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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 278


Chapter 278

Chapter 278 ’’Be His Slave Girl’’

’’Only a ghost would look at you. Heck, I fear my eyes would fall out because of it.’’ Ling Yue twists her head aside in an awkward manner, completely giving her thoughts away.

’’You dishonest little woman, I'm hungry now. Go find some food for me.’’ Wu Chong starts pointing and ordering her around.

Though his tone was rather rude and overbearing, it's the truth. Even Ling Yue herself found her stomach rumbling with hunger.

’’Based on what! I'm not your maid,’’ she huffs up like an angry cat.

This man really is shameless. If I had known then I wouldn't have been so considerate. Should've left him die back there from pain!

In response to her question, Wu Chong only needed to look down at his hands. Bandaged like a small woolen bun, it's pretty obvious he's in no condition to move for the coming days.

’’From today forward, you will be my little slave girl until my injuries are healed. From eating to sleeping, you are in charge of keeping me happy.’’ Wu Chong righteously states this.

’’KEEP DREAMING! Unless the sun comes up from the east, don't even think about it,’’ she nearly choked herself to death from this.

This arrogant, rude, and braindead idiot should be allowed to burn back there so he can't terrorize the world.

’’Little Slave Girl, don't you think your attitude is too different? Why is Feng Shen getting the intimate treatment when he only has a headache while I get this when I'm so injured?’’ Wu Chong sounded all sour in his voice.

’’How could you be the same as Feng Shen? He is kind and... hold on. What do you mean by being intimate with him? I'm only doing the duties of a healer.’’ Ling Yue became shocked.

Didn't Feng Shen say he doesn't know the Ghost Emperor? Why does this guy talk like they are very familiar?’’

’’Healer's duty? Then why the mouth-to-mouth to feed the medicine? If you are so fine with that then come try it with me and see?’’

Instantly, Ling Yue' cheek flared up, He even know that?

She and Feng Sheng are clean to begin with, but following his twisting words, it now sounds like they are in an illicit relationship.

’’You've been monitoring him? To be able to hire the Underground Palace, how much did the other party pay you?’’ Figuring her friend wouldn't lie, Ling Yue can only assume it's this alternative where the Ghost Emperor has been hired to spy on Feng Shen.

Wu Chong snickered at the dumb girl's idea. If the truth were to ever come out, he's seriously wondering if the girl would cry on the spot.

’’Oh pitiful me. I saved a heartless foe that wouldn't show an ounce of gratitude.’’ Wu Chong moans to emphasize the point.

For fear of more embarrassing words from this man, Ling Yue sends him an eyeful to stop it.

’’Alright, now stop your crying! I will go look...’’

Steaming inside, she's randomly sends one of the rocks on the ground flying with a kick and knocks it into the water. Like that, she headed out on her search for food.

Smirking at his success, Wu Chong gleefully watches the girl's departing back and then reverted his gaze back to the floating swords afterward.

’’Tai Yi Eight Swords, to think these legendary weapons that's used to suppress evil would fall into my hands.’’

These eight swords may not be the sacred treasure of the Tai Yi School, but they were forged by eight different esteem elders of this once great school.

To be used as a tool to suppress that traitorous elder in the last hours of their demise, that goes to show how powerful and magnificent they are. A symbol of prosperity and demise, a beginning and the end.

As great as their history were, Wu Chong doesn't care. He only knows one thing right now, take these swords as his own.

Closing his eyes, a golden light like the sun itself came bursting forth from his body, gushing up all the way to the sky.

Martialists may not be able to freely create and subdue an artifact with their will, but that doesn't mean there's no recourse. Once they are at the reincarnation realm, and a wielder of the fire element, they can use that power to reforge the artifact a second time and make it their own.

Thirty minutes later, eight swords are now one, combining into a heavy greatsword with the pattern of an eight-clawed golden dragon on the blade.

’’Eight into one, I shall name thee Tianzhu (Sky Blade). Now this trip is worthwhile after all.’’ Taking it for a test wave, the blade issues out a deafening roar like a dragon's howl. ’’Che, can't believe I would be so careless to be sealed in here,’’ he eyes his own wound after getting a jolting pain from the heavy movement.

It's been so many years since Wu Chong has suffered a heavy injury like this. To be exact, ever since that year when he was six on that stormy night.

’’But this is quite the unexpected outcome. I wonder what sort of secret the Tai Yi School is hiding to go this far of making a seal with these swords...’’ Peering over to the unknown landscape in the distance, an evil smile becomes of that seductive lip.

After a while, Ling Yue finally returns. Though she herself couldn't see what's happening back over at this location while foraging, she can still see that daunting light in the sky and the powerful aura in the air;Therefore, her sight immediately fell upon the greatsword at her arrival.

How unexpected, to think the Ghost Emperor is also an excellent artificer. That's definitely a top-grade earth class artifact, or even a sky class.

A bit annoyed over the fact that she's still empty handed, Ling Yue dunks the fruits and water onto Wu Chong's lap as a little form of protest.

’’Umphh~’’ Huffing out a grunt through his nose, Wu Chong once again looks at his hand and causes Ling Yue to feel a sense of helplessness she never experienced before.

’’You are intentionally doing this aren't you? How can you not eat when you can do something like reforging a sword?’’

’’That only needs the brain to do, not the hands.’’ Wu Chong bluntly answers that question.

Right now, Ling Yue swear she would rather take the damage herself if time can be reversed. It's far better than owing this man a debt like this!

Although unwilling, she can only start feeding this hateful bastard one spoonful at a time.


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