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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 280


Chapter 280

Chapter 280 ’’Underground Palace’’

The two big men alone, in a single place, without any obstruction and interference.... That hateful man better not try to do anything to Thirteen!

Bo Qing had long felt there's something odd about the way that man looked at Thirteen. It's not right.

Then again, Thirteen is so delicate looking in his appearance. Smooth skin, small hands, and a fine waist.... Gasping at the realization, Bo Qing abruptly covered his mouth in horror. It can't be, that man is crooked in his taste?

’’Fire Granny, that one called Wu Chong, you brought him here didn't you!’’ The feministic boy didn't hold back at all in his attitude and started to question the old woman.

’’You mustn't misunderstand me. He is my disciple but also not my disciple. Wait, what did you call that man?’’

’’Wu Chong? What, are you trying to deny its you who brought him here? Alright, alright, to think the Fire Wielder Sect would secretly hire a master to help for this trip.’’ Bo Qing became all accusing here.

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Meanwhile on the other end, Fire Granny couldn't even hear anything at this point. For certain now in her mind, hundred percent, she's certain Little Six had been replaced with an imposter.

But when she heard the name Wu Chong, that wrinkled old face - like a tree bark's - started to twitch incessantly.

That man is Wu Chong... The one who can repel the little ancestor with his sky class artifact using mere pressure!

It wasn't only just this old woman who's in shock. The He Lao brothers were also equally as surprised here. How can Fire Granny allow the one known as the Ghost Emperor sneak into her midst without noticing anything...

’’What, why are you all making that 'I have seen a ghost' face?’’ As unruly and spoiled as Bo Qing was, he's not dumb at all. Naturally he would notice the drastic change in their expression.

’’How impudent, to dare call Master by his name.’’ Finding their lord and master's cover being blown, the undercover disciples figured it's pointless to keep hiding now that it's come to this.

’’You all? Wu Xu, what exactly is the meaning of this?’’ Only now does Fire Granny realize every single one of her disciples here had been replaced with someone else, the only exception being this Wu Xu, her senior disciple.

’’I have long stopped being your disciple. Now, I will only obey the one and only Ghost Emperor.’’ In response to Fire Granny's questioning, Wu Xu only scoffed a grunt to show his contempt for the woman.

’’While we still don't know if his lordship is still fine or not, we must first secure this cauldron and bring it back to Lord Liu (Old Mayor Liu from Autumn Maple Town) for further instruction.’’ At the command, the rest of the undercover spies from the Underground Palace dashed forward to make a grab for the Bhuddism Cauldron.

’’How dare you, hand over the cauldron!’’ Knowing Thirteen's life highly depended on this thing, there's no way Bo Qing would allow anyone to take it away from him.

’’No one can stop the Underground Palace!’’ Wu Xu roars. Next moment, a plume of black smoke gushed out of the ground in front of them, allowing the group to disappear without a trace.

’’As expected of the 'Shadowless Smoke' from the Underground Palace, its as good as the rumor says.’’ Through this vanishing move displayed by Wu Xu and his people, He Lao Dai and the rest are certain now they are dealing with the members of the Underground Palace.

’’What Underground Palace? Who exactly are those people and how dare they snatch the cauldron from right under our nose?!’’ Due to being overly protected by his parents while living inside the Heartless Sect, Bo Qing remains limited in his knowledge about the various powers out in the world.

’’Little Lord, let me explain. The Underground Palace is currently the most powerful dark force in the entire continent. Its influence can even be said to be comparable to the ancient evil cult of eons ago.’’ Fire Granny was also a mess right now. If she had known a little piece of map for the Tai Yi School would invite a monster like the Underground Palace, there's no way she would continue with this venture.

Comparable to the ancient evil cult?

No matter how cut off Bo Qing was, he does know about the millions of followers the ancient evil cult had in its prime. For the Underground Palace to reach that level of scale in a few short years, it's unheard of until now.

Recalling how Wu Chong single handedly blocked off his Absorption Bell and ignored his hypnotic attack, not even Bo Qing can keep mouthing off in this situation.

For the first time ever in his life, he's feeling weak in front of another...

’’I don't care about whatever Underground Palace, whatever Ghost Emperor, I only know I need to save Thirteen and retrieve that blasted cauldron!’’ Bo Qing was gritting his teeth as he stated each word there.


Little Squeak's been kidnapped along with cauldron, her mistress was missing, that leaves only Little Crow blindly circling in the air with no recourse to turn to.

Hearing the cry of the bird, Bo Qing suddenly got an idea.

’’Little one, are you able to find that stupid dog?’’

According to his memories, Bo Qing remembers that both of these little things are capable of understanding the human tongue.

’’CheChe~’’ Little Crow nods. She can track Little Squeak's scent and understand Bo Qing's question.

’’Then let's not wait, you bring me to look for that stupid dog. Don't worry, I will definitely help you find your mistress and Little Squeak here.’’ Under the guidance of Little Crow's lead, Bo Qing and the rest begins to search for the whereabouts of those from the Underground Palace.

At the same time when the Buddhism Cauldron disappeared from sight, something else was occurring in another place. At the entrance where the spring was located, the water suddenly began to dry up and revealed what appears to be the exit!

’’It's the exit!’’ Marquis An and the others were overjoyed at the sight. As fate would have it, luck didn't forsake them today after searching far and wide for a way to leave.

’’Your Highness, we should hurry and depart from this place before it's too late.’’ Towards this Tai Yi School, it's undoubtedly a nightmare for them. Especially for Marquis An who lost his daughter here.

’’Hold on, we can't leave yet. This is the only exit to the outer world so the other group will certainly come back here too. We can't leave the sacred artifact in their hands and leave with nothing to show for our efforts.’’ Crown Prince Xia Hou Hong was all gloomy in his face as he said this.

When he left the capital, he had openly promised in front of his father that he will bring back the sacred artifact. If he fails here now, not only will he have nothing to show for his venture, he's also partly the reason why Marquis An lost a hand.

By then, how was he supposed to keep his head high back at home?

Then there was also his sixth brother and his supporters. They will surely use this opportunity to drag him down or sully his name.

No matter the method, he must seize that ’’artifact!’’

Meanwhile back inside the Secret Central Sky, Ling Yue and Wu Chong had been traveling for the past two days without end. Finally, they now stand before the cave indicated on the map.

According to the rumors they heard, this should be the resting place for each generation of the Tai Yi School's sect leader.

To put it bluntly, this Tai Yi Cave was a grave.

The entrance was only about a meter in height, leaving it only able to accommodate one person at a time. Considering how pitch black the hole looked from the outside, it's quite spooky and freaky due to the constant whirling wind.


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