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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 281


Chapter 281

Chapter 281 ’’I Won't Be Scared’’

’’I'll go take a look.’’ Ling Yue was just about to go in when the man behind her started to frown.

Wu Gong's was on the tall side, making him unfit to go in. However, that doesn't mean he couldn't though. If he used the same technique from back then to restructure his bones to make himself smaller, he bine then. Issue was, he's injured...

’’Are you worried about me?’’ Ling Yue sends a peek at the man, wanting to check if there's any change in that face.

Making an annoyed grunt, Wu Chong turns his head to the side to hide his face. Unfortunately for him, those reddish ears gave his real thoughts away instantly.

Inwardly, he's still worried about the ’’terrible weapon’’ description on the map from before. What if something occurs inside the cave?

Grumbling with discontent, Ling Yue made a slight snicker with her tongue, They all say women are untrue to their heart, but men are just the same.

Although Wu Chong has a foul mouth, and he likes to bully her, but Ling Yue still felt more at ease with the man by her side.

Take the past few days for example. During the day she would go out to forage for food while Wu Chong was responsible for guarding the night.

While Ling Yue was busy with her own thoughts there for a bit, her ears suddenly picked up a hair raising crunching sound of bone movement. Swiftly turning around, she was horrified to find the man forcefully suppressing his stature.

Wu Chong's injury wasn't good to begin with, so the wounds would definitely be torn again. Blood begins to flow out like its nothing.

’’Have you gone crazy?!’’ Right now Ling Yue didn't know whether to be angry at the foolish man's action or be moved by his willingness to go this far.

’’Stay behind me,’’ arrogantly stating this, Wu Chong took the lead into the dark cave tunnel.

The passage inside was very narrow at every turn, like it's deprived of human use. What's more, the air only got thinner the deeper they went. Nevertheless, Wu Chong made sure to keep his pace at a manageable level so Ling Yue can follow him.

This continued on until the front gradually opened up with a faint soft light coming into their view. The room they entered was a stone chamber. Closed in on three sides, there's only one thing of noticeable importance here - a coffin.

When seeing that thing for the first time, Ling Yue immediately cheered out with joy. ’’Hollow Crystal! I finally found it.’’

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After going through all this trouble of coming to the Tai Yi School, enduring the dangers involved, and being trapped in here, Ling Yue finally found what she came for.

As expected of this Tai Yi School, they are indeed an ancient sect! I wonder where they managed to find such a big piece, and to carve it into a coffin too!

Weighing at over three hundred pounds, Ling Yue figured the numbers here should be more than adequate to support her Red Mist Sky for a good amount of time.

’’Hold on.’’ Giving the girl an eyeful, Wu Chong sounded unhappy here, ’’That's a dead person's possession, you are going to touch it still?’’

Despite being reminded of this fact, Ling Yue only picked up her pace even more and quickly shoved the coffin lid apart. Sure enough, there's a person lying inside.

That's an old man. White hair, wrinkly skin, he's has the look of someone that's over a hundred years old. But more importantly, that grey robe symbolizes the status of the Tai Yi School's sect leader.

Seriously, aside from the lack of breathing in this corpse, one might mistake it as nothing more than someone fast asleep based on that skin color. It's so lively.

But that can't be. If going by the time when the school was destroyed, assuming this old man here was the last leader of the Tai Yi School, this corpse should be well over a thousand years old!

For it to be so well maintained that it's almost alive looking, what a achievement....

’’How strange, can it be the Hollow Crystal also has the ability to maintain a corpse so it doesn't decay?’’ She wonders, perplexed by the strange finding.

No matter, regardless of the corpse rotting or not rotting, she's determined to take this coffin with her today. That much was certain here.

’’Mr. Elder, please don't take it to heart or blame me, but this coffin is very important to me.’’ Lowering her back, Ling Yue went ahead to perform three bows to show her respect.

’’Don't tell me you are planning to drag this coffin away are you?’’

Seriously, what sort of stuff is going on inside his little slave girl's head?

Don't all women like jewelries? If not then martial arts will do too... But she would rather like a coffin?

’’Of course, the reason I came all this way here is for that.’’ Not in the mood to argue, Ling Yue lays it out plain for him so he can stop bothering her.

Tianzhu (sky sword) had already been tamed by him, if I don't take this coffin back, wouldn't I be facing a total loss?

Not dallying around, Ling Yue literally transformed into a grave robber. Tossing the poor elder's corpse out of the coffin, she moves quick and fast that left Wu Chong utterly speechless there. That's not how a woman should act!

’’You...’’ Just when Wu Chong wanted to cry out at the girl again, his eyes instead fell onto the elder's body, ’’He just moved!’’

’’Don't try to scare me, I won't be fooled.’’ Not even blinking at the claim, Ling Yue continues on with her awful deed.

To her, nothing was more important than this coffin. Besides, she's currently too busy trying to come up with a plan to snatch the thing into her pocket dimension without the man noticing.

’’He...’’ Wu Chong was about to say something else here when he abruptly halted.

’’Stinking Wu Chong, what exactly do you want?’’ Annoyed now, she sends an eyeful to the man.

But this time Wu Chong did the unexpected and didn't argue back. Instead, his eyes were glued to the front.

Confused by the strange reaction, Ling Yue became curious and followed that trajectory.

That's when she saw it, the supposed sect leader of the Tai Yi School standing there before the both of them. The supposed corpse that's been dead for a millennium!

’’He's alive?’’ Instinctively, Ling Yue took a step back due to the shocking sight.

’’No, he's not alive. The air of death around that body is very strong so he's can't be alive.’’ Using his sharp senses, Wu Chong can tell that's no living human. Strangely though, it's neither a creature of death nor a monster.

Undead, a special existence detached from the boundaries of life and death. This was a first even for Wu Chong, someone that has slayed both man and monster like they are nothing.

’’Get behind me,’’ his expression turned serious.

Swishh~ At his command, Wu Chong's newly forged sword rang out and shot towards the undead creature.

Instead of dodging though, the undead only raised a fist to confront the attack. Like two equally powerful forces colliding together, the very air around the impact spot began to twist and swirl from the friction. In the end, it was the Tianzhu (sky sword) that became repelled from this exchange.

Of course, things aren't always what they seem from the onset. Sure, Wu Chong's attack was deflected here, but that undead didn't get off unscathed either. First making a bone cracking sound, the arm then slid to the floor like mud after losing its connection to the shoulder joint.

Normally this would be a sign worthy of celebration in these situations, because that was after all an extremely scary existence to any sane person. But Wu Chong didn't look so good here. His expressions remains stern and serious like his actions didn't do any harm.

Sure enough, he was right.

In the next moment, the detached arm suddenly shot itself up into the air and reconnected itself. Then making a ghostly howl, the creature issued out a palm strike with that very same arm.

Going dark in the eyes after seeing this, Wu Chong swiftly summoned his sword back from the side and met the attack head on. Sadly, with every deflection he did, a splatter of blood would sprinkle down to the ground from his wounds.


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