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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 277


Chapter 277

Chapter 277 ’’That Face Underneath the Mask’’

Everything came way too fast here, leaving Ling Yue lost on what to do. By the time she's recovered, a pair of powerful arms were already shielding her body from that intense heat.

’’Wu Chong?’’ It's no wonder she found this disciple of the Fire Wielder Sect so familiar, he's Wu Chong, the bastard.

When they rolled into the Bhuddism Cauldron, Ling Yue's nose quickly picked up on the familiar scent of this man, bringing her to the truth immediately.

Despite the question, Ling Yue didn't get a proper answer here;instead, she only heard a low heavy grunt from the man after they landed.

Scanning her surroundings, what came into view wasn't what she expected. There's no raging flame, there's no searing heat - though she and Wu Chong did suffer quite a bit of burn from the initial entry - there's only an open grassland...

It can't be, this place is like her own cauldron? A special dimension inside?

Before she can think further on this strange dilemma, the man suddenly collapsed on her. Only now did Ling Yue realize how serious Wu Chong's injuries are. She herself only got off with a few burns here and there, but Wu Chong on the other hand... Let's just say even that golden mask was singed on the edges.

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As much as she wanted to catch the unconscious man here in this state, she can't, because Wu Chong apparently had no qualms about exerting a ridiculous amount of force even when unconscious. Like a crab's claw, those embracing arms wouldn't let go no matter what.

This left her in quite the bind. After much struggling and a hell lot of squirming downward to areas she most certainly didn't want to touch, Ling Yue finally broke free.

Normally she be quite mad after getting stuck in that embarrassing position, but out of consideration for the save, plus the man's practically in a coma here, she can only resist the urge and tend to those wounds.

As bad tempered and for all the fault this man has done, Ling Yue had to admit, Wu Chong was quite the handsome fella when he's unconscious - even if that mask had covered a good portion of that face.

Curious, a strange idea suddenly came to her for who knows why. What if I take that mask off? But don't they say the Ghost Emperor is really ugly?

Stuck in-between satisfying her curiosity first or to save the man on the ground, her gaze inexplicable fell onto the swords floating there next to them. It seems the eight swords that was once used as a medium to seal the Bhuddism Cauldron had acknowledged Wu Chong as their new master.

Now she's done it. In her brief moment of recess, Ling Yue simply couldn't resist her inner demon and drove herself to the dark side. Her argument, she can just use her spirit smoke to solve the issue right after she takes a sneak peek underneath that mask!

After all, how often do one get the opportunity to do something like this? Demask the Ghost Emperor himself, the man who slaughtered thousands!

Listening to that steady breathing, Ling Yue braved herself and slowly moved that hand forward. Cold to the touch from the metal, the sensation was both nerve racking and exciting.

Then at the most critical moment of her act, those tightly knit eyes suddenly popped open!

Their eyes collided, meeting each other head on.

To be caught red handed like this, Ling Yue could only awkwardly retrieve her hand while making an embarrassed smile.

’’You really want to see my face that much?’’ With his heavy injuries, Wu Chong stands himself up without the slightest hint of the problem.

This man, even under such circumstances, he's still so alarmingly strong...

’’You are awake? Who said I want to look! I only wanted to rub some of the dirt off your mask.’’ Untrue in her words, Ling Yue shifts her gaze to the side while constantly sneaking a peek left and right. She's super curious!

In Wu Chong's view, the image he had of Ling Yue was a sneaky little fox, constantly scheming and plotting like a woman unbefitting her young age. Then at odd times, she would revert back to the inexperienced and foolish young girl that she was, showing everything in that face.

’’Your mouth isn't honest, but those eyes sure is. Believe me, you absolutely wouldn't want to see my true face.’’ Due to being smoked in the throat, Wu Chong's voice sounded a bit harsher, giving him a huskier tone...

Having said that, he paused again because the injuries he sustained from entry was far more than what he expected.

Whether it be his limbs, his chest, his whole body had sustained some level of intensive burn. To make matters worse, Ling Yue can only heal the internal injuries with her spirit smoke and not something external like these burns.

Though she does have some herbs in her pocket dimension she can tap into, but with Wu Chong awake and all, she can't exactly disappear in front of the man like it's nothing. The Red Mist Sky was her biggest secret, no way she will leak this to the world!

Fortunately, burns are burns. Considering Wu Chong's physical constitution, he only needs to endure for the next few days before he makes a full recovery.

On the other hand, there's a rather more immediate concern that needs to be taken care of. After enduring the flames from the Bhuddism Cauldron, Wu Chong's disguise had been broken, reverting him back to his old, tall, handsome self.

Needless to say, with that new height and stature, the old clothes naturally wouldn't fit. Aside from the small portion of the pant that's still there - though very tight and bulging - everywhere else had been ripped. This left that fine specimen of a body completely exposed and for Ling Yue to ogle for all she wants.

The man himself didn't mind it at all, in fact the indecent look didn't even register on his mind, rather it's Ling Yue who's very uncomfortable right now.

’’Can you not move around so much.’’ She had tried very hard not to look, but she simply can't avert her gaze away from that unbelievable body.

Though it's not the first time Ling Yue came into contact with partially naked people, but those were all done under the premise of seeing a sick patient, this was especially true for Feng Shen when she undressed him for healing.

It must be said, Wu Chong's body was truly extraordinary. Bulging in areas that should be bulging, long in areas that should be long, and those abs! Oh heaven, those abs!

If she weren't so embarrassed to look right now, Ling Yue would really want to rush up there and start touching that stomach and that six pack.

However, nothing in this world was perfect. Like Feng Shen's strange markings, Wu Chong also had a strange tattoo on that body, but in a dark bluish green color.

The patterns definitely reminded her of Feng Shen's, but that's impossible because the markings aren't the same. It's not like the one's here.

While she was stuck in deep contemplation, the man's voice abruptly breaks it.

’’Are you done ogling me yet? If not then I can let you touch it too so you can enjoy it as much as you want.’’ Coming in front of Ling Yue with only inches between them, Wu Chong looks down at the girl with the most devious smirk ever.


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