eyes met. Losing herself there for a moment, Ling Yue could swear she saw a fleeting hint of worry in Wu Chong's gaze as she looked up.

Ho~ how is that possible? I must have seen wrong. Why would the infamous Ghost Emperor be worried about me?

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’’What is this all about? Those vines, and that cauldron fragment...’’ There's so many things that Wu Chong wished to ask the girl right now, but after seeing how frightfully weak Ling Yue was, it all became irrelevant.

’’We need to leave, this place is going to collapse soon.’’

This pocket dimension was created using the cauldron fragment as its core. Now that Ling Yue had destroyed it, it's only a matter of time before the dimensional space collapses.

Sure enough, the cave, the walls, and the ground itself began to shake. Likely no more than an hour or so and everything will be destroyed.

Understanding the urgency, Wu Chong didn't think twice and swung his arm around the girl's waist for ease of movement.

’’Wait, the coffin.’’ Although Ling Yue was still weak, to the point where she can't even lift a finger, her eyes had never once left the coffin on the ground.


Now Wu Chong really wanted to strangle the girl to death at this point.

The phrase of ’’man dying for wealth and bird dying for food’’ was the perfect analogy here for Ling Yue.

Pulling his face down into a deep frown, Wu Chong did the next best thing - brutally stuff the girl into the coffin.

’’Wu Chong! How can you put me in here?!’’

How frustrating, I don't want to be stuck in this thing that's housed a thousand year old corpse!

Going from grateful to anger, Ling Yue was no different from a kitty throwing a tantrum at this moment.

’’Shut up. If you say another word then I will dig a hole and stuff this coffin along with you in there.’’ Aggrieved by the ungrateful treatment, Wu Chong really hated the fact that the girl only had the coffin in mind and not him.

As soon as Ling Yue heard the man will bury her alive, she immediately went quiet. Who knows what sort of crazy thing this unstable man would do if he gets mad.

While all these drastic changes were occurring inside the pocket dimension, the people outside were too busy with their own matters to know about this.

Through days of tracking, Bo Qing and the others finally located the whereabouts of the Bhuddism Cauldron with the help of Little Crow.

Unfortunately for them though, each and every time thus far when they got close, those from the Underground Palace would immediately make a swift escape, leaving their trails difficult to pursue.

’’Hand over the Buddishm Cauldron!’’ Their pursuit had led them to the area near the entrance where the Disarming Pool was located.

Standing in midair with his Absorption Bell out, Bo Qing looked like celestial maiden with all those threads coiling around her body.

’’Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?’’ The stunning and overbearing voice breaks through the air and reverberates across the sky.

Upon hearing this familiar voice, those from the Underground Palace were all surprised and delighted while Little Squeak was frightened to the point of scatting up into the air with a jump.


In the next second, the lid to the Bhuddism Cauldron literally blew apart and out came the oppressive figure of that man. With one hand lifting up the coffin, Wu Chong didn't forget to snatch the little fleeing miscreant with his other.

Seeing their long awaited master finally returned to them, the disguised followers all took to their knees like they were in worship. In their eyes, Wu Chong was their god.

He Lao Dai and the others though weren't so good here. Though the man himself didn't intentionally try to suppress them, his aura alone was enough to nearly suffocate these people.

The only exception here was Bo Qing. Not yielding nor bowing, he stands tall in the air against the dark figure. If one had to describe the two, it would be a lion facing off a tiger. Neither man would back off in this case.

’’Squeak (crying)’’

Little Squeak really wanted to cry right now because he's seriously wondering why he's always falling into this dangerous man's hand.

Why is it only him... It didn't take long for Bo Qing to notice the absence of Thirteen (Ling Yue) in the fray.

’’Where's Thirteen? How come it's only you here! Hurry and tell me, where did you hide him!’’


Although Wu Chong knew Thirteen was but a pseudonym used by Ling Yue as her disguise, nevertheless it still annoyed him to no ends. This was especially true when it came out of this sissy boy's mouth.

Then suddenly, he came up with a terrible idea: ’’He is in the coffin.’’


At the statement, everyone present from Bo Qing's side were looking at the coffin in Wu Chong's hand. This included the stunned Little Squeak and Little Crow despite holding a spirit contract directly with Ling Yue.

In particular was the little fur ball. The more he sniffed at the coffin, the stranger Little Squeak found this to be.

From grief to indignation, Bo Qing promptly turned his despair into utter rage as he rushed forward at the one responsible.

’’He's dead? How did he die! You killed him didn't you!’’ Finally snapping, Bo Qing ushers in a whole new level of power with his body and forces it into a spiraling beam attack with his fists acting as the vanguard.

Neither fazed nor alarmed by the crippling amount of energy coming his way, Wu Chong only made a heavy grunt and took it head on with his physical body. It seems this one from the evil cults does have some skill.


Upon impact, the one to be knocked away wasn't Wu Chong like some expected, its Bo Qing instead. Though the feministic boy's attack had all the looks and seemed more powerful from the surface, the defensive aura seeping out of Wu Chong's body at the last moment was far more overwhelming.

’’Without your artifacts and the protection of your parents, you are nothing.’’ Cruel in his words, Wu Chong went straight for the sore spot and lands another blow to the sissy boy's soul.

As painful as that comment was, Bo Qing can't deny it because the man before him was far superior in terms of strength.

’’Young Lord, you are not his opponent so please stop.’’ Seeing the out of control Bo Qing, Fire Granny rushes over to stop the boy from doing anything more foolish.


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