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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 282


Chapter 282

Chapter 282 ’’He and Her Difficulties’’

While Wu Chong's injury only got worse with every exchange, that walking dead on the other hand didn't show the slightest sign of exhaustion.

The situation was most certainly not good. At this rate, he wouldn't even be able to lift his sword, let alone combat an undead creature.

’’You go first!’’ His face looked gloomy as he shouted this.

Against this assailant, Wu Chong believes he can still fend off the attacks for another fifteen minutes, more than enough to allow Ling Yue to escape the cave.

’’No, we're leaving together,’’ only this stubborn voice replied to his goodwill.

’’Do you not see the situation? Getting one away is better than getting none!’’

Taking advantage of the man's divided attention, Ling Yue went ahead and slid out to the front from the left side.

’’Little Measureless Finger, First Point Universe!’’ Converging her Yuan energy into the tip of her finger, a beam of light shot out and directly penetrated into the heart.


As a technique originating from the Buddhist religion, its properties are that of the brightest and most good, making the attack absolutely lethal for these walking corpses.

Issuing out a horrific screech - evident of its pain - countless auras of deathly darkness begins to condense on its hand again. Reshaping and reforming it, the arm no longer looked anything like a human's hand, instead it's a monstrous looking claw of death and darkness.

That's not all though. Due to the intensity of the dark energy gathering in confined place, the grounds were starting to crack apart, releasing numerous shadowy tentacles to snatch at its prey.

’’Emperor Class Technique, Nine Heaven's Third Move: Sky Splitting Strike!’’

Though already deadly pale due to the continuous loss of blood, Wu Cheng nevertheless pushes himself to the limit and released this powerful attack of his, distorting the very fabric of reality inside this cave as a result.

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Overwhelmed and outmatched here, that ghost claw was torn to shreds under the bombardment of those sword blades. Then as a final slash, Wu Chong splits the corpse right in half down the middle.

Then just as Ling Yue thought the crisis was averted here, that butchered body suddenly stood up again and reunited into one.

What a frightening level of healing power. Don't tell me this walking corpse cannot be killed? A chill promptly scurried up from Ling Yue's feet at the thought.

But all of a sudden, her eyes noticed a flickering spot of light from the corpse's left side. Initially Ling Yue thought she was hallucinating, but after paying closer attention, that's when she saw that tile looking talisman.

Shockingly, she recognizes the object quite quickly. It's an elemental fragment piece like the one she found in the marsh! However, the spirit power fluctuating around it was somewhat different. Likely another element.

’’Wu Chong, how long can you hold on?’’

After Ling Yue understood the reasoning as to why the walking corpse can keep rejuvenating itself, the initial fear she's had were all dispelled at once.

’’Your plan?’’

Looking over to the girl, Wu Chong was a little surprised to find Ling Yue all hyped up and confident.

For some reason, he too became infected by that confidence.

’’I can do that same attack once more.’’ Enough said, he gathers his all and reignited his energy to the max.

Without accident, the corpse was once again split in two.

’’Ignorance... I... will never die.’’ Staggering to balance its body, the corpse stood up like before. But unlike last time though, Ling Yue didn't sit idle and fired out her dagger.

Despite knowing it's about to be hit, the undead didn't mind it at all and took the attack head on. For a being that can't even be slain by Wu Chong's attack, why should it care about a measly dagger?

Just when the blade was about to land, its trajectory swiftly changed and repurposed into six different daggers. Legs, hands, and the head, the corpse was now firmly nailed to the wall in the back.

’’Keke... put... I...’’ It struggles to break free while muttering nonsense.

Not going to miss this chance, Ling Yue jumped forward like a rabbit and made a strange gesture.

Curving her fingers into a claw shape, a sudden overwhelming suction force grew out of her palms.

’’Jade Flower Hand.’’

Directing it all into the heart are in the corpse's chest, she pulls with all her might. Next second later, the long stopped beating heart was ripped out of that body, leaving behind nothing but a gaping hole in its wake. Fortunately there's no blood involved, otherwise this would be quite the gruesome scene.

In the instant when the heart and the fragment piece were ripped out of the host, the corpse that had kept up its well-maintained look started to shrink. No longer pinkish with life, it starts to dry and decay until nothing but dust remains.

’’This is? A wood elemental fragment piece?’’ With the enemy slain, her focus was now mostly on the item in her hand.

Unlike the water fragment she acquired from way back that's full of spiritual energy, this wooden fragment was filled with a rich levels of life force instead.

This fact came as no surprise for Ling Yue because the wood element had always been known as the energy with the most life force, hence the reason why the corpse can keep recovering itself.

It's no wonder the Tai Yi School would use the eight swords to seal this thing, the damage would be immeasurable if evildoers were to get their hands on it.

Just as she's ready to exhale a sigh of relief, the blasted fragment piece suddenly jumped up.

From what used to be an ordinary looking object was now a razor sharp prick, slicing through that fair skin and entering into her flesh.


Urgent with panic, Ling Yue immediately realizes things weren't good. Like a vampire, the blasted thing was trying to suck up all her blood in one go.

Alarmed by this, Wu Chong wanted to rush over to force the fragment back out. But before he could, countless snake vines abruptly grew out of the ground and blocked off his path, isolating the two as a result.

’’Dammit, are you alright woman!’’ In his urgency, Wu Chong raises his sword and began chopping away at the blockade. Unfortunately for him, the more he strike, the more vines there were following each swing.

Now he was truly getting anxious here. Never in his life had he encountered such a dire situation.

Meanwhile on the other end, Ling Yue was too busy clasping her hand in an attempt to force the blasted object out. But the more she tried, the further in the fragment went.

’’Ignorant human, how dare you kill my servant. Very well, I shall make you my new servant.’’

The abrupt voice shocked Ling Yue, leaving her green with fright.


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