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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 28


Chapter 28 ’’Man in the ghost mask’’

The owner of that voice was a man dressed in a golden velvet robe of black, and due to his face being obscured by a mask, only those graceful lips and breathless eyes could be seen.

With one look, that tall stature and captivating curve of a smile was both tempting and unnerving. This man was definitely a danger to the opposite se*.

By now this mysterious person have standing there in the yard for a very long time, but freakishly enough, none of the passersby seems to notice his existence.

Earlier when Ling Yue and Little Squeak performed that rescue operation on the dog, this man had taken everything into his eye. As for that ’’interesting’’ comment, its uncertain whether he meant it for the girl or the pet.

Then without indication, the man disappears from sight like he never existed.

The incident of the vicious dog attacking people soon came to pass, and Ling Yue remains in high spirit during this period for she was very excited over the newfound healing abilities of the cauldron.

At first she was overwhelmed by all this, but then she finally got it after some reflection.

Immortal Alchemist Mr. Red Mist was peerless when it came his healing skills, however there were no records or manuals of acupuncturing techniques or anything of that nature in the books he left behind. In that case, Ling Yue can deduce Mr. Red Mist had used the cauldron as a medium to cure all sorts of intricate and difficult to manage diseases.

If I'm able to cure the illness of the dog, then doesn't that mean I can also do the same for other people around myself, for example mother?

Coming down with that idea, Ling Yue's heart began to beat harder as she picked up her pace for home in the east manor.

Making an excuse, Ling Yue first took Granny Liu as a test subject. But to her disappointment, when she poured her spirit smoke into Granny Liu's body, Ling Yue can only see a series of blurred images.

In the end, the bodily makeup of a human stands too different from a dog's.

Seems the cauldron is still too weak.

A little discouraged, the only wish Ling Yue has right now would be to up her cultivation speed.

Just like that, several more days has transpired in a blink of any eye. In the meantime, Ling Yue took the opportunity to deliver several more batches of Qingmu fruit to the store for sale. Counting down her savings, her wealth now stands close to five hundred silver coins.

Using this money, Ling Yue bought some more plant seeds from the medicinal store and gradually, her dimensional space has now been enriched with a wide variety of herb species.

Some days later when the sun has just risen over the horizen, Ling Yue was sitting cross-legged in a meditative pose on her bed for training. Using the Xuan Yin Jade hanging off her neck as a medium, she began her ritualistic practice of inserting the Yuan energy into her jade pendant to create a plume of dark foggy air to absorb. This black mass of energy was the Dark Yin mentioned by her mother, Ye Huang Yu.

When a martialist reaches the fifth rank of the constitutional domain, they are able to gradually separate the Dark Yin energy mixed in with the regular Yuan energy of the heavens and earth. By utilizing this force, a martialists will purify and strengthen their bodies through the improvement of their eight meridians. Once their eight meridians are cleared and the flow smooth, a martialist will hence forth step into the lower celestial realm.

(Okay that makes more sense. So lower celestial realm is 5th - 9th rank and further above that is upper celestial. If I mentioned anything else before you can ignore those comments.)

For an ordinary martialist, this state would usually take no less than five years or even a decade to achieve. But Ling Yue's different, she has the Vitality Condensing Liquid and now the Xuan Yin Jade to assist her, multiplying the effectiveness of her training by many folds.

Relying on the Xuan Yin Jade, large amounts of Dark Yin energy began pouring into her eight meridians, refining and strengthening her veins and tendons in the process.


Following that explosive sound inside of her, Ling Yue has breached one of the blockades in her veins.

’’Sixth rank of the constitutional domain.’’ Ling Yue opens her eye at the revelation. Following her first breakthrough, the Yuan energy in her meridian expanded significantly as a reward for her improvement.

Jumping down from bed, she couldn't wait to test out her newfound powers. And since she knew the day was still very early due to the roosters' morning call, Ling Yue decides to make her way into the courtyard.


With every punch and every sweeping leg motion she did, the air around her body would ripple like waves in the ocean. Before she knew it, the mini mountain fixture in the yard had been grinded to a pulp by her series of lightning strikes. Rocks and debris littered the grassy yard.

’’Six lightning streaks, I've finally mastered the Thunder Burst Fist.’’

Nodding in satisfaction, Ling Yue was confident that even if she were to face Ye Saint (big cousin) right now, she would still come out on top.

After completing a set of the Lightning Burst Fist technique, Ling Yue still felt that it wasn't quite satisfying enough. Brimming with strength, she turns her focus to the Jade Flower Hand technique until the rays of the morning sun hanged over her head.

’’Ever since the spirit smoke's appearance, my cultivation speed and recovery rate have increased a lot. This cauldron left behind by Mr. Red Mist is truly an astounding treasure.’’ Slowly retracting her energy, Ling Yue wipes away the sweat on her forehead to reveal a healthy flush of red on her cheeks.

Meanwhile over at the dining hall, a mouthwatering aroma of tasty delights were wafting over to her nose.

Since the day she moved into the east manor, Ling Yue's treatment by the household have taken a drastic change for the better. As a child that's going through her pubic period, Ling Yue's mother specifically ordered the kitchen to prepare ample amounts of food for her precious daughter each day.

In addition to that, Ling Yue have been secretly adding some Vitality Condensing Liquid into her mother's and Granny Liu's food.

Though imperceptible to the residence of the house, all three of their health had taken a turn for the better, even Granny Liu's aging body of aches and pains have been cured.

After using breakfast, Ling Yue was just about to leave for the forge when she noticed Granny Liu making a worrisome face as she looked at the accounts book.

Both Ling Yue and her mother are free natured people, therefore the finances of the home had always been managed by the poor old lady.

’’Granny Liu, is there something wrong with the account books?’’ Ling Yue comes up to ask.

’’It's not much of a problem. Since we moved here, the monthly allowances have been very normal. It's just that, Little Miss, the house master's birthday is coming up in another month. We will need to ready a gift like the other members of the family too.’’ The matter that's bothering Granny Liu turns out to be a birthday present.

Its only to be expected, Ye Gu's birthday was after all a big event in the household. In the previous years Ye Huang Yu had avoided attendance due to their strained relationship, but this year's different. Since the day Ling Yue wowed everyone during the clan competition, its unavoidable that they would also be required to make an appearance since all focus are on her now.

There's no denying their days have improved since moving into the east manor, but the money they get per month was only enough to cover the daily expenses of the servants and themselves. To prepare a gift fitting of the house master, they will need money to find something suitable and they sure as heck don't have anything of value in their home.

’’I see. Granny Liu, you don't need to worry about this matter, I will prepare the gift. Just wait, I'll be sure to make grandfather happy.’’ Her words immediately calmed Granny Liu's worrisome face.


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