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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 279


Chapter 279

Chapter 279 ’’Bo Qing VS Little Squeak’’

Smirking a cheeky smile, Wu Chong's proud face left Ling Yue utterly frustrated there. Nevertheless, the mood quickly smoothed out after they filled their stomach. ’’This place should be inside the seal so we should hurry and find an escape route.’’

’’I've looked everywhere, it's very bizarre. There's no landmarks I can recognize, nor can I find an exit.’’ While Ling Yue was out foraging for food, she had taken the opportunity to roughly survey the terrain.

Although she herself had the Red Mist Sky, meaning they won't have to worry about food and water, but it's a certainty that Wu Chong will take notice of her secret as time drags on. It's imperative they leave here as soon as possible.

Tianzhu (sword) has already been tamed by Wu Chong, now all that leaves to do was for Ling Yue to locate some Hollow Crystal for herself.

’’Take the map out and let's see,’’ Wu Chong proposes.

Ever since she came into possession of all six pieces of the map, she had taken the liberty of memorizing all the details. However, no matter how she tries to think back, she can't recall any part of the map that remotely resembles this area. That's when it shocked her. Wanting to confirm her suspicion, she took the map out again and saw it's changed! No longer mountainous in its outline, the inscribed pictures are that of an open grassland instead.

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’’Secret Central Sky?’’ That's the name she found on the bottom corner of the map. According to the information written there, it's a special area created by the Tai Yi School using a lot of Hollow Crystals in the past. It's use, to seal a ’’terrible’’ weapon.

Naturally, Ling Yue would be overjoyed to read this. How unexpected, to think this entire stretch of land is created by some Hollow Crystals.

’’Terrible weapon?’’ Contrary to the excitement portrayed by the girl, Wu Chong's attention was more in line on this end of the paragraph.

Not a sacred artifact, but a terrible weapon?

What does this mean and what's going on?

’’According to the map's detail, there should be a cave around ten miles out from our current location. The clues indicate an exit.’’ Due to the man's injury, mainly the issue with the leg, Ling Yue had no choice but to help support Wu Chong as they staggered forward one step at a time. This trip lasted two days despite the map's guidance.

Meanwhile, the people outside were also anxiously trying to get the blasted cauldron to open.

’’Thirteen!’’ By now Bo Qing has come to from being knocked unconscious, and the first think he did afterwards were to ask about Ling Yue's whereabout.

’’Little Ancestor, we still don't know yet,’’ Fire Granny explains.

’’Why are you stopping me? I'm going to look for Thirteen. If he's in any serious danger, I'm going to have your Fire Wielder Sect pay dearly for it!’’ Irritated by the interference, the boy pushes the old granny aside.

Towards the unreasonable demeanor, Fire Granny could only sigh helplessly because she knew the boy was a man of his word despite that girlish appearance. If it does come to past, she knows her Fire Wielder Sect will be finished by then. There's not a soul in the evil cult community that hasn't heard the infamy of this fortune child.

’’Little Lord, you shouldn't lose your cool so quickly. Thirteen is fine, he's not dead yet.’’ He Lao Dai and He Lao San simply couldn't watch anymore and stepped in to help mediate the situation.

Hearing this, Bo Qing's expression promptly turned stern because he can tell its Fire Granny who went ahead to inform everyone of his true background.

’’Go away, you and that old woman are all the same. And here Thirteen was doing so much to help you all along the way. Now that it's come to this life and death situation, all of you are doing nothing but dallying around without doing anything.’’ In the boy's eye, the He Lao brothers aren't much better.

’’Little Lord, Thirteen is our companion, we would never want to see him dead. Although he may have fallen into that cauldron here, but he's not dead. We have confirmed this fact with those little spirit beasts over there.’’ At that, He Lao Dai then points his finger over to the two little creatures that's busy trying to pry their way inside the cauldron.

Though they aren't certain of the location, but due to the spirit contract between Little Squeak and Ling Yue, they can tell for certain she's alright.

’’Is this true?’’ Rushing up, Bo Qing wanted to nab the little fluff ball right off the cauldron for questioning.

’’Squeak (damn shemale)!’’

As soon as Little Squeak saw it's someone he didn't like, he immediately spat out his tongue and jumped aside to another part to evade those hands.

You damn shemale, don't touch me with those stinking fingers!

As it turns out, the main reason why Little Squeak would hold such a bad attitude towards Bo Qing was due to his suspicion of the girl being a boy.

Ever since that big fiasco with Feng Shen, he's been on full alert. Regardless of beautiful or ugly, he will always pay extra close attention to double check the scent.

’’Come here!’’

Bo Qing can be considered the type to K.O. both male and females, the only exception being Little Squeak here. No matter what he did, he simply couldn't deal with the little miscreant. Though he himself didn't like the little guy much either, but for ’’Thirteen's’’ welfare, he can only lower himself to coaxing the fox.

’’Squeak! (I'm not going over).’’

’’Thirteen, he's really not dead?’’

’’Squeak (You be dead before anyone is dead)’’

’’Blasted dog, do you understand me or what!’’

Bo Qing wanted to go crazy at this point. Pulling up his sleeves, he's ready to go give the little guy a good beating to showcase his alpha dominance here.

’’Squeak! (Damn shemale, come any closer and I'll transform to bite you!)’’

’’Little lord, please quell your anger, let me try communicating with him.’’ Watching the undiscernible conversation between human and beast, He Lao Dai can only say it's a total headache.

He and his brother had come a long way with Ling Yue so he can approximately guess the proper method of dealing with Little Squeak. Taking a roasted chicken leg in one hand and melon seeds on the other, he moves forward to offer the prize.

After being coaxed for a good thirty-minute, Little Squeak finally gave up and rolled his poor eyes at these idiots. Waving He Lao Dai to come forward, the little troublemaker grabbed the seeds and organized them into a few words on the ground.

This little trick of his was something Ling Yue used a ridiculous amount of time to teach him. Thankfully it paid off here.

’’Boss is fine, but he's trapped inside the cauldron with that terrible man.’’

The moment Little Squeak brought up Wu Chong's presence again, he immediately coward in fear. It's unsure what happened, but not even his nose could see through that disguise, hence the reason why he never warned Ling Yue. If he had known before, he would definitely make his mistress run away as far as possible.

’’Thank goodness.’’ After seeing this sentence, Bo Qing finally showed a relieved smile after so much worrying.

But immediately, that smile turned into a frown.


First rubbing his eyes, Bo Qing then took a second look at the words on the ground.

I almost forgot, that hateful disciple from the Fire Wielder Sect also fell into the cauldron, and he was holding onto Thirteen!


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